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  1. Thank you very much! Also the sprites this year are soooo pretty. Hard to say if they'll replace Sweetlings as my favorite Valentine's Dragon!!
  2. I'm sorry if this was mentioned already, but what day does the valentine's event end? Same day as egg drop?
  3. Change your mind was indeed a real doozy...
  4. Took the second, thank you!
  5. I've been anxiously checking every day
  6. I miss EATW too... I didn't know that's why it had been shut down. If there's anyway to stop this before the holiday season, I'm in full support. #savethehatcheries
  7. Hi! I'm looking for a Striped Dragons Hoarder/Collector banner. I haven't seen one on the forums so I assumed there hasn't been one made for "general use". If anyone would be willing to make me a custom one, I'd really appreciate it. Real simple request! If you want more details I can try to think some up, just pm me ❤️
  8. Aha I was looking for this page! Bookmarking~
  9. @Ruby Eyes Ah that's the style I remember seeing, thank you!
  10. @Fuzzbucket Nooo I don't think so... there were a bunch of pre-made banners for collectors of specific breeds. I see them in people's sigs sometimes
  11. Can anybody link me to the "collector/hoarder" banner page? I know it's in the forums somewhere... I wanted to add one to my signature but I just can't seem to find it!
  12. https://dragcave.net/lineage/tWiHW Yet for me at least, the name still appears and I can visit his page. (I thought his name had been The Great Hero, cause that's what I originally named him, but apparently I changed it shortly before his untimely demise). He even has a 4 letter code ❤️ What a time it was.
  13. Ahh see in my case I'm good. Because he had progeny on my scroll before he died, I can access his page through the lineage. But I guess a lot of older dead dragons may not be retrievable.
  14. I like this idea a lot actually! I've been playing dragon cave since at least 2010. So I was a young child when I first started playing. I also happened to get in trouble a bit. So one time I was grounded and I told my best friend (who played with me at the time) "Hey can you hop on my scroll and make me some undeads since it's halloween?" And she agreed to it. I guess I probably should have told her what she was allowed to kill because she accidentally killed the first dragon I'd ever raised to an adult. I didn't think that would hurt, but it did. "Ignitus Awoken" has a son on my scroll but he himself is long gone. I'd love to be able to memorialize him. EDIT AS TO NOT DOUBLE POST: Additionally I think this is a good idea because even when a named dragon dies, it's name cannot be recycled into the system. There's almost no use for that dragon's name any more except for the lineage legacy it left behind. So if we're gonna keep that name around long after that dragon's dead, I think we should definitely be able to memorialize that.
  15. Not that I have many luminas, but all my attempts just failed as well. I haven't heard of this before.
  16. I won the Solstice! Thank you so much, this is my first spriter's alt ever!
  17. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/79140-kyleedj/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/kyleedj Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/75882 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected 2. Alt Black, Alt Vine, Alt Undine 3. CB Aeon, Chicken, CB Trio 4. CB Golden Wyvern 5. CB BSA 6. 4th Gen Purebred Golden Wyvern (f), 5th Gen Purebred Striped (m) 7. CB Black Truffle, CB Siyat (green or purple), CB Pipio pygmy Breeding abilities: Not good at lineages. Catching abilities: As long as I'm focused on one type of dragon, I can catch just about anything from the cave. But the types that appear anywhere (and are rare) like golds, silvers, cheeses, etc. I'm not as great at capturing. I have a strange talent for catching gold wyverns if anyone desires some! Trading abilities: Ehhh I don't trade much. I could try though. Teleport abilities: I've got plenty of magi for the job!
  18. Going to be bringing my introverted (on the high functioning side of the spectrum) boyfriend to my Mom AND my Dad's Thanksgiving parties. I'm wondering how he's gonna handle it. He's not one for parties. I'm gonna eat sooo much green bean casserole ugh I can already taste it!
  19. Should be paying attention in my college class but instead I'm on here 😂
  20. One of the classes I'm having trouble with is Chem actually, I feel ya big time ❤️ And you're free to PM me as well! I've been meaning to officially get diagnosed for years but I never find time to go to the doctor. I'm thinking maybe I'll go over winter break? I dunno
  21. I've entered my second year of college. My first year of college? All A's, one B. I made it on the dean's list. I felt so accomplished and like I was finally doing things right in my life. This semester I've got a B and two failing grades. I can't focus in those classes. I can't bring myself to study. I don't understand the material anymore. I spent the whole first month goofing around and when I finally realized what was happening, I was pelted with depression and anxiety. I'm a nervous wreck but feel powerless to do anything about it at the same time. I'm probably going to lose my pell grant. And I don't know how I'm going to tell my mom what's happening. Every time I think about college it makes me sick to my stomach and my pulse races. It makes me want to curl up into a ball and cease to exist. The classes offer no extra credit, and I've been bombing the exams. My boyfriend feels like his fault because I used to spend so much time with him and really it was lack of me sorting my priorities and I don't know how to convince him otherwise. I could try to pay attention in class. I could try to do the online homework... but does it make a difference? It feels so meaningless at this point. There's less than a month left in the semester and all I can think about is when it will be over...
  22. Thank you for the gorgeous new dragons. I hope the pygmies are lil birbs!
  23. Not everyone is going to have the same take on this topic, that's the point of civil discussion. There are are old players here and new players here, each with different and unique experiences in their gameplay. It's just typical human behavior to have varying opinions on pretty much any topic. All we can do is try to make each other understand (if not sway their opinion).
  24. People can complain all they want that the millennial generation needs consolation prizes but I wholeheartedly agree that promising everyone some kind of prize would make me more excited to participate each month. The chances of getting a prize are so slim that it doesn't seem possible to get one when there are so many people to compete with. Everyone should get something even if it's a measly 5 shards. I also agree that the shard system is pretty pointless to me. I have no idea what to buy from the market as everything is obtainable through the cave (even if through patience and quick clicking skills). So yeah if we were to add CB Prizes to the market I'd definitely make 'em pricey. But like others have said the point is to make things virtually obtainable. When CB holiday dragons came back to the cave I WAS SO THRILLED! Because all I could pick up were messy lineaged creatures if I'd missed the event in the past. All I could obtain that was CB was that current holiday. I'm one of those people who is content having a CB pair of everything. CB's make me feel accomplished because I caught it myself (or in the market's case it would be saving up for it myself). Getting a lineaged prize just doesn't bring me as much excitement.