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  1. I was fairly sure I visited praque, but I don't have any of your cities yet, Dolphine! Maybe i confused it with real life I am ready to travel after today's catch hatches (in 3 days) I haven't been to Torshvan and Bucharest either, so there is a lot to travel now and yes, of course my cities are corona-free *coughs*
  2. good luck!! yes I have been to both I think
  3. I wish I could travel again ❤️ Mine are ready to breed whenever someone pipes up, but I think you two have them already (Edinburgh and Helsinki)
  4. Yes, ward and earthquake was tested and had no effect. I guess stun has no effect either, because its only afflicting the hatchling which already has its color. previous hatchies that changed color seem to have been bugs.
  5. Teleport only works when it's not canceled, did I got this right? If yes, I will need ppl to teleport trade with me 😝 after I get some new eggs...
  6. thechnically, yes, but it didn't worked for one of mine - i used incubate, then influence, but it stayed red
  7. Will teleporting help after hatching? I have three red hatchies and one blue/black i dunno what color that is All were incubated, one was precogged (the blue one), one warded and one influenced.
  8. Hey there! Everyone had a great/good/at least not so bad start in the new year? 🤪 I hope we can move our plans forward now! First things to do: Create a Community account with access for the members with 'admin' function (kygpitee and Rheka e.g.) Create a new post for the Courts Intrigue (if we implement the war lore, we can name it 'The Courts Intrigue - After the Great War' or simply add a II behind it xD) and add the things we have so far in the second post (we can always edit it when things change!) Create a Google Sheet (or more) where we can collect ideas and rules What we have so far: Queens Court: Rekha is here so this court is unharmed, it may have some new ranks (if we get up to 8 xenos) Kings Court: the players continue to use their dragons, if someone want to join they get 3gs or 4gs Thrid Court: Will be implemented (who will be responsible for it? @Kigyptnee maybe?) With new names for the ranks! Points: 1. I am for a reset 2. Cutting the points system so it gets less complex 3. leaving points for 2gs and 3gs the same in consideration of the kings court 4. There won't be as many ppl able to breed the thrid court at first, so they may have a special ability for creating more francs till a certain point! Lineages: Stairs and Arrows, everything else can be thought of on a later date if wished The same goes for adding baseborn children and peasants like maids and servants Is that all so far? @Kigyptnee, @Rekha, @Mochi, @Chaosdawn, @Serotina, @Minkerbell@pretty_thumb
  9. so this halloween thing is really usefull to catch xenos got two in the last 10 drops... actually i am looking for something else entirely, but this is the cave sensing what I want 🤣
  10. Ohhh damn! Guess I am too late then xD PS: can I have a bab? 😍
  11. Good News People! I will be your Forum and Google Docs Moderator (nice title, huh?) and I updated till here All Targaryens, Starks and Blackfyres are added to their respective sheet, as well as the breeding pairs. If you think, doing the forms here is a pain, think about doing the sheets... 🤣 we have about 100 new registered Targaryen, most of them by TerraAnne (member of the year! XD) I don't want to think about all the unregistered ones hiding around on Born's scroll.. 🥶 I try to get access to the other docs as well, after updating them we will continue and hopefully end the war soon. I hope @borntobefree will be our Discord and War Grid Master and handles everything related? 🤩 I like the Idea for more CB Stark pairs, as we are moving onward from the Inbreeding bunch it would be cool if we can make larger gens without inbreeding. I think it will need a bit more planing though, Do each of us get a different North-Family? (I'll vouch for Mormont please :D) do we let Bautas join too, so we can get Jesters? What are the different points for "non-royal" breeds? Do we continue with the points or do they just count when its war time? (i opt for the later, its really high-maintenance!) Thanks for your attention!
  12. What a great Idea! That would explain so much (e.g. why the King is missing in the kings court xD) and give us the possibility for a third court which differs from the other two. As for peasants, inbreeding and even gens: I like it, when things are possible which means not strictly forbidden. Nobody *has* to do this things, but nobody gets kicked out of the project for doing these (its overreacting but I hope I get my point across) 1. Possibility: Arrows and even gens: Those types of breedings should be possible for when you want to have a certain kind of lineage, not necessarily to gain points. The main point-generating-lineage is and will be a stair/spiral, and that is okay. I sometimes breed my dragons for lore reasons, not for points/francs, you see? I'd think it cool if the new court will allow partners from other courts. Without inbreeding this would mean, that the lineage ends with the offspring. That would be ok too. But as in many royal families, it's not uncommon if cousins marry I can't think of any good way to implement it tho, and Rekha doesn't want it, so we let that rest for now. 2. Peasants: This "rank" is for showing, that some royals do breed with peasants (maids mostly). I like the idea for them not having any rank names. So they are mistresses with no worth for the court. Why are they usefull to us then? The thought is, that we have a lot of Xenos. We only have 6 Ranks so far and i wouldn't want to implement more than 8 ranks anyways. So, if you want to have another Xeno in your lineage, you have to resort to breed yours to some Nobles of the other court (but that would be highly confusing, if the cbs have the ranks of another court.. you see?) or you can breed them to peasants. I don't know what that will do with the offspring, but that is something we can think of later, if this gets approved at all 3. Even gens and Arrows with peasants: It is maybe a possibilty to breed the peasants together and create a peasant mate for the royal and therefore have arrows and even gens. I don't really like this idea, but I figured I would throw it at y'all anyways, so you can decide this for yourselves Again, those are just random thoughts on my part, nothing I absolutely want also, yay for a google doc, thats a good idea! maybe we can even put it in a excel sheet (what is this called on google drice? XD) so we can separate stuff with sheet 1 sheet 2 sheet 3 in the same document.
  13. I would prefer a new thread, too! Is it possible to creat a "building thread" where we can insert all the suggestions and work it out from there? it would be great if we then, afterwards, can create the new lineage project thread once the "sorting" is done so @Rekha you would prefer to keep the old courts intact and just add another, 3rd one, right? So we keep the lineages we had and try to make it work with two courst (if pretty doesn't return) aswell with three (when she does return). Am I right? How far would you go with changing rankings (in name, etc) and prefered Xenos (and adding peasants, for example). I just ask these questions out of curiositiy, so we can exclude some points you don't want to have right from the start! 😙
  14. @Rekha oh my god! Life sure doesn't go easy on you! Great to hear, that you are good now, tho *hugs* i would be really pumped if you'd join again with us when we start this a new! Did you allready read our ideas? Halloween is aproaching fast so we need to get this lined up 😎 maybe you can add a "seasoned" advice, too? Have a good day everyone!
  15. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! anyone interested in a 3g? its a bsa fail
  16. Just offer on my almost doom coded eggo i'd like the hatchie, i am not looking for a specific gender anyway
  17. Ah, what a relief! Thanks for clearing it up 😁 I vanished a while ago so it could indeed have been me 😅 but i know sheets. Sometimes they lie 😋 So i hope @galleri tells me which city they want to visit?
  18. That may have been me?? 🦉😱 I have both of your offspring so far, fuzz, I will breed you my storms as soon as I can!
  19. I'd take it! Have you been to edinburgh? 🙃😋 Or Helsinki
  20. Thank you @Kigyptnee! This one actually turned green :3 i tried another one (wanted blue) but well, its red so if anyone wants it: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. @Chaosdawn hiii 👋 and thank you @Kigyptnee your ideas are amazing! I especially like the part where the Pincess'/Dauphines Court is supernatural and the princes natural! I also like the idea of the three courts with the three alignments. It shouldn't be hard to come up with a story for this, right?? I understand why we don't want too many courts, but given all the Xenos i'd be happy to give every form a high rank 🤣but getting 12 members will be hard enough, so we should focus on the ideas for 2 and 3 courts... And yes, I couldn't come up with a story to variant 1, i am sorry 🙈 also the other storys can be switched with every other variant, i suppose! Its funny, Variant 2b was my least favorite in my head, but once I had worded it out it sounded cool 😎 I think with all the suggestions we are heading in the right direction, till halloween we will have figured it out for sure!
  22. Okay guys, I had a bit time to brainstorm about the new Courts question Variant 1: three new courts, representing each another country with different cultures: Patriachy Matriachy Gender Equality A dauphin is rewarded +2 francs, A dauphine is rewarded +2 Both genders (2g) are rewarded +1 franc Affairs of males do not have a malus Affairs of females do not have a malus marriages have a +1 bonus the Tresoire rank is worth 3 francs instead of 5 Variant 2: Variant 2a: peacefull intrusion The Kings and Queens courts of Occitaine will remain as they are (with a few changes to implement the new Xenos, of course) and there will be a Prince from a new foreign kingdom, who is to marry the eldest daugther of the King, and fairest Princess near and far. The prince brings his court with him to the palace, and now the three of them have to manage to live beside one another. This new Prince and the Dauphine will be the beginning of the new line, and the Prince, who is only 3rd born in his own kingdom, wants to overtake after King Florian passes away. Variant 2b: belligerent intrusion The beautiful Kingdom of Occitaine is threatened by a new king arising in the west, who wants to overtake this lands and claim them as his own. The new court will consist of a King (Ke'maro) and his Witch-Queen (Pharos) who come over with malicious intent. Marriage between the new court and the old ones will not be possible, gifting will be considered "making hostages" as new ranks there will be the strongest Xenos of each court (knight/chevalier) and the most loyal and cunning consultants (conseiller?) we can also play a bit with the francs given if the "dark Kingdom" people breed dragons highly ranked in the other courts, as in malus for the other courts etc. breedings and hostages should have more points in this new court, the aim for the challenger will be to get more francs than the other courts. Variant 3: We have four courts - The King and Queen from Occitaine and the King and Queen form Quelless'ar, who are getting closer after the marriage of the Queen Delacroix (who is related to the new King) and King Florian what caused the new friendly actions between the two kingdoms, who had been long years past at war, is a new prophecy: The messiah will be born! Somewhere between the two lands - the prophets and scholars can't agree on the exact location tho... New ranks: Prophet/Voyant and Scholar/Erudit and Messiah (Statarae only) When a Statarae is born, the affected court will hold a celebration, during which the points for marriages/offsprings/lineages (which one would be best?) are enhanced (a week or two max, I would suggest) also Statares born count automatically as fitting both parent's colors (+4 francs) and if the Stat is a 2g it counts as completely matching a parent (gender+color) let's just hope Stataraes will not be that common when breeding 🤣 ok I hope I haven't forgotten anything from my creative thinking session today - and I also hope you are as impressed with me as I am
  23. Hello @Serotina! Nice haviing you here, we need moooreee interested people Inbreeding & Lineage Pattern I would just not prohibit inbreeding or non stair/spiral lineages, we don't have to necessarily award it ... i would like to keep the lineage strictly with CBs and Xenos (apart from special pairs/breedings <3) Regarding the points from intermarriages between courts.. that would require other patterns, thats true! Maybe its just allowed to marry 3gs and up with other courts lineaged dragons? If the partners are CBs its well.. meh We'd have to define what counts as a marriage between courts. How do we reward a mariage between a Royal you got from another court and a CB from "your own court" as you cannot have CBs from other courts? Do you get what I want to say 😵 New Ranks We also have to decide if the other courts have ranks in another language 😧 that would make it more complicated but also more fitting, If we want our Xenos to have non-french-names... hmm. Apart from this i'd like to have at least 8 ranks, and maybe the other 4 Xenos are just Commoners/Peasants/Servants (maybe even withoug titles?) Every court should at least be able to have all Xenos, they are just not that highly regarded 🙃 Progeny Titles I think its not hard to track all those things, just looking in the progeny of said dragon should be enough! The 2 - 5 - 10 rank is reasonable, but I was thinking I don't want everybody to get another rank just because they bred two eggs! I'd even think its only possible to get one rank for each dragon. I'd like to stick to my ideas, just stating them here again for transparency so we can decide later on if we want to implement it or not. Considering this, the "Fidele/Loyalty" rank I wanted is not really possible, i was thinking to set a time span for this rank to get in place, but this just means you can 'forget' about a dragon for lets say 6 months and bam he got a title. Hm. not so good ;_; what do you say to my third one 🤣 Progeny Title-Examples (just copy & add your ideas!) Ancetre (like progenitor) - bred 2 eggs with 3 or more partners (only available for lineaged dragons) Aime - Bred 5 offspring with one noble (only available for affairs (?)/ or not lineaged marriage partners) Tresorier - Bred 3 offspring the color of the courts king or queen Grand *rank* - Bred 10 or more offspring High Aime *rank* - Bred 5 offspring Arch *rank* - Bred 2 offspring Progeny Points Ok I have to re-read the current francs system to give my thoughts to that 🥶 ok.. the current system is veeeryyy detailed xD I like the thought that some francs depend on the color of the bred dragon, it makes things more interesting in my eyes Also the color is important for the rank, and if thats not whats earning francs, they would be obsolete apart from the background fluff...oh, right, i forgot the marriages! should we allow one franc for an affair, or should we keep that -1 franc? Marriages: -1 franc for an affair +1 for a marriage with a commoner +2 for a marriage with two or more ranks apart +3 for a marriage one rank apart +4 for a marriage with the same rank +2 additional points if married to another court (for both courts!) Offspring: +2 if offspring's color is the same or higher rank compared to their lineaged parent +4 if offspring matches both married parents' color +4 if prince/princess (2G) completely matches a parent in color and gender So if the offspring is from an affair, it only gets points regarding to the rank of the lineaged parent and ignores the CB parents color and rank (did we rank the affairs too or were they just "commoners"???? I am confused a bit) we can even add points if the offspring has a higher rank compared to the other court's parent, but i guess that would make things too complicated I think i would not give points to everything bred.. but maybe we can give francs for introducing the offspring to the courts? We had that form.. I would like to introduce an Offspring from a marriage /a *insert rank here* to the court So maybe we can give francs for the respective ranks the Offspring is in when its introduced? that would mean +1 to +8 if we have 8 ranks.. and none for commoners or +2 to +9 .. or is that too much? Lineage: this sounds good allready, would keep it for every pattern, just go with the generations +1 for a 3G +2 for a 5G +5 for a 7G +7 for a 9G +10 for all 10G or higher +10 additional francs for a line that contains all ranks in descending form 🙃