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w9i5jq.pngDragon Mate Wishlist IOUs accepted at my own risk ^_^ especially with mint hatchlings 855/1000 mints I ♥ breeding requests so ask away. Rascal1414.jpgDon't Click Here!Z_zps7480b6ef.png

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    Please excuse me if it takes me a bit to reply to a message. :) If my inbox is full, you are more than welcome to email me.

    IOU's I am working on:

    IOU's Completed:

    S9429183F- 1CB black egg and 1 Shimmer egg
    Viar-CB Moonstone hatching
    darijou- 2nd gen harvest
    Agrona- 7 CB hatchlings
    Nalyua-2 CB Reds and 3 CB commons
    kenny- 2 magi
    wolfwindmoon- CB female horse & male water horse
    WinstonGA- 3 CB wishlist hatchlings and 3 CB Winters
    Abyss-2 CB winters
    okura- silver tinsel egg
    zenkaty- 2 CB albinos 1M 1F
    Frayta- golden tinsel from MRuD6
    JaffaCakes-male terrae and 7 reds
    Kaoto-4 2nd Gen white x holiday
    Ashtoret- 2 Shimmers & 2 CB Ember hatchlings
    Painter: 1 M CB green and 1 CB deep sea M
    thomasgold19-7 2014 Halloween hatchlings

    IOU's owed to me

    S9429183F- Holly

    3rd gen request from Magic Shimmering Peaches(SpRoQ)

    Requests are closed.

    1: MasterOfFlames( 24 mint hatchlings)
    2: delboy(24 mint hatchlings)
    3: Hershel

    I have a dragon wishlist in my profile of dragons I would love mates to.

    I do not have pebble(earth) dragons as I do not support the possibility of the entire scroll of eggs dying.

    I will breed anything that is liked, however anything above the Leetle Tree is involved in a trade. I also do not generally breed the inbred dragons, as I do not want them killed.