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  1. I got the 10man drake quite recently too, I love the proto's, they look so derpy n_n And get dbm, srsly. Makes your life so much easier! Especially if you're a tank, or you don't understand a fight very well. And grats Lyth! n_n Fairly sure my guild tried H-Shannox, not sure how well it went though. I sorta zone in and out of g-chat.
  2. Lichboomkin will eat your babies Also; Got the 25man drake, plus the title 'of the Ashen Verdict.' I am a happy bearchicken n_n
  3. Hi der. My name is Riffin, I enjoy feral charging Ragnaros and drowning in lava. I are good tank, yuss?
  4. O.o, wow. Verrrrry pretty. Who's it named after?
  5. Ooo, I noticed. Firelands looks amazing.
  6. If I wasn't poor at the moment, I would. When I get another sub again I wanna get my boomchicken geared for raids (shes almost there) and then I'll level the priest. (Or whatever else you want leveled. xP)
  7. Lol, you and me both. I have about 6 bazillion. Layn yells at me to level them but I get too distracted |D
  8. Brother broke my drawing tablet. u_u It's my birthday soon, so I should be getting a new one to replace it. Sorry for all the continued waiting guize D:
  9. I HAVE RETURNED. Yeah. I dropped off the planet for like, 6,000 years. But i'm back now ;D So, i'll get my butt into gear and get these requests knocked over.
  10. ASDFHJKL; Rayray, I luffs yoo <3
  11. Let the camping of Sambas, begin. >
  13. I got a pretty bug; Yay, rage averted.
  14. Really? If I have food, my cats MUST have it, no matter what it is. I have been attacked by Gecko over watermelon before.
  15. Oh yeah, Beetle has two main places that he stashes different things. The lounges he stashes food, and under the Tv is a collection of McDonalds straws, probably about 25 of them now. They are his favourite things ever, if you go near them he turns into a big growly monster cat.
  16. My big boy, Beetle, eats like no other animal i've ever owned. He'll eat and eat and eat. He also likes to take food and stash it in places, like under the couch cushions...not too fun when its part of your steak which he stole 2 nights ago.
  17. My cats eat everything. Every. Bloody. Thing. They ate a whole bowl of dried rice, and have eaten apples, vegetables, stir fry....anything. If its left out of the cupboard or fridge, it'll end up in a Bengal belly. Not to mention how many things they have broken. The Wii, countless plates, bowls and cooking dishes, plus on three separate occasions they have almost burnt the house down. My cats are awesome, but crazy. Most of the time they run around like lemurs on crack, and we're in the process of building a massive cat run for them. (My cats are indoor cats. I don't like th
  18. I have my ears peirced, have done since I was about 11 years old. I haven't worn earrings in years, though the holes haven't closed up. I'd really like to get the top of my ears pierced though, and my nose. Depending on where they are, I find piercings pretty damn sexy. Though the excessive crazy ones are just...blergh
  19. I have spent all my life with horses, and really do love them. I have two of my own, a bay thoroughbred gelding, called Henry, and a brown standardbred gelding, called Jay. My mother is a horse riding instructor for children with disabilities, so I help look after the horses there. I love them as much as my own. And I quite like the horsey smell. <3
  20. lulz. Be expecting some of my terrible spriting in here Rhea |D
  21. I am pretty damn tall. At least a head taller than most of my friends. I'm not sure what height exactly though :/
  22. Oh, these are spectacular ^^ Your attention to anatomy is beautiful, I really love the Magi. I'll be stalking for that free slot in your requests <3
  23. Oooh, those are adorable. thankyou! ^^ And it's fine with me, you will just have to check with Konayuki of the Spirits, as it was her request ^^
  24. Horse Hatchie done~ Beeg; Leetle; And thanks Saph ^^