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    Like a zombie, I have risen from the grave...or something.


15q9cav.pngIf you ever have a question about roleplaying, please feel free to PM me. If you ever need a roleplay cleaned, closed, deleted, or fed to Kodiak, I would be happy to oblige~ 15q9cav.png15q9cav.pngRP Rules 15q9cav.pngRP Approvers 15q9cav.pngRP Guides & Tips 15q9cav.pngRP Character Gallery 15q9cav.png

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    The Road Less Traveled
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    I like reading, writing, RPing, playing the upright bass & violin, composing, transcribing, watching anime and reading manga, reading, writing... uh... reading and writing, archery, roleplaying... playing with a drawing tablet... roleplaying, playing video games (mainly JRPGs and the occasional MMO)... uh... LOOK, A BUNNY!

    Have a question about the forums, roleplaying, or DC? Want something on my scroll bred? Drop me a PM. I don't bite... much. x3 Really. I looooove questions. I may even reply with proper grammar, but that'll cost ya extra~ <3

    I'm active on and off, but I can help out with roleplaying if you ever need advice. :)