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  1. Love the idea of the news being on the front page so I don't have to always check the forums. Can't wait to see all the new updates in action though!
  2. Awesome on all accounts! Can't wait to see more and awesome of you to get our opinions!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the new eggs!
  4. I'm just glad everything worked out! Congrats testers!
  5. This sounds awesome! Can't wait!
  6. Thanks! Can't wait to see whats in store for the cave!
  7. Aw, that would have made for some cool lineages! But still this is going to be great!
  8. Hey has anyone tried breeding a GON with another GON? I was wondering if the special offspring could be attained from them like with two stripes.
  9. This is insanely awesome! Now I have to actually get a GoN instead of putting it off! >.<
  10. This sounds awesome! Loving the name thing! Way better than a scroll wipe!
  11. Palior

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Oh dear lord the amazing lineages these two breed would make is amazing! Love them!
  12. Let the Hunt Begin! Thanks a bunch Tj and spriters!
  13. Oh wow! I just realized that DC's birthday is right after AP's! That's gonna be an awesome way to celebrate!
  14. Sounds great! Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Thus the king has spoken! But in all seriousness I think this a great policy and the best possible solution to any incidents like this!
  16. Awesome! The drakes really needed more breeds!
  17. That's a very interesting idea! I like it and hope it gets some notice!
  18. I love that when TJ messes up once in giving prior notice he becomes rude. He has been one of the best admins I have ever seen trying his best to give prior notice and fixing what goes wrong as soon as possible. Just because he messed up once doesnt mean he is rude, it means you should realize he's a human and he makes mistakes. Calling him rude will only make him bitter sweet towards this community and less likely to give it his all next time. Also TJ recently moved to the west coast. He was originally on the east coast same time as dc.
  19. This is a great point I didn't think of. I can't wait to come on tomorrow and see the reactions now. Finally might see something positive for once.
  20. I understand what your saying but if everyone is going to have trouble getting on the drops may be more even plus I was more upset about people being downright rude and angry. Really though some people are in the position of not being able to get on at the drops at midnight, so people should realize that other should get a chance at being on during a drop. This change is bad for me too but I still think that if more people can't be on right away it will even out the drops overall. Still I just hope people can be respectful about TJ trying out a change, he has always been good at choosing the best choice so if this has no positive effects then he won't keep it, but if all he gets is hate right away then he won't be able to see the real effect it has on people.
  21. You guys are kind of over reacting. TJ is just trying out something new, if it doesn't work out he won't leave it. I wish people would wait till the change has actually taken place before they start complaining about it. TJ does a lot of work on this site and I like to think he deserves the ability to sleep in himself and try out something new without getting people calling him illogical. Look everytime people complain like that in a way that is borderline rude, other players get hurt. Just wait for it to actually happen and then give your respectful criticisms. Please don't be rude.
  22. Yeah now that I think about it unless its a holiday release there really is never any need to try and catch right away as the eggs drop for the next day and even more. Even if its a rare the ratios will take more than an hour to even out so it won't make too much of a difference. I just hope this doesn't effect how holiday drops and events go
  23. Woah wait so I can actually sleep for once?! Woohoo! This is what I am talkin about!
  24. I love this idea, either option feels like a great way to make the game more fun and still keep a bit of challenge to it! Hoping this gets noticed a bit more!