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  1. What is more valuable? A CB silver/gold, or a 3rd gen prize dragon (staircase, nice lineage, but would only be able to breed 4th gen prizes)??
  2. Already have 5!!! Lovely!! -No, wait... spooky!! Happy halloween!!!!
  3. Offered on this, giving this little eggy!! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Alpine's eggs seems to be the hardest to catch. Managed to get 2 of each biome anyway. I really hope the adults are as pretty as the eggs!!!
  5. How much can I ask for: -CB tan ridgewing -4th gen bronze tinsel ( x autumn) -3rd even gen red copper -2 2nd gen striped dragons (blue and black, both PB) I've been off for a while and I don't know what can I ask for!!
  6. It is not so nice as others, but this is my house ^^ http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/rinikka
  7. Wow, got mines! Merry Christmas everybody!!!!
  8. Woaaaa! They are perfect!!!! So pretty and dark...!! <3 Lovely! Look like deamons actually x3
  9. 2 am is reaaally late for me since it would be 4am. But I will, for sure, be awake at 5am DC time so yay! So excited about them!! Already have 6 :3
  10. I'd like to join! Join Date: 28/07/2012 Forum Name: -Rinikka- Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Rinikka PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=67359 Proof I read the Rules: A Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult): ---
  11. Wow, Thanks for the info Ladylizard!! You are always perfect with details, on sprites and on description and aditional info! THANKS!! Now, I'm going to my bed ^^
  12. THEY ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! They are gorgeous!! Perfects!! Description, all stages, everything!!! They are, for sure, my favorite dragons of Valentines's Day and at the moment I don't know if they aren't one of my favorites dragons in the hole cave!!!! THANKS ladylizard, for this awesome job!!! It's... wow, I don't have words for descrive it! For the users; Do you know any dragon that would made a perfect mate with this spectacular valentine dragon? I was thinking in a Holly but I don't have CB hollys
  13. Ok... let's see 1. I'm so shy offline!! >-< 2. I have an addiction to the PC 3. I'm ultra sensitive! I'm crying all the time! 4. I'm bad speaking english. I want to learn more! 5. My skin. It's too white, I hate it! 6. I tend to do bad jokes 7. I'm too jealous! 8. My mind can be very dark sometimes... >.< 9. My voice... it's horrible!! I would like to dance a lot! 10. The fact I tend to be depressed a lot of time...
  14. Some people call me crazy. But I have plans in case of a zombie apocalipse, I have some weapons (not guns, I don't know how to say it but... not a weapon, not a sword ), I ALWAYS have a bag ready to take in case of.. and well that's all. I read both books of Max Brooks and I think that I'm close to be ready. Also my family knows all about zombies (guilty!) and well. And yes, I have dreams with zombies all the time. At the first I died all the time, but then... I SURVIVE!! YAAY :b
  15. I would go to ... oh I don't know!! D: Hogwarts is not a planet!!
  16. Oh, I'm allergic to cigarettes! I'm so lucky because of that! But, in the other way, if someone smokes close to me... you can imagine. u-u maybe I am not SO lucky
  17. Oh anyway, I will send you one that doesn't talk about potato :B Mine is the one with black pymis that said "thanks for all you have..." bla bla bla ^^
  18. My eggs are cracking... NOOO!! >.< I want them to hatch but I don't want to lose that perfect eggys... >.< what a hard choise!
  19. Favorites cards: Black tall pygmy and Message dragon!! They are AWESOME!! And; the potato message, and the banana poem are funny and amazing too :B
  20. My list: Jerusha CoolGirl Achire Irish Dragoness AngelKitty And... that's all! I would like to know who is sending me cards, or if it's random Anyway, thanks if you give me a card!! ^^ I smile everytime I saw a new one :B PD: Sock would you like a card that doesn't talk about potatos?
  21. I get my second Guardian some weeks ago :B It takes me one year!
  22. What a nice Valentine's Day I had!! Thanks TJ, Ladylizard and people that make this event possible!
  23. You can wait; maybe a good user abandones one of the eggys. Or you can try to trade them. There is not another way... So sad, they were too easy this year!!! I wish you best of luck Somebody is thinking in the names of the dragons? It's pretty sure that will be something aromatic or chocolatic (? Is that a word? (Waaa insomnio x_x)
  24. Yes, maybe for you, but it's 15th since Dragcave have another zonetime. For me it's 2:15 am, here is 00:15 The 24hs of the drop finished, sorry :/ Oh btw, I still love the banana poem Oh, in one more day and a half we are going to see the adults!! I cant wait! Edit, my math are horribles x_x Two days.. T_T I cant wait, I'm sure they gonna be epic!