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  1. Congratulations Gaster~~ That feeling when you catch your first CB metal is amazing I still remember mines. Traded for this and I just love the code!
  2. wtf

    Secret Santa

    I want to sign up! Forum name: wtf Scroll name: mikuhatsune Wishlist: 1. Neglected, 2g spriter's alt, cb almandine 2. Alt black, 2g silver from male silver x female nhiostrife 3. Alt undine, alt vine 4. Metal fail from female gold x male harvest 5. Metal fail from female silver x male balloon 6. Any hatchling Breeding abilities: 2g metals, 3g prizes, 4g prizes, 3g from spriter's alts, and 2gs from desipis, caligene, ribbon dancer, rosebud, arsani, and mistletoes Catching abilities: Xenos, coppers, chickens, blusangs, trios, spessartines, silvers (sometimes). Trading abilities: Anything other than almandines, neglecteds, 2g spriters alts and 2g prizes.
  3. wtf


    K-pop is my life tbh. I'm multifandom but BAP, BTS, iKon and B2ST are my tops <3
  4. These adults are great! Thank you infinis
  5. I can't wait for the adults! This part is always the hardest for new releases...
  6. The S2 hatchlings look really cool!
  7. Caught two pairs! Phew. These hatchlings are very nice
  8. It's more than enough time, if you put them in that many hatcheries they're prone to sickness and will die if you're not careful. I suggest 2-3 hatcheries at once, I usually only put them in one (eatw).
  9. I feel pretty happy today
  10. I know I'm locked, but I still find myself searching the AP and got egglocked on some 2g pumpkins that I need
  11. Congrats! You should probably hide it, in case someone decides to do indecent things. I (almost) have a full scroll of halloweens now
  12. Ate really fast today since I had a lot of work to finish up --- Rice, pumpkin, fish (ugh I hate fish), and radish soup.
  13. Seaweed soup, rice, octopus, and kimbap :3
  14. Today was super nice, the sun was shining and the sky was blue and clear! It was quite chilly in the morning though, there was a lot of wind.
  15. During the first flood, overburdened on spriter's alt and some PB 2g marrows 3:
  16. Yes, I'd like a mammoth in my backyard thank you
  17. Gonna be a horse w/ horsemask