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  1. Still getting the warning today. Am choosing to open the site regardless and everything is working fine. Must have had something in the adverts.
  2. Site blocked by security provider. Trend micro.
  3. Banned because I like that avatar against my will. BANNED!!!
  4. Ponders what the other guy did to get himself arrested.... AGAIN. And chomps on pile of pizza.
  5. Fwooooooooooooooorrrr!! Noice. Swipes all the eggses and hatchies and scarpers.
  6. Throws a second slice of pizza which hits you in the head. Angry now????????????
  7. *Gasps* Not you again!!! Throws defensive slice of pizza.
  8. I have seen four since their original release. I mostly see them in the forest but I managed to grab a green one in the coast biome. Feels like a weight has come off my shoulders.
  9. Banned for being so nice and sweet, statues get tooth cavities.
  10. Saw one in the forest yesterday and another one in the volcano biome tonight. Missed both. But 2 sightings!!! No need to call myth busters now.
  11. I have been playing as often as I can. I still haven't seen a CB copper in the biomes. Seen them whizz by in the AP, some very generous people breeding them and dropping them for others. But none in the biomes. We wait.
  12. Banned for banning me for liking the ninja.
  13. Banned because I like the ninja. Banned!!!
  14. Banned for experimenting with innocent felines.
  15. Double shimmer!!! Fwoooooorrr *swipe*
  16. Get's the "rainbow spruice up your dragon" dye kit, brushes and spray cans out and lays out newspaper all over the floor. Yep.
  17. Believe me when I say................. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.
  18. Banned for bringing innocent members of the animal kingdom into this. Banned!!
  19. Banned for discriminating against ninjas and they space they need to safely swoosh their swords around. Banned!!!
  20. Australia. Not even mentioned in the poll choices.............
  21. Banned for outing me before my grand, evil master plan is in place. BANNED!!!