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  1. Wildrainbow TPBM fuse their name with the word magical.
  2. No one can ever win for an extended period of time.
  3. Once you start you either keep playing or lose.
  4. I started dating this boy a while back but because he lives far away it has been hard for me to see him. We also don't seem to be a particularly good match. I literally haven't seen or been in contact with him for a month and I feel bad leading him on but cannot seem to arrange a meeting to break up with him. Would it be okay if I did it via e-mail? Any feedback is helpful. WTH? this was a poll and it somehow jumped here.
  5. I just bred an egg with the code IceRR from a CB magma and a CB thunder. ~Trades belong in the trading section. You can try the OddBall Trading.~
  6. no chickens can only be mummified Why can't I catch a turpentine?
  7. Impulsive Thoughtless Hot-tempered Dramatic Moody Crazy thinking of words with strong feeling I could use to describe Romeo in my essay.
  8. The secret Transylvania biome why wasn't my dragon request accepted?
  9. *sigh* I'm not having much luck catching them but they look pretty.
  10. You need to hide them in a cloud of fog so they can gender in privacy. What does it mean for a dragon to refuse another dragon?
  11. TJ09 once knew someone named Bob and he didn't like them. What is a stairstep lineage? Edit: 'd
  12. Advanced Placement for proffessional Dragon Cave users What is a trophy?
  13. RP stands for real person (the rest of us are computer generated) what can I post in original works?
  14. They're little people in the computer. You need to select one to help you make your post. I find the ninja is the fastest. Who should I contact if I think there's a glitch on my scroll?
  15. a dragon discovered by the famous adventurer Magi ( pronounced Maggy) Where can I go if I need dragons with nice lineages?
  16. The ruler of the world Where can I find a CB black?
  17. NDs are the easiest to get because "ND" stands for Never Die. Just pick one up in the cave. What is a clicksite?
  18. All Dinos are actually dead because dinosaurs are extinct so Dinos can't reproduce. What does "Splash" do?
  19. No that means another user tried to make them into an omlette Why are there no hatchies in the AP
  20. You drop an egg in the ap and then contact the person who picked it up Why is my PM box full?
  21. You need to ask someone with a Zombie dragon to bite and infect and egg for you. How do you abandon a caveborn egg?