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  1. I just want to complete my scroll goals, and if I can get a CB prize, then that will make it easier to complete my scroll goals and I can finally enjoy the game the way I want to. Good luck to everyone, fingers crossed!
  2. what are the combinations needed to obtain the eggs? I will have to hunt for 'em.
  3. I'm hungry for more reds. I need my army to continue increasing at a faster rate.
  4. What are popular group types? I want to take advantage of this feature, but I have no idea where to start.
  5. This egg has an error in its placement in the image: http://prntscr.com/dm0s0m where should I post to get this fixed?
  6. What are CB Golds going for right now? {besides sprinters alt and 2Gs of prize dragons}?
  7. Where would I go to post a typo in an official species description? The description in question has an incorrect use of 'there', and should be 'their', or 'they're'.
  8. I have been gone for what is it, 2+ years? I need to name so many dragons and I also need to finally get my CB Gold.
  9. What are the new BSA actions? I only remember pinks and reds and purples.
  10. I want to hunt, but I'm locked with new releases. Could be worse, I suppose.
  11. I personally really like seeing walls of things. If I could breed a lot of reds in order to flood the AP, I would. However, I don't breed anymore and often find that the AP has extremely nice dragons that are low-time. It's fun to look at the lineages, and while I know I don't have time to breed them, they are great to collect on my scroll.
  12. I solemnly swear that I, AshesII will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission.
  13. frilled x gemshard mmm that would look so pretty (I can't do mockups)
  14. Darn I really need some CB gold lunar heralds to round out my collection before I breed them.
  15. I remember AP trading and when we only had one CB place, with three slots (and four on halloween '10 because the eggs were so hard to grab!) Man, this is really cool. I miss those days.
  16. name all of my dragons, get a cb gold.
  17. I really like these dragons and am excited to get them.
  18. You got a really good deal, that's a lovely lineage.
  19. oo, these guys look cool. So there's not going to be a raffle this year? Bummer.