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  1. Have: gen 2 snow dragon x CB gold tinsel (Sci Fi) Want: (I need two of each unless specified) Cb Holly Cb Snow angel Cb Yulebuck CB Winter magi (can only take one) CB Wrapping Wing (can only take one) Will select via trade offers. Trade offers
  2. i love the hatchies in the even, but iam finding it a bit difficult to see the pumpkin dragon as the same size as the others lol
  3. Are vampire dragons not included in the Halloween biome?
  4. Now with trade! Trade offer!
  5. have: CB Despisis (5 hour CD) CB Grave (5 hour CD) Want: CB Marrow
  6. Excited for the old eggs! And for a new one!
  7. I need for more! They are so pretty!! Gee If anyone would get them for me I would be Very Thankful *wink wink* *points to signature* *nudge nudge*
  8. Happy Halloween! Got my 7!
  9. Oouu the male would look lovely with a gold tinsel! *makes plans*
  10. A grave! woo! i like graves! "After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Qunn firetounge has attracted an admirer: a grave dragon! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company."
  11. All i can imagine is a deep sea flopping around on the rocks
  12. @aangs-sister Thank you! it looks like its going to be awesome! black and red? WOO!
  13. This is the best i could do Frodo crab?
  14. now.. see.. i kinda meant the thing in the middle to look like a summoning circle, but it kinda looks like a big eye
  15. "A waterhorse dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of shinies, but left to find a dragon with more sweets." Go away waterhorse, he does not want you anyway
  16. I hung some meats.. cause.. you know, smoked meats are yum!
  17. Have: 3rd Gen Bronze tinsel , i think its name is Mr. Su want: Uh.... surprise me? Trade offers here
  18. Congrats to all the winners this year!