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  1. 98% of the time its just the CBs (specifically first year CBs in relation to Halloween) but there's a few exceptions. A couple bred Pumpkins Marri had, and one of the snow angel artists has an alt-only scroll.
  2. Temp fix is adding all of breed to the group, that's what I do.
  3. Tini

    Username Changes?

    TJ posted a couple months back that its in the works and headed our way. So Soon.
  4. 'why now' is partly dependent on having the sheer amount of art ready.
  5. the old alts displayed as the Normal old sprite for a brief minute before the sprite changed. new artist doesnt have alts.
  6. I think maybe in the early days people thought you couldn't incubate but it was figured out pretty fast that you could, its just a waste so people tell each other not to. It also reduces accidental greens if you just don't incubate. I've always loved the easy chart that gives you both 'days since creation' and 'time until death' with and without incubation. Makes it all really clear. Its very much a triple check your work. People made the same 'chart' in text form and posted it often within days of the release.
  7. phew i hate it when you're locked into one color. The question is if its rng or something else influences it.
  8. I have this monster https://dragcave.net/lineage/RQaYH shorter pygmy https://dragcave.net/lineage/MRa3U https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Q2f5 and this one which is maybe not a proper rainbow but close enough https://dragcave.net/lineage/0bQx0 * *none of these were made by me
  9. lol, that actually sounds fun. New DC record: longest kept <3 egg.
  10. TJ has finally transed his dragons.
  11. took the other 3g, thanks
  12. Not accidental, its intended, but yeah. It's biased for itself, its mates biome, and then sometimes random.
  13. Yeah I always assume one of those two. There's not many other ways to do it lol. Unless they want to be like gon or spinels.
  14. The biggest red patch is a couple pixels smaller on the male, but some of the shading also changed with the colors.
  15. they're not out to get you. There's yet to be a case where there's BSA alts on top of biome alts, and I doubt there ever will be. That's needlessly complicated, and that's what you're suggesting is going on. Sand colored ones from desert makes sense.
  16. We can't know the color unless its hatched or bred sort. So. Maybe. lol
  17. Using incubate on NRs is extremely common, its more the norm than not using it lol. Either way, given i've seen a few dozen that support the biome split. Incubate is not the cause of alts.
  18. second this. I only precog in specific situations. Why use two bsa when you can just use one. it is still a pain when i want to double check, always have to dig through my action log for which way i influenced something. The action log already makes precog somewhat useless if you're influencing in the first place. Dunno why we can't cut out the middle man.
  19. The transgender option has always been awkward. It's not a gender, its an adjective. But I recognize it's someone's heart in the right place. I've frequently bounced between not telling, genderless, and occasionally the transgender option, but none of them are actually right. I am trans but that doesn't actually tell anyone anything about my actual gender. Looking through that thread is. Uncomfy. To say the least. Glad I wasn't around when it was going on.
  20. They're just all girls because that's just how rng went. There's not some weird day/gender split or anything else. Its not uncommon for TJ to have uneven numbers, just rare and unfortunate for all four to go girl.
  21. Just watched an EQ happen, biome split, but tiny sample size. (one yellow to three grey) I've got two from each biome atm myself.
  22. The encyclopedia doesn't include things that existed before the encyclopedia. So nobody would have an advantage due to a horde. There's the encyclopedia helpers thread, which has a couple sheets with links to frozen hatchies and adults to unlock encyclopedia stuff too. This is mostly just to help you rather than anything about the thread itself ^^; edit: thanks fuzz, can never track down where that thread is when i want to
  23. Oh yeah, always forget about sun eggs lmao. They tend to get sent sky high because people forget about the windows. Some of the highest view counts are on suns.