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  1. I've had one vampire move forward and one move to the side. Both moved in the first round, and I didn't see them move after that.
  2. I've seen my white dragons heal more than one, but only if the dragons in the surrounding tiles have taken damage.
  3. Have: 2G from Mistletoe Make an offer on hatchling! 2G from Aegis Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: 2g from Mistletoe 2g from Aegis 2g from Skysilk
  4. Have: 2G from Mistletoe Make an offer on hatchling! 2G from Aegis Make an offer on my hatchling! Want: 2g from Mistletoe 2g from Aegis 2g from Skysilk
  5. I like them with Ridgewings: https://dragcave.net/lineage/EBHy9
  6. Bred mine. Couple no eggs, one refusal and of course the florets wouldn't cooperate with the right variant.
  7. Bred! Mostly 2G. As usual I don't have the right mates for higher 😕 I struggled pairing some of them. Floral-crowned, for example, were particularly difficult to find match-ups, whereas others *cough*Heartseekers*cough* had too many good options. I ended up with a handful of Floret pairings, only 1! of which gave the right variant 😒 Maybe they'll be more cooperative next time?
  8. Quick psa, the stone walls have 4 different rotations. Don't want that to drive anyone crazy later >_<
  9. Here's my fort! Aside from a few resources that will hopefully pop up later, I think it's done.
  10. Love the new dragons! I've been hoping for colors like these 😊
  11. Bred! But not a great average of eggs overall 😕
  12. If the wall hasn't hit the ones from Oct 31 yet, then there should still be a handful or so of Omens on their way. I think I bred mine towards the end of the event.
  13. I love, love, LOVE these dragons. So gorgeous!
  14. I finished! My favorite pairings have to be Leodon with Desipis, Melismor with Caligene, Purple Floret with Cavern Lurker, Lacula with Witchlight, and of course Nhiostrife with Omens. Red zyumorph with Desipis were interesting though and Chronos xeno looked sharp contrasted with Witchlight. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's pairings in the ap
  15. Well, I've gotten through my Marrows, Shadow Walkers, Lurkers and Graves. Graves were annoyingly uncooperative this time 😒 so I may breed them again after their cool down. I'm going to take a break for now and add Desipis, Caligenes, Witchlights and Omens later on, if not tomorrow.
  16. This lovely lady is perfect for my Christmas TeaCozy lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/QBVq8 Thank you angelicdragonpuppy! And this one with a mirror lineage (my favorite pattern) and gen 1 hybrids: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5KHBl Thank you xdlugia!
  17. Daydreams and Moonstones mostly, but around fall I prefer Candelabra, Monarchs and Pillows.
  18. I'm in. I'll be breeding mostly 2g holidaykin, but I have a handful of even 3gs I can throw in. Candelabras, Nhiostrifes, Florets, Leodon and Laculas will be my favored pairings this round.
  19. Happy New Year!! I'll be participating. Now to just figure out who gets paired with who...
  20. Have: 2G from Solstice x White 2G from Aegis x White Want: Bloodswap or from 2G Solstice x Daydream Bloodswap 2G from Winter Magi x Vine
  21. Bred mine! Mostly 2nd gens with one lonely 3rd gen checker thrown in. I really need to find mates for the 2+ gens I've been hoarding...
  22. Breed mine! All 2nd gens. Couple no eggs and one refusal.
  23. I missed the last event, so I'm definitely interested in one for October
  24. I loved participating in the new commons event. A "cute" mass breed would be fun too. It'd give me a chance to start on a tea cozy lineage I've been planning that features pillow dragons