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    You can call me Gui or Dam c:

    I joined DC in early 2009 out of boredom, and became quickly attached to it. I only joined the forums a year later, though.

    I don't have anything too awesome, but I like to gift, so If you spot a nice pair of dragons on my scroll, rare, uncommon, common, whatever you'd like, I'll be more than pleased to breed them for you. :D

    As for breeding, I'm a fan of even gens and purebreds.

    I'm not a native english speaker, but I really enjoy studying languages! You can PM me in portuguese, english, spanish, italian, and dutch. I should be able to write back and understand you fairly well.

    I live in Brazil. I'm a BIG, BIG Green Day, Tolkien and Marvel fan. I love to draw, read, write. I love animals, my favorite is the cheetah. My favorite color is purple. There, now you know more about me. Bye c:

    PS: I'm not very active here (I'm online maybe once a week) and I randomly go on 4 months + hiatus.