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Wishlist in profile...very willing to trade.11h89y8.jpg sig.png ivfyxc.gifx229gn.png Looking for 2nd gen whites from alt sweetlings.

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    **wish list:


    2nd gen blacks from alt sweetling
    2nd gen silvers from male shadow walker or male stripe
    2nd gen black stripe from male marrow (1)
    2nd gen whites from alt sweetling (2)
    2nd gen tan ridgewings from (M)tan x (F)hellfire (5)

    non inbred even gen metallics
    non inbred even gen tinsels
    non inbred even gen alts
    CB stripes
    CB trios
    CB male hellfires
    CB tan ridgewings
    CB brines
    CB blacks
    CB pinks
    3rd gen+ even commons from yulebuck checker
    my dream=CB metallics(like that will ever happen! XD)
    *dont want: extremely long lineages, inbred*

    The lizardtail is a mysterious lizard whose habitat is the Suggestions/Requests, although recently it has been seen lurking in the Multimedia section. It has powers of secrecy and trust, and it is known as the maker of even gens. Although it is not easy to please this creature, the lizardtail loves it when people make things for it. Watch out - it hates when people call it liz.