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  1. Totally Spies and Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch I actually just went on a MMPPP marathon a month ago or so =P reliving my childhood ~
  2. one of the most developed characters, but also one of the most screwed up, in my opinion. o.e like... I still don't really have a firm grip on her or even how I feel towards her, besides the fact that I don't like her very much. I just don't get her.
  3. oh man, that's hard. I think if I owned a dragon, I'd just be constantly scared of it stepping on me by accident or something... <__< so, be a dragon. fly around and shoot fire whenever I wish :'D
  4. my mom's a piano teacher as well 8D I've been playing basically since I could touch the keys, and my first performance was at, like, 3 years old. Piano's always been such a huge part of my life and I can't imagine me without it ~ I've also been playing the violin since first grade... kinda want to quit though d:
  5. it came out already?! O_o or do you mean just the title of the book?
  6. K-pop! I can't really sing it though just like to hum along.
  7. I'll have to admit, Rainbow Dash was boosted up to my favorite pony after this episode ;P
  8. Stunningfire


    One of my best friends is slowly getting me hooked onto k-pop. Although, her favorite group is Super Junior so most of the k-pop songs I know are SuJu ;P I really like It's You, No Other, and Walkin'. I also cried for the first time over a song... it was Let's Not, by Kry. So good<3 Blue by Big Bang is also really good :3
  9. Scootaloo is developing a little bit of flight as well, if you noticed in the same episode as Sweetiebelle's spark thingy, I believe. I can't wait to see a flying Scootaloo!
  10. yeah, and Scootaloo. but then again, Shy and Scoots don't live in Cloudsdale, where most of the pegasi do... (like RD) I'm not very sure ;P
  11. I've kind of reached the conclusion that pegasi aren't as close to their families O_o or something like that.
  12. The Scootaloo-RD moment was so freaking adorable. Just makes me love Rainbow Dash even more, and I think she and Fluttershy might tie for favorite pony now and I am definitely wondering about Scoot's family.
  13. [Ohey. ;~; Sorry. Uhm, did you need Hazelpaw to go check on Oakpaw now? ;P]
  14. Oh my gosh, ship names. All my friends have been, like, coupling up and I'm making ship names for all of them. AND THEY'RE CATCHING ON. Haha my influence spreads :DD /feels special
  15. I got really good at lucid dreaming for maybe half a year or so, and practically every other night involved a lucid dream, but then I just kind of stopped I guess it was lots of fun though<3
  16. Duuude that sounds awesome. I wish I had your friends. :DD My friends would never ever let me do that xP But I do listen to MLP songs during newspaper.
  17. Gone. It's really interesting so far(:
  18. Lol I started singing Bad Seed but then I forgot how it went and I realized I was singing Friday instead. O.o that was horrible. Oh, cupcakes... I tried reading it but I had to stop. urgh. /shudders Also, about the spoilers: it just ruins that one episode
  19. That awkward moment when you realize Silverbreeze is in RiverClan. Uh, whatever. I guess she's in trouble with Blizzardstar now. =P
  20. Silverbreeze gave a low growl of disapproval when Blizzardstar announced the new kit, Skykit. She refused to join in the cheering, and her tail twitched with annoyance as she realized that Dovepaw had joined in the cheering. Well, Silverbreeze couldn't really fault her apprentice for having her own thoughts, and if she wanted to cheer, that was up to her. The warrior listened as Nightstar dismissed the cats, hopping down from the Great Rock. Nodding, Silverbreeze turned to her apprentice to tell her to get ready to go, but then Dovepaw asked a question about Leafstar's and Blizzardstar's choices. "Trouble?" Silverbreeze hissed, her cold blue eyes flashing. "Of course it'll bring trouble. Those leaders are absolutely mousebrained - Skykit might be all right, as it's only a kit after all, and the warrior code does tell us to help kits in need. However, in Leafstar's case, a full-grown loner?" She lashed her tail. "Are they TRYING to endanger all the Clans or something?" Sighing, Silverbreeze rose to her paws and began heading for the other cats in her Clan, making sure Dovepaw was by her side. Well, it seemed the Gathering was over. That felt awfully fast. Looking around at all the cats making their ways to their leaders, Hazelpaw felt a little overwhelmed and rose to her paws. Where was her Clan? There were a few cats walking between her and where Dusteye had been earlier, so she couldn't see. She panicked for a brief second, then spotted her mentor. "Foxthunder!" Hazelpaw squeezed in through a couple of elders and trotted over to Foxthunder's side. "Are we going home now?" She paused, remembering all the hostility at the Gathering. "Oh, and why was everyone so upset when Leafstar and Blizzardstar announced the new cats?"
  21. I feel like last week's episode was definitely based off of this fanfic. And THIS WEEK'S WAS SO ADORABLE ASDFGHJKL and the songg! SO GOOD! It might just replace This Day Aria as my favorite song in MLP ever. C: I've listened to it so many times lol. Have some cuteness. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE TRIXIE EPISODE... This is going to be awe-some! *squee*
  22. Hazelpaw smiled as her leader stepped forward and started the WindClan report. Her heart gave a pang as she mentioned Oakpaw's name and his recent injury. Oakpaw should be here, Hazelpaw thought, sadly. Well, it doesn't matter, he should still be acknowledged by the Clans as a new apprentice. Boldly, Hazelpaw sat up straight and meowed her Clanmate's name loudly as the Clans had done for her when she had become an apprentice and as they had done for Icefire moments before. "Oakpaw! Oakpaw!" Hazelpaw feared that she had done something wrong, but then a few other cats chimed in, and she smiled, pleased and relieved.
  23. [42 siblings? O_o What? *missing something here*] "Hello, Mistfall," Lightningstreak greeted the RiverClan deputy quietly as she joined the others at the foot of the Great Rock. Lightningstreak listened as Leafstar gave her report, and there was a mention of a new warrior, Icefire. Interesting... the deputy couldn't recall a ThunderClan apprentice named Icepaw, and Icefire was somewhat of a strange warrior name. Her green eyes narrowed. Was it possible - ? The ShadowClan deputy's ears pricked as she heard murmurs and hisses among the other cats. Yes, Icefire definitely had not belonged to ThunderClan before now. Lightningstreak's tail-tip twitched, her neck fur rising as she anticipated not-so-good reactions to this piece of news. Starlingleaf winced as Leafstar announced the new addition to the Clan. She could hear other cats protesting quietly, and many seemed ready to yowl their disapproval. Then Sunpaw, apparently unable to control his tongue, burst out in defense of Icefire. While Starlingleaf was ready to fend off any cats displeased by this new addition, she didn't think any cat would be stupid enough to just face it like this... Mountainmist cuffed Sunpaw on the ear and while she spoke quietly, Starlingleaf could tell that Sunpaw's mentor was chastising him. Oh, this just kept getting worse and worse. An apprentice speaking out at the wrong time during a Gathering, and then being scolded in front of every cat... and was that Coldstorm's voice, dripping with disapproval? Luckily, Pigeonstar was clear-minded enough to step forward and calm the cats. She began chanting Icefire's name as usual when a new warrior was announced, and, relieved, Starlingleaf joined in. "Icefire! Icefire!" Hopefully this new announcement wouldn't cause any problems within the Clans. Icefire was, as Sunpaw had said, to be trusted, and now they just had to prove it to the other three Clans. Silverbreeze bared her teeth and sprang to her paws as it was revealed that ThunderClan had accepted a loner into the Clan. She gave a hiss of disapproval - that Leafstar was such a mouse-brain and softy, letting pretty much any cat into the Clan. When Pigeonstar began chanting, Silverbreeze refused to join in, and she realized that many other cats refused to also. So what if this Icefire had saved Sunpaw? Galeheart was right; it may very well have been something set up for the rogues. Leafstar had made a wrong decision; by taking in Icefire, she was endangering all of the Clans. Silverbreeze wouldn't do anything about it, though, not tonight. She flicked her tail and settled back down to listen to Pigeonstar speak. Hazelpaw was rather unaware of what was going on - she had ears only for news of Oakpaw and his recent injury. Dusteye reassured the apprentice that her friend would be all right, that Fawnlily's skills would be more than enough to ensure his recovery. "Oh, I hope so," Hazelpaw murmured, wrapping her tail tightly around her paws. Poor Oakpaw. She wished with all her heart that he were here today, next to her, his fur brushing against hers. He would want to know everything that was going on... wait. Hazelpaw blinked. She could tell him everything! But she hadn't been paying attention... oh well, starting now, she would try and focus so that she could tell Oakpaw everything that happened at the Gathering. Right now, the cats were all cheering for some cat named 'Icefire.' Hazelpaw joined in with her own cries of "Icefire! Icefire!" and soon realized that it was a new addition to ThunderClan, a loner that many cats had their suspicion about. Listening to Leafstar, Hazelpaw thought that Icefire was to be trusted, but it seemed that the other cats didn't think so. Oh, well. Wasn't it ThunderClan's choice, anyway, if they wanted to let suspicious cats into the Clan? Hazelpaw didn't see anything wrong with it, but the hostility scared her. She wrapped her tail tighter around her paws and breathed a sigh of relief as Leafstar stepped back for Pigeonstar.
  24. [Lol yeah. This thread is for rogues/loners/kittypets and the cats back at camp. All Gathering things take place in OOC thread. xP And about the Icefire thing, yeah, I wasn't sure what you were going to do; I thought she would be made an apprentice first but this way works too because she can still learn along the way, she just won't have a mentor.] "You're welcome," Starlingleaf mewed, smiling in return. She was genuinely happy that her friend could join the Clan. Leafstar then announced that they would be leaving, and the medicine cat nodded. "Well, goodbye, Icefire. I'll see you soon." She touched her tail tip to Icefire's shoulder and bounded after her leader. [Yeah. She's technically already at the Gathering. Just felt like posting that bit. LOL this is a little confusing]