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  1. Light ~ Gathering Hall ~ Eggs seem fine... Light looked at the strange wizard boy, cocking her head. Someone to help him, she understood, but why on Terra was he expecting one of those big hunking Empyrean machines with cannons? Would one even fit in here? She looked around the tavern's premises, thinking about the size of the things she remembered, and shook her head. Ridiculous. The guy in armor and the guy with a dyed mohawk who followed them here agreed with him, though--actually, didn't I see them together back at the castle? Guess they're friends who have their own lingo with each other. Light suddenly felt a sharp stab in her chest, and looked away from the group as a shocking deluge of loss swept over her. What's wrong with me? She shook her head, zoning back in just in time to hear the girl with the blue thing in her hair stammer something out. Qaksh leaned down, looking at her and explaining: "There are some gathering quests, but there's always monsters roaming around and some like to pick fights." Light nodded as her expression took on a forlorn cast. Here too, huh? Arad was like that, I remember how much guard duty we had to play. I wonder what happened to everyone else? "Do you think they miss me?" She mumbled to herself absentmindedly.Another pang, and Light sucked in a breath, pressing her ears against her head and biting the inside of her lip. Luckily, Qaksh didn't seem to notice, and was looking at the board of requests; thankful for the potential distraction, Light walked around him, peering at the board as well. "How about this one? It's egg gathering up on the cliffsides. Shouldn't be too difficult if we fly." Qaksh popped the poster off with his teeth and passed it to her. Light took it, pushing the squeezing in her chest away as she skimmed the poster. Lots of names that she didn't know. What's a Nargacuga? There was a place to turn in spoils to, though, and from experience, that meant much-needed money, too. At least, if this place is much like Arad. Light skimmed more of the jobs on the board, leaving Qaksh to speak with the purple-haired girl, seeing requests to find all sorts of stuff, from footprints to poop--Or since this is a sciencey place, "feces,"--(Light smiled a bit, remembering the aghast expression on that GBL member's face), as well as requests to capture live monsters, investigate phenomenons, gather materials, and other usual fare. "Dammit dammit dammit!" Light jumped at the loud voice and turned around to see an angry-looking black haired boy with so many swords at his hips, he needed boxes for them. He was stomping towards them, and Light tensed, prepared to run, though he turned and started to state his dramatics to the purple-haired girl instead. Light straightened up, though her expression was still wary.... And Qaksh had backed up really, REALLY far. Who is this person? He's reminding me of Cyrus, that's never a good thing, would he kill puppies for his breakfast too? "Don't tell me he's the one who's going to lead the expedition..." Qaksh's voice sounded in her head. Light nodded in perplexed agreement, slowly backing away towards Qaksh, eyes on the "Eren" person that just appeared. "Do you think we can just head out?" Light asked, voice low. Just as she asked, though, a loud "oi" came from an-almost-completely-silver person with a flyer in his hand that he was waving. “I got a mission. Did you need me around for anything else, or can I go do my job?" "Mission for what?" Light asked, before her brain took his words and analyzed them more... Uh, it doesn't sound like he really wants anyone to go along with him... Wait, I needed to plan more, so this is a great opportunity to try and--"I mean, it's good to know what the things in this world are, right?"
  2. OOoooooo wow!!!!! What a nice event~ Thank you for another great year, everyone!
  3. Light ~ Gathering Hall ~ Making amends As they teleported in, Light couldn't help but gaze around at the new place they were warping into. The walls were wood, with nets, skins, banners, and all sorts of other things hanging and draping, the people were in colorful armor and holding weapons made out of the bones and scales of giant beasts, the air was slightly smokey and hot, but not cloyingly so. "Wow....." Light breathed out as she craned her neck up, taking in the sight of sunlight streaming through a matrix of glass panels before looking back down, blinking from the sunlight. Of course, she wasn't here to see the sights. She was here because she let herself get too excited and had gotten the organization into trouble, financially. Qaksh opened his frills as he gazed out at the people, and Light immediately felt another pang of guilt--I should have just focused on the fruit... Qaksh is so smart and steadfast, and then I came in and had to distract us from what we were doing... Her eyes settled on the girl's strange cloak for a moment as she came up and started to explain the organizations' operation on this world. Light cocked her head, nodding along with the explanation. "Well... I'll be up for anything," Light said carefully, taking a card from the purple-haired girl. "I would actually like to face some of these monsters--there's a friend I have who wants to fight as many things as he can, but I'm good with doing more passive things too. Anything that you guys would need me to do." I should actually help, after all..... And how better than to be willing to do whatever they need, right?
  4. Lightpon ~ Stealing's not bad if you return it! So the purple-green impostor man just looked up and helpfully informed her that all these rooms were empty. Great! Great!.... Of course, there's still the problem of actually finding a room. Beckoning to her buddies, she carefully tiptoed around the imposter-man and his pile of woodshavings, then opened the closest door beside her. Plain white sheets, plain white curtains, a desk, a chair, and a wardrobe. No shelves!?Light pressed her lips to a pout. And no windows in here either. "Next!” she announced out loud, marching to the next white-wooded door. Behind her, Louise and Kurata exchanged a few whispered words, looking at her with the same sort of expression one would use for someone who just announced they were bringing a shipment of meat through tyrannosaurus territory. Unaware of this, Light looked into the second door to see.... Pretty much the same set-up in this room as the one she left. Geez.... Huh, wait, maybe the wardrobes would have shelves? Then I can only worry about a window. Unfortunately, the wardrobe only had a wood bar in it. Light pursed her lips, then left the room, heading to one across the hall. Maybe I'll have better luck there? ... And unfortunately again, this one didn't have a window either. Light sighed, stepping back out and looking down the corridor. She really didn't want to talk to the impostor-man any more than she had to, there was something eerie about him and what she could only call his eyes. So instead, she looked back at and opened the door in front of her, face splitting into a grin as light streamed in through a window across from her. No shelves in this one either, though. At least she knew to keep to this wall of doors! Mood lifted slightly, she started opening doors along that wall to check for shelves--one of which she closed quietly upon seeing a room full of stuff and a person wearing some sort of contraption on their head while peering at a screen. Woah, he looks like he's doing something really important. Better not bother him... But geez, how many rooms do I have to check? As Light made her way down the doors, Louise and Kurata stayed behind and exchanged muttered words--and in the former's case, rolled eyes--before following Light down the hallway. Eventually, she opened a door to see a grand bookshelf occupying part of the wall. Face-splitting grin back on, Light spun around and loudly announced to her summons "I found one! You can all drop the stuff in here!"
  5. Lightpon ~ New Room! "Light, again,are you sure this is okay to do?" Louise asked. Light looked back--or tried to, at least. When she turned, the purple beanbag she was carrying smacked against the wall and refused to budge. She stubbornly tried to turn a few times until a giant brown-furred hand reached over and gently took the giant beanbag from her arms. "Thanks, Kurtua. Alright.... No," Light admitted to Louise. "But I'm just going to borrow this stuff until I can get a little bit of my own. That furkin's price was so high, I don't think I can even buy a single bottle of essence right now." "If you say so," Louise shrugged. Or at least as well as someone can shrug while holding a roll of rug in their arms. Light turned back around, considering the problem solved, and walked jauntily down the hall. A bulky suit of black, clacking armor, carrying a stack of books, a black-haired woman wearing sashes, bead chains, and purple furs, carrying the aforementioned rug, and a large, armored, brown-furred minotaur, draped with curtains while carrying a chair and a desk (plus one beanbag), followed suit. While the woman was soundlessly levitating, the minotaur's hooves clacked loudly on the tile. From Light, the mask she had tied loosely to her Book of Contracts clacked together with every other step. Well, stealth was never my strong suit, Light thought to herself. Besides, it's too quiet in here anyway. She took a breath with the thought, and started singing the first song that came to her head as she walked down the corridor, checking all the doors. Nope, these were all taken, so-- Light froze as she rounded the corner and saw Ozma staring at her. And she was alone, without the support of the Order of Priests, Iris, or even her friends--butshehadhersummonsandshehadnewpowersnowshewasstrongershecan--Light raised her hand, the incantation to summon coming to her mouth until a sharp pain sparked against her arm broke her concentration and drew a loud yelp from her. "Rao!" the aforementioned spark zipped away from her, towards the--Wait. Ozma had pink markings. He didn't have horns, hooves, and this Imposter's wings are much bigger--Light lowered her hand as Louise, Sandor, and Kurata came forward, stepping defensively in front of her. Whoever this Imposter is, he doesn't have that Apostle-y energy either... Though the wood dust looks creepy around him... Light stepped out from behind her summons, and their stances relaxed. Well, except for Sandor's, but he never really had a "relaxed" stance to begin with. Come to think of it, the unicorn said the Gateway to the Starry Skies tended to draw heroes here, didn't it? "... Um, hi," Light greeted awkwardly, even as Rao floated curiously around him. "Do you know where a free room might be?"
  6. “Wasn’t that a bit much?" Lara chided. Cistina straightened up, eyes narrowed, and faced her fellow agent. ”Not to say anyone was wrong or right here. I understand you’re probably shaken, but that’s no reason to treat people in such a matter,” "I apologize," Cistina forced herself to say, coldness creeping into her voice. Am I so wrong to chide someone for something which I've seen happen before, for which great men and women had died for?! The Gateway felt chilly all of a sudden, despite the usually-pleasant temperature, and Cistina hugged herself, closing her eyes to focus on her breathing and turning away. She needed to apologize, she needed to banish this feeling--the cold terror of seeing comrades die under bloodied steel, the draining despair of being useless--was it the god-wyrm? The people she saw whom she laughed with and ate with and trained with, dying... Dying.... Dying.... "I simply am less inclined to tolerate people who acts as if they know more than they do, in the process endangering others, Cerya.“ Slow, steady breathing... She should have been able to be there for them, shouldn't she? Like she should have when her sister was drowning, like she should have when they moved and the war started, like she should-- These thoughts are not what I need to be dwelling on! Slow, steady breathing... She felt sick... She clinched her bloodied hand, and the sharp, bright pain helped to banish the way her mind was going. Had she been paying more attention, she might have noticed the wind that was flowing to and from her with her breathing. She opened her eyes and turned to look at her senior. "Twilight, I do not believe it would be wise for me to currently stay to assist the arrivals," Cistina began, forcing an expression that might have been a smile, but looked more akin to a grimace. "I shall be going back to consolidate my information. As well, I need to obtain treatment for my hand." She forced a chuckle, lifting her gashed hand slightly, then looked at her new blue dragon companion. "Will you be coming with me, Garchomp? You can stay with the other newly-arrived." As Tien turns away to face Uta, Garchomp's eyes settled on his jacket and the odd shape that rested on it. She listened to him speak, his hand move--subconsciously?--towards the shifting patch. Cistina's voice calling her name made her look away from the unusual sight--though, all sights she had seen so far, starting with the moment that Palkia ripped her Cynthia away, had been new and unusual. Garchomp shook her head in response to the question. This human was in pain--her voice was betraying that as clear as day, but Garchomp was still unsure about this one. Cynthia had been her human for years, and they were, for all intents and purposes, friends. But this yellow-dressed human... "Very well. Should you need me, my room is 237, on the second story of our base," Cistina said. Internally, her heart ached, but she pushed the feeling down, and prepared to take flight.
  7. “H-Hi. It’s...nice to meet you?” What a cute god! "You as well," Cistina smiled. Well, he didn't shake her hand, but that might just be that they didn't have the custom. She stepped so that she could have a view of everyone, and spoke: "Now, there are certain things I-- Cistina was interrupted by the man in indigo, listing several facts and figures out. Cistina closed her mouth and attempted to cross her arms, feeling more than a little annoyed, but he did at least explain things for her and the other agents. Yet, he should still know that we have our methods and plans for these matters to be followed. It would not do to disrupt things; does he not know he could seed false ideas among those potentially stranded here? "I had not known that you were a hidden agent of ours," she commented, tone stern. "Should I contact Twilight to let her know that you had returned?" There was a odd ringing vibration from the direction of the god-boy. Cistina turned around, confusion clear on her face until she noted he was talking to himself. Oh, did he have a friend in his mind like Duke does? She turned away, feeling intrusive, focusing on the other newcomers. The cat-eared girl looked completely flummoxed, she couldn't tell what the robot's expressions were, and this "Utakata" was looking smug as his gaze passed from Lara to her. "I do commend you for remembering the information," Cistina relented. A voice sounded behind her as she was about to speak, and Cistina closed her mouth again, a flash of annoyance appearing over her face. Garchomp from beside her was looking at the god-boy intently, head tilted in a manner that yet again implied curiosity. "I...think I get it. More or less. Thank you for explaining. Is… You said you’d all gotten pulled, is there, is there a way to go back?" Well, that was it. Cistina winced, but set her face into a (hopefully) reassuing smile as she turned towards the god-boy. "Perhaps, but if it is all right, I should think it prudent for all questions to be asked when we arrive to our headquarters," This said, Cistina faced back towards the assembled newcomers, and loudly started to speak: "Please, would everyone follow--" She cut herself off this time as she saw Twilight's approach. Am I ever going to get a word in to request the newcomers to follow me from the Gateway? This is ridiculous. Cistina pouted, though she managed to smooth over her expression as Twilight landed and trotted over. "Hello, it's me, Twilight Sparkle! We got your message, Lara, through Nata. I apologize for not getting here sooner, but it seems like you've gotten the situation under control? Good job, and what a relief!" It was hard to stay irate in Twilight's presence. "Greetings, Twilight, I was about to take the newcomers back to the castle to address the questions they may have and post," Cistina turned to look at the dark blue dragon, who was still studying the god-boy (Wasn't it studying the robot before?), then leaned down to whisper in Twilight's ear. "While I was away, I learned of several matters of great import. After informing the newcomers, I would like to speak privately to you and the other veteran agents." She reached her clenched, bloodied hand up and nudged the file under her arm.
  8. “Welcome back, Cistina. I’m thankful you’re safe.” Ah, Lara. Cistina gives a curtsy, then replies: “And I you, judging by the status of the Gateway.” Well, from Lara's explanation, more new arrivals appeared than just the people she was facing. Inwardly, she gives a sigh of relief at that. Thank the gods for the new arrival's willingness to assist others, but pray someone directs her to Gladekeeper. I fear without Raine or any other dedicated medic, we may not be able to properly care for the injured. As Lara pointed at the man who had attacked her, Cistina's lips thin. Though as she opened her mouth to reprimand him, she realizes that he was staring into the distance, lost in thought, likely not even giving his attention to what was being spoken in front of him. Lara gestures at another robot, abet one much smaller than the two that arrived before, who then introduced himself as "General Grievous" with a bow. Not a name that I would have expected to hear. She returned with a curtsy. When Lara noted that this "Vaccaria" was the one responsible for much of the destruction around her, Cistina turns to face him, expression hard. “And what manner of devil bode you to have done such?” she asked, tone icy. From the corner of her eye, Garchomp steps up beside her, straightened to its full height, arms to the side and mouth open just enough for the tips of its teeth to show. Fortunately, before anything else happened, Lara hurried to point out a cat-eared girl, then explain that this "Vaccaria" had helped to put out the fires he started after he was promised an explanation. As Lara finished her explanation, the cat-eared (and tailed, now that she looked) girl then introduced herself as "Temeraire Rhowa." "Hopefully someone is on the way here…. I have a bad feeling.” “Has something occurred?” Cistina immediately asks, alert. Did the actions of the god-wyrm ripple out to here? Before she could get an answer, though, there was the sudden lurching feeling as space shifted for a tear in the dimensions, and-! A god?! For a moment, Cistina's heart turned to ice, and she spun around, half-expecting the giant god-wyrm to be standing behind them. A.... Relatively tall, scared looking boy at the edge of the stone platform. Cistina relaxed and gave him a smile. Of course that was not the god-wyrm, you fool. The aura of it was far greater than this deity's. “We will do no harm to you,” she said gently. As she opened her mouth to say more, though, Lara spoke her name, and Cistina turned her head for a moment... To see that Lara was simply introducing her to the new arrivals. She looked back at the deity and stepped forward so that Garchomp was at her back, then bowed. “And I bid you welcome to the Gateway of the Starry Skies, home of the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squad.”
  9. Cistina noted to herself that she should probably stop doing teleports when flying. A small grace was that she didn't end up careening straight into the outer stone covering of the Gateway or the ground this time, just upside-down and inches away from smashing face-first into one of the Gateway's big stone pillars before she stopped. There was a smooth twisting sensation in her hand and she turned her head a little to see to Garchomp right-side up, looking at her rather crossly--not that she blamed it--and so she let go of the dragon's claw, wincing slightly as she moved her hand. Maybe she could have been more careful. But on the other hand, "more careful" could have led to them getting caught in what that divine wyrm was going to annihilate them with.... Cistina shivered as she righted herself. Was that one of the gods that Cynthia talked of? It certainly appeared so.... Behind her, Garchomp gave a snarl and she briefly started until a burning smell hit her and she made a face. As she landed on the dais, clenching the folder tightly to her side, she looked around to see not only a fair amount of other people, but also a large puddle of black substance,, large scorch marks, frozen spots, and water everywhere on the grass--Wait, is that a puddle of blood!? Cistina stepped forward and looked around. Lara she recognized, but not anyone else... All newcomers? How many was that now? They seemed to be mostly paying attention to Lara too, and nobody seemed to be hurting each other right at this very moment... “Will someone provide an explanation as to what happened here?” she asked. “I will be willing to listen to anyone, even if you are someone who had only just arrived.”
  10. Qaksh might have gave it to me, but I don't know if that's really a smart idea, what if I lose it or worst..?... Light looked down at the stone in her hand--it was small and would be unremarkable if not for the.... Really weird faint aura around it. That doesn't make sense at all; shouldn't powerful stuff have powerful auras? And she was feeling slightly off about how unnatural it felt to have no gold on her after so long hording the stuff . Light brought the stone up to the sky to examine its color more closely now that they were out of the darkened marketplace. It was a strange dull yellow-orange on most parts, with a few spots that are nearly opaque white... When she examined more carefully, she could see occasional glints of that same brilliance, but nothing like what that beastkin merchant did with the flashlight. Light wondered yet again if she dragged a friend into a bad situation without thinking--but at the same time, the amount of energy she could feel from it was so immense, it must be an anchor like what they were discussing... "Qaksh, I'll go and give this to Twilight so she can put this anchor with the others!" Light called, running off. "And then maybe I'll go find a room of my own in the castle... Or should I go to the library and read some more...?" She mused to herself. [3.84/15]
  11. W̨͞h̨͞͞e҉̡͠҉r̡͜͏e̡͟ ̛͢ì̶̢n̢̛ ͜҉t͜͡h̷͡҉͘e̕͟ ̸̡͡ẃ̷̕o̧̕͡r̴̢l͜҉d̛͞͝s̵̡ ̵̶͏i̢̡͏s̛ ̸͞C̴͝ì̷͡s̵͏t͢͞i̧̡̡n̷̛͟á?̷̢͟ Duke replied, and Cistina chuckled, shaking her head slightly at her companion’s exaggerated pain. What if someone did not know of your flamboyancy? She looked up at the man who punched him and frowned before standing up and turning back to concern herself with Kelsier, who… Had certainly captured the attentions of Dynarst and… Who was this person? Did they accidentally kidnap someone else? He was preaching of his rebellion. Cistina thinned her lips and stepped forward to-- A distortion!? Now?! Her foot never touched the grass as her surroundings shifted, and instead she pitched forward and fell, barely catching herself in midair before she crashed into a tree. Birds flew away from her sudden appearance, shrieking loudly, a pleasantly sweet aroma tinged the air, and she could see buildings on the other side of the trees. And thrumming at the back of her mind--no, it wasn’t quite the back, but she couldn’t tell which direction it was the strongest at. She raised her head and moved towards a branch on the tree to sit on before closing her eyes and concentrating. … Goddess? Not that she expected a reply. ~Location: ???~ "...Are you alright?" A woman called out to Cistina, wearing a full ensemble of black from hairclips to heels and her long hair a brillant blond. She witnessed her stumble into a tree and, curiously, seemed to levitate herself into its branches. A psychic, perhaps? she speculated. The dark blue dragon-like monster beside her -- bipedal and nearly standing as tall as her -- tilted its head, curious. This human in yellow wasn't there just a minute ago, and her appearance had spooked all the Starly in the area. ~ Cistina snapped open her eyes and stiffened at the voice. The [lack of] weapons she had with her and the leather of her armor instead of the chainmail she preferred suddenly was all too keen in her mind as she regarded the duo. But... The woman was looking at her with bemusement, and the monstrous reptile standing next to the woman was looking at her in a manner that reminded her more of the slight cock of the head her younger sister gave when she was puzzled than the malicious spark in a monster’s eye before it tried to rip apart someone’s throat. It should be safe, she decided, and if she needed to get away, she could fly. “Thank you, I am perfectly well,” Cistina replied. Briefly, the thought of posing as a normal person from this world occurred to her, but when considering everything else, that was unlikely to be plausible. There was also the potential for this world to be another victim of the ongoing distortions--if she were to give warning, though, perhaps the anchor(s) of this could be secured from disaster. ~ “That’s a relief.” Knowingly, the woman looked over her shoulder to the path beyond -- though her dragon companion kept an eye on the strange lady covered in soot. That lady in yellow looked like she was dressed from another region entirely, and perhaps… perhaps her assumptions about her would end up being correct. Her intuition was rarely wrong. “Floaroma town is the nearest settlement. Moreso than the flowers, it’s known for its excellent honey. Do you have any pokemon on hand? The creatures here aren’t very strong, but it would be wise to stay vigilant.” The woman looked down into the grove that Cistina was in the edge of. ~ On her part, Cistina looked back at the reptile after the woman spoke, still feeling too trepedicious about the creature to land, then turned her attention back to the woman as she spoke up again. There was a certain look in her eyes, and she introduced their location and asked her if she had any “Pokemon.” Did she already know? Had the woman already traveled between worlds? Cistina remembered hearing the term thrown around before, but wasn’t especially familiar with what it meant. She felt a brief flash of panic before she reminded herself that she wasn’t trying to hide. That would be unnecessary. “I thank you for informing me of where I am and of the local creatures,” she replied. “I cannot answer your question, however; I do not know what ‘Pokemon’ are. My pardons, but I am not from your world.” ~ Ah, there it was. The woman didn't react to the news that she was standing before an otherworldly visitor, who looked quite a bit lost. Instead, she put a thoughtful hand to her lips. "You may know more about my conundrum, then..." she trailed off. "Pardon me, where are my manners? I'm Cynthia, a pokemon trainer, and this is Garchomp." The dark blue dragon gave a proud nod, before resuming her work searching for something on the ground. Cynthia gave her a little pat and smiled. "Pokemon are the monsters of this world. While there are many who live in the wilderness, they can be captured and tamed. Often, they become inseparable companions to the humans they fight for." Cynthia extended a hand out for a shake. "It would be wiser to continue our discussion on the way to the town instead of out in the trees, so follow me." ~ The woman accepted her statement and Cistina let out a breath she wasn’t aware she was holding. At her introduction, Cistina bowed. When she included her blue reptile--”Garchomp”--it perked, and stood straighter. Almost like… Oxionne and her dragons. At this thought, Cistina nodded to herself. So this is a world where humans and monsters live together. I wonder if relationships like that Ganpp has with his gryphons are commonplace? “I am Cistina,” she introduced in turn. “I’ve been named a warrior by many those of my home, and a shaman by others.” No need to mention that I had been deemed one by one of the goddesses of our world. Cistina stepped off the tree and let herself land--Garchomp still made her feel wary, but it was focused on something in the ground--and shook Cythina’s proffered hand. “Very well,” Cistina nodded. “As well, if you do not mind, I have a few questions I would like to ask you.”
  12. Lightpon ~ "Good" Life Lessons As Qaksh jumped, Light yelped and snapped her hand--there was a puff of smoke, and she found herself behind the stall of a very surprised woman with tan skin, wearing little more than fake bird wings and feathers. "Oops! I wasn't watching where I was going," Light hastily said, ducking out of the booth before the woman can react. As she picked her way back through the crowd, she heard Qaksh's voice echo excitedly: "That power! B-but Circuitraider is right, I think. He's probably trying to sell us something way over its actual price." Light paused, cocking her head. The pretty ball? What kind of power? Is it dangerous?! She arrived as Circuit was haggling, and watched with wide eyes as the robot talked the merchant down. I almost feel sorry for that beastkin--wait, compromised?! "Are you saying that the price lowers if the stuff gets licked?" Light ran up and asked Circuit intently. "That means I've been scammed all this time!" Light scowled momentarily. Wait, but if licking... We were looking for food, right? "But that also means we have an easy way to get food for cheap, right?" Light grinned, feeling a wave of joy sweep across her. Learning something new and helping other people is nice... Though there was this weird thing tickling at the back of her head... It didn't seem like such a good idea for some reason. Light cocked her head slightly, thinking, as she walked beside Circuit. [3.16/15]
  13. Cistina ~ Gateway ~ Suddenly, people After she addressed Kelsier, as if Asmodeus himself had spoke, she heard the tail end of a statement of Stan's, followed by more voices. She turned--it appeared as if there was another two new arrivals on top of the returning missiongoers. Cistina gave Stan a glance-over as waved, then turned to talk with the pink woman and smiled as she realized that he appeared unharmed, unlike his status after his recon mission into the ashen world. Though, it was a little eyebrow-raising to see a dirty gray youth sprawled in front of him, feeling at the grass with bulging eyes. I had not been aware that we were back in the business of conscripting locals into the organization. Though, I may not be able to judge considering my own actions。She turned back to the man in the rusty coat, and the words she was thinking of disappeared when she saw him mobbed by the colorful amorphous blobs. It was more than a little amusing, admittedly, but despite their inclination towards him, it was likely that getting a horde of them unwittingly sicced on him and then not receiving any assistance from the woman in front of him was rude, not to mention detrimental if she wished to take the dagger without conflict. She looked down and swished her dress with a hand as the catlike one hopped around, mewling playfully, then eyed the group on Kelsier. Putting two fingers in her mouth, she whistled a clear note into the air--hopefully drawing their attention--and hummed an old sea shanty as she took the hand out and swirled a finger in the air, blowing a gentle breeze to tostle the folds of her dress and hoping the motion would attract the creatures. She turned again, though still turned just right so that she would be able to react had Kelsier decided to attempt anything, to assess her other teammates, just in time to see one of the newer agents haymaker Duke. The chant of the forbidden spell came to her mind. She didn't even have to think to take off--what was that at the base of that pillar?--landing roughly and dropping to a kneel at Duke's side as Lara reprimanded the new warrior. "Duke! Are you alright?"
  14. Light ~ Marketplace ~ Rock? The black-furred beastkin merchant's words at least successfully drew the dragon's attention, and at the words, Qaksh's scales stood at end. Light took a step back--Did that make him angry!?--and started sweeping the area for a good escape route before she heard him, very nervously say "I suppose---" and force his scales down. "I suppose it won't hurt to take a look." Oh. Don't assume the worst all the time. Light looked closer at the stuff the imp had, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. The merchant seemed to have a bunch of everything, it seemed: beads, jewels, geodes, decorated tassels, animal statues, pottery, scrolls, seeds, meat, and papers with some sort of unusual scribble on them. Are those like the spell slips Dark Elves and Suju magic uses? "Interested in this one? That one's a very unique find! Very expensive! But for a lustrous dragon, I might consider giving you a special price..." Light looked up to see the merchant picking up a sparkling rainbow--Wait, that's not rainbow, that's just a yellow and grey... That's weird, did I imagine that... Light rubbed her eyes, leaned forward, and craned her neck to peer at the crystal sphere again. And... She felt something-- "You do not genuinely have a special price for a dragon. Exactly, how many customers actually fall for such a ruse?" The beastkind merchant flinched comedically, throwing both arms in the air momentarily as a spotlight shined on him, and Light glanced towards the car-robot as she continued speaking. "You lack convincing body language and possess more of a snide diction than a sincere one. Might I suggest that you utilize a different series of words, phrases, and adopt a different pose?" That paints him in a whole new light.... Light narrowed her eyes, looking all over the merchant. He has his face covered, I should have known something was off from that! "AH! You absolutely wound me, fair lady!" The merchant clutched his heart, bowed over, and set the odd stone back, all in one movement. "There is no other gem like this in the entire marketplace, miss!" Now is there? Light straightened and looked intently at the merchant as he continued. "Surely it would be a fine piece for any great and noble dragon to own!" Come on, tell us about the rock! Is there something weird about it, or have you been making stuff up?! But the merchant seemed to be more happy leaving his enigmatic statement hanging in the air. Light looked around, pout on her face as she considered just picking the merchandise up to examine it herself. If only that couldn't have been taken as stealing. "What's so special about this rock in particular, then?" "This is a treasure! No mere ordinary rock!" the merchant insisted. "Only the finest of jade forms this orb! And not only is this the finest of jades..." The merchant pulled a small lamp out of some pocket, and turned it on. "Behold!" With a flourish, he picked the rock up and pressed it against the light. Light's eyes widened. It wasn't exactly what she had saw before she blinked, but different areas inside the rock was now giving off differently-colored glows, indeed looking something like a rainbow.
  15. Light ~ Marketplace To her relief, Qaksh looked like he knew what he was doing, at least. He gladly received the ginormous cherries from the shopkeeper, with Circuitraider offering to carry. Light pouted briefly--I wanted to help...-- before realizing that Circuitraider was telling her instructions on fruit identification. "... Try checking for scent. You don't want anything rancid," Circuitraider said, and Light looked up and craned her neck, eyes wide and ears perked at the robot's words as she tried to meet her eyes to no success. She knows how other people identifies fruit? That's kinda weird. "And... and getting riper fruit requires being consumed much sooner, if not immediately." "Wow!" She knows a lot! Light grinned and straightened herself, feeling a rush of excitement from head to toe. She waited for Circuitraider to continue for a few moments before realizing that the robot had became silent. "Where did you learn that?" Her attention was soon drawn back to"Mrs. Pac-Man," though, as Qaksh decided to go and buy more of the oversized fruit--one with a mottled green and white outside, an apple, a strawberry, and a citrus called--Geez, that's a really unimaginative name. Though in that case, why is a strawberry called a "straw" berry? It looks nothing like dried grass or those weird tubes. "We're going to see if we can find some meats or grains, since not all of us... um... organics... can subside on fruit alone," Qaksh spoke up, addressing the giant robot. Light spun, ready to scour the lively market and brilliant energy when her attention was caught again by the weird glass ball a stall over, swirling with two ghostly dragons spinning around and around and around. And now that she was looking, there was some sort of thing that they were swirling around, held inside the glass ball. Evidently, when she was zoning out, there was some sort of agreement between the dragon and the robot. There was a few soft clanks, and Light looked back to see Circuit crouched down, and then with a mesmerizing shifting of gears and parts, sank down and shifted, becoming something like one of those car she saw in Empyrean, except with wheels instead of magnetic levitators. Light could barely keep her eyes on how one part moved or another part replaced it! In fact, Circuit almost seemed to become smaller too--Light couldn't imagine how much shifting it would take to fit her entire body into that relatively small car. "Can I see you do that again sometime?" Light asked. "But yeah, generally fleshy living things need a lot of variety in their diet, so it's important to go and find other sources of food-- "Hey, hey!" a voice piped up, yelling. "Food here is a dime a dozen! Come and have a look at my treasures, they'll have value that lasts far, far more than any food you'll ever get!" Light scowled (though anyone looking would have mistaken it for a disgruntled pout) and turned towards the voice--a weird, chubby black beastkin-like thing with a mask on its face holding a bamboo umbrella and sitting in front of a cloth laid out with knickknacks. "And if you don't have food, you die," I don't know what I needed to point that out, but maybe you stop seeing food as essential if you're surrounded by it... "You have your food now, so spend some time pouring over these fabulous treasures! What about you, oh great and powerful dragon? Or you, beautiful?" the beastkin thing looked towards Qaksh and Circuit.
  16. Cistina "That may be what you believe," Cistina said, scowling. "I will not be persuaded because I've lived through what you speak of so casually, seen its affects on people..." She trailed off, a sudden shiver going up her spine as she got a sudden sense that she just did something foolish. She looked over him, away from his face with a glint in his eye that he's planning something, as he crossed his arms--scarred arms--almost too casually. He had well-defined, wiry muscles and his casual pose made her feel even more unnerved, even if in all likelyhood she should be the confident one in this scenario. He has that dagger and Philana knows what else, and I've not even my spear on me. I have my magic, but.... Cistina bit the corner of her lip. It's not that she wouldn't kill if she had to--the goddesses knew she had the stain of many people's blood on her hands--it's that she was barely sure of what she could even do now. Even Olivya, the least attuned to combative magic of them all, had relatively easily transitioned to spellcasting in ways that stretched all but the most liberal of theories in water magic, while she still stuck mainly with the basic skills writ and taught to all who wished to learn air magic, and for good reason. There was when she first stumbled out of the temple, dazed from having her mind opened up to the nature of magic and gods themselves, a scroll case with one of the most devastating spells in the Isles clutched to her chest, and the knowledge inside imprinted on her. She was tired and dazed, but there was still a current of exhilaration running through her, and there was the strongest of urges to do something, just to see what would happen. Cistina sucked in a breath at the memory, blinking into focus just as Kelsier asked her if she could return him back to his world. Cistina turned slightly so she could see the podium machine, careful to never take her eyes off him. "Oh, my apologies, but I am not the one you should speak to for that. But there is a man in our organization who wears blue and has spikes and stripes in his hair who should be here and be able to send you back," Cistina racked her brain. Yusei should be here, correct? I do not remember him coming to join us when we left for that ashen world. "But so long as you have that dagger on your person, I do not think many of the other agents here would be keen on letting you simply sail away." There was a soft fluctuation in the world again, and Cistina looked up to see a group of shiny, colorful blobs as well as a knapsack descending from the sky. Another anomaly? Are the amount of them increasing now? Cistina kept the man in her peripheral vision, but as splats from the creatures landing sounded around her, her focus turned towards the creatures and wondering how she would deal with them all. One fell and bounced towards her, and she headed the next few feet in concern before it became enamored with how her skirt swished around her. And the excitement still wasn't over as a buzz came from her cube, and Stan's voice--barely disternable--sounded from it. "Cis....alright? Jowan...re chas... anchor....you s.." Cistina barely even tried to make sense of it, instead providing a report as brief as she could. "I have returned to the Gateway; the man carrying the anchor is here. Another anomaly had just occurred as well, and there are many amorphous creatures around the teleport gate." In reply, the words she made out from the haze and buzz were"...You...Base...Getting Duke ...Back with.... the other..." before the message ended. Cistina looked back up. "Some of the others will be returning in some time. They could perhaps send you back, but I will not promise you such an outcome."
  17. Ponbiscuit proved stalwart and kept up with the dragon easily, even through the milling crowds of the market. But when they got close, the dragon sensed them, and gladly smashed through the walls of a nearby building with a pommel and a gout of flames. More screaming--this time more physical too--reached her ears. Ponbiscuit stumbled, and Sacred gritted her teeth, glaring at the monster. This called for drastic measures, clearly. "Ponbiscuit, up!" she begin lifting up with shimmering wings before Sacred even finished her name. Sacred brought her sword in a wide sweep, and a wave of shining energy followed it--And promptly dispersed into raw mana again as it impacted something in midair. Sacred paused, the rest of her attack halted and thrumming, waiting for her to release it. Ponbiscuit stayed in the air, and the dragon turned to face her, snarling, the fire gone from its body. Something inside gashed it, and as Sacred looked when the dragon turned, she realized that they had crashed into the prison, of all the places in the marketplace! She took a deep breath as an even stronger wave of anger swept over her--the mana around her started flaring an even stronger green in resonance. Even so, it would be useless in an anti-magic field. But that doesn't matter. Her shield solidified from mana to a solid metal diamond, as she crouched down just enough to draw in a breath of energy from the earth, then leapt up, flipped, and smashed her sword down on the dragon's location. A wave of air and green mana swept out, momentarily forming a massive plant with broad and shining leaves, scenting the air with the scent of a hazy summer afternoon in the forest. Wait, how did that not disperse? The dragon's fires lit again--The Harbinger also didn't seem to have much effect on it--and when it bared its teeth in an evil grin, Sacred felt that same welling of power as before, when the earth cracked and erupted. She sucked in a breath and braced herself, bringing her shield up as a geyser exploded in front of her and showered her with rocks and heat. It hurt badly, and Sacred barely managed to stop herself from recoiling in pain. I've lived through worst, she told herself sternly.
  18. As soon as the ethereal vines grabbed onto the ice dragon, Sacred kneeled down before springing forward, sliding her sword out and drawing the green mana that clung onto it from the dissipating energy of her strike as she twisted, smashing the ice dragon again with her shield. As she did, she kept her ears strained for the screaming--there wasn't a change in its tone, but it did feel different in a way she couldn't describe. Sacred felt a flare of annoyance at herself, which she squashed down with a stern thought of I'll go ask Seria about it later. A swirling green energy surrounded her and she spun, gathering the mana around her again, and jumped up-- She hadn't accounted for the people fighting beside her to be unused to her grappling vines, though. As soon as she had jumped up, a gout of fire shrouded them and forced them to evaporate into green mana, and the dragon was freed. Without her guidance, whatever remaining vines acted as normal vines did, and the dragon stepped free of them--stepping away from her attack as Sacred landed and the green light exploded and dissipated into the ground. There was a loud shout from beside her, shocking her out of her focus, and some people froze or turned to the shout. She flicked her eyes over to see a demonic looking thing being stared at, and she briefly wondered if it was also a threat before looking back to the ice dragon. To her horror, it was charging fireballs in its claws, taking the distraction of the others. She could feel the heat from where she was standing, and the heat was only intensifying--A white goblin chieftain, a flash and a boom, crackling flames eating their way down walls--she turned towards the others and screamed: "Focus!” The fireballs landed, and she cringed, raising her shield. Did I fail again? Was the screams she just heard in her imagination? The dragon was running away.There was those screams that made her fight that were fading. What did I just say? Focus! Someone nudged her cheek. Sacred turned--Ponbiscuit was there, eyes full of concern. She vaulted up to her back, focusing her eyes on the retreating dragon, and in response Ponbiscuit opened wings made of starlight. "Go!”
  19. Unfortunately, the ice dragon had picked the dragon turtle up and threw him into what looked like a bystander. Sacred swore, letting herself have a momentary distraction as she flicked her eyes over. No, Ponbiscuit can see to that. This dragon cannot continue sapping the life of the other! The screaming in her head from the white dragon was stronger too, though--Sacred pushed the ramifications of that to the back of her head and swung her sword back, charging and invoking the essences of the tangles from the wildest edges of the world--the dragon is distracted, there are many others who had joined in quelling it--before grasping the hilt and slamming it into a crack in the cobbles. The energy gathered around her flared brightly, and as a red bolt of lightning struck it, gigantic ethereal vines erupted from the ground, wrapping tight around the dragon. They struggled against the restraint and some of the vines dispersed back into mana, but the majority of them held firm.
  20. Lightpon ~ Which of these are fresh? She followed Qaksh as he walked over to the strange round cat-eared thing with the ribbon, past the Pascal-sque-haired lady with the orb containing swirling dragon spirits and past the simian thing wearing Empyrean garb and a paper mask. As her gaze settled on the fruit, her eyes widened and ears shot up, and then she blinked a few times to make sure this was actually a thing. Are fruit usually this big?! That apple is more than twice the size of my head! Light looked at the other fruit displayed on the dark cloth--all of them were absolutely HUGE! We're going to finish shopping in no time! Light grinned. "Oh!" The shopkeeper gasped, then split into a face-spanning grin as Qaksh set the apple down. "Take a look at my cherries too!" She(?) urged, turning and using both hands to pick up two dark cherries from a bag behind her(?), still connected by their stems, and both of them big enough that Light doubted if she could carry both at once. She reached down and picked up a bright strawberry, turning it around to examine it. Is this good? These seeds look much paler than they're supposed to be. She set it down and eyed the fruit worriedly, face twisted into a frown. What did Arisia tell me about fruit again? The darker the color, the safer they are to eat? Light looked at the giant bananas with narrowed eyes. Bananas are supposed to be black to be safe, then? But everyone kept telling me that black means it wasn't safe to eat, right? Light stepped back, tapping her foot and crossing her arms as she tried to sort through what she remembered about fruit. That light green circle thing with the weird T-shaped stem probably isn't ripe, then? But the skin looks all weird and tough too. Do most people eat that part? There was something about if it looks tough, don't eat it, right? But bananas and oranges aren't tough when they're ripe and I can't eat those peels. Light bit her lip and shuffled, looking down with her ears pressed against her head. Why are there so many things I'm not allowed to eat? I can't remember all this... Sacred ~ WKyu Fight The dragon shrieked and fell back from her; she landed firm on the cobbles. It snarled at her, and she saw an icy mist start to gather around its jaws, but the dragon turtle took the opportunity to smash a claw into the side of its face, cracking the ice there and forcing the dragon off-balance. Sacred ran forward and quickly reformed her shield, giving another spinning strike with it as she got close--the energy from her repeated attacks was flowing through her more strongly now, surrounding her in a soft ripple of green light--and as she spun, she concentrated, summoning the same power as that of ancient oaks, of wizened willows, of venerable maples. The dragon breathed a barrage of icicles covered in cold fire--her green light flared, and as the dragon stepped back from the giant wolf's attack, she unleashed the power she had stored--the energy exploded outward from her sword as she spun and swung at the dragon, following it up with another strike from her shield as the aura around her brightened even more.
  21. Sacred ~ Oath of the Ancients The dragon roared, and it seemed that some other forces had joined her and the dragon-turtle thing. A giant wolf thing appeared before slashing into the dragon with daggers of light just as her feet reunited with the earth and she easily drew her sword in one fluid motion--too fluid--as the dragon roared. An immense pressure seemed to press from the bottom of her feet up, growing hotter--she sucked in a breath and spun, gathering her mana around her into a protective shield. The ground cracked below her, and there there the pressure disappeared as a gout of magma erupted. Sacred smirked and bent down as the magma flowed around her shield, then she used the plume to thrust forward at the ice dragon. As she leapt out of the attack, she held up her shield and concentrated the mana around her into it, expanding it into a huge construct that brought to mind sunbeams filtered through young forest leaves--BAM! She smashed into the ice dragon; The bright shield shattered into a burst of light as she did so, sending the concentrated power out.
  22. "Yes," Cistina nodded towards the man's question, but it doesn't seem as if he needed the confirmation. And now that she looked at him in better light, he actually looked fairly attractive. A strong jaw, well-toned muscles, fair hair... "I'm sure you've seen the sorry state of my world then, compared to any other. We have an oppressive monarch who's been slaughtering and enslaving the common people for a thousand years, while the noble houses fight over what little they can squeeze out of the skaa. All I want to do is end it," he said the words casually, and if she was younger she could see herself being swayed by him--had she not done the same before, that day Cerya had stormed out of their home? Cistina pursed her lips. But she's changed, now, after the war and after living, experiencing, some of the darkest shades of humanity she had ever seen, there was a bitter undertone that she knew far too well. His words brought to mind the conversation she had with Duke earlier, with his face alight, talking of passion and vigor about inciting revolution. Revolution at the edge of a blade, blood of innocent and guilty alike striking the streets where children once played and laughed, scars both physical and mental left in its wake--Duke! How was he? The last she had saw, he was facing off against the iron-eyed... While she was in thought, he continued talking, this time about the dagger anchor, confirming that indeed, it was of an otherworldly nature. He smiled charmingly, explained why he needed it. It was much more than that--Cistina wasn't a fool, she'd spent enough times in the halls of politics to notice plotting and planning. I'm ill-fit for such cutthroat negotiations. She looked deep into his eyes--a hard look was set in them, and she shivered. What manner of person is he? "I wish you the best of luck, but I cannot in good conscious help you," Cistina spoke the words sadly, from the memories of the bloody deeds done and witnessed."I will not...." But if I do not, will we secure the anchor? Cistina hesitated, then shook her head. There is a better way. "No... No matter what Duke said, I cannot help you start a war."
  23. ??? - Marketplace - White Kyurem Guttural screams of agony tore through the air and caught her attention. She whirled around, catching the unicorn beside her by surprise. One of her hands was summoning a shield out of shining green energy to existence. A grey monstrosity of a dragon, caked with ice, stood a ways away, looking intently at a feathered white dragon it had (assumingly) trapped, posture betraying its pain. A surge of purple energy pulsed into the trapped white dragon, and it screamed again as it shrank and became a small white stone, which the grey one absorbed. An inferno surronded the dragon momentarily, clearing to reveal a twisted form similar yet different to the white one. Red cords ignited from its wings, and it raised its head. I will be free. I will… I will be whole. There was three voices there. Two of them sounded the same, but their words were so different. One of them echoed the first, the strongest voice, while the other, far more faint, screamed for release, for freedom, with that same intensity as with the initial scream that caught her attention. It was that voice that made her act. I will not stand and watch again! Passerby were either frozen in shock or running for their lives. She deftly leapt up onto her friend's back. "Ponbiscuit!" before she even gave the order, her friend leaped and was soaring with spiritual wings above the crowds. "Go help the pedestrians!" Ponbiscuit neighed and flicked her ears, and she pulled her weapon out. As her friend took a sharp dive, she jumped off, charging mana into her sword as an aggressive turtle took a blast from the grey dragon. "If you think you're beating me that easy... well, think again, chump!" a snarl from the turtle. Unfortunately, she missed her mark of aiming at the grey dragon's back as it stomped towards the turtle, but with a mighty war cry, she slammed her sword down, hard, on the earth beside the grey dragon. The mana in her sword was released, mostly through the earth outward, but partly through her as well, and with well-practiced ease she kicked off from the ground, using her sword as a pivot to smash her shield into the grey dragon.
  24. He's really polite... Guess he doesn't know what a handshake is. Why is Pandemonium seems to be the only place where you shake hands? She settled for an awkward bow instead as he introduced himself. "A magi dragon..." Light blinked. Wait, only "a?" "So you're not the magi dragon? Cool. Where I came from, it always seemed like dragons who walked on four limbs and had wings were the only one of their kind. Like the Death Dragon Spirazzi. Or the Energy Dragon Natram." She scanned him, eyes almost owlishly wide. "You don't look like any of the ones I've met, though. You look much nicer and friendlier," Light smiled. As the orange dragon Qaksh spoke of the incident where he met Michelle, though, Light's eyes widened, mouth dropped open, and ears pressed flat against her head. "Y-You mean to say.... "No no, she was alive and well when I met her!" his dark eyes widened and a trail of hurried telepathy came through to her. Light blinked slowly, her expression changing slowly as she sorted out all he said. "Oh. Okay, I guess that makes sense. I visited an alternate version of one of the worlds I mentioned myself..." Light trailed off, unsure of what to say. Should I assuage him? But I'm pretty creeped out by that too... Uh... "Um.... "An awkward silence descended and Light shifted uncomfortably. Oh right.... Twilight said we were coming here in the first place to get supplies. "Do you... Want to do some shopping now?" Light looked around the intersection, ignoring the people around them on the black cobblestone streets to focus better on the colorful-or-not stalls. A red draped one selling what looked like fruit caught her eye, ran by a circular critter with gloved arms, red boots, cat ear shaped protrusions, and a mouth so big it seemed to stretch across its entire body. There was another that just had a range of miscellaneous wares displayed on a brown cloth under a bamboo umbrella, ran by an odd-looking, plump, black-furred critter with horns and a piece of paper stuck to its face with a few rectangles on it. There was also a table with a bunch of crazy and complicated-looking contraptions set up--though in a large glass sphere, there looked to be two ghostly dragon heads spinning in a circle--ran by a happy-looking elegant lady with red tipped hair. "They're selling fruit over there," she pointed at the red-swathed stall.
  25. Light was snapped back to reality from watching a pink-haired elf wearing armor walking alongside a unicorn when she heard the dragon's voice in her mind. Oh... I ran off without thinking again...Her ears drooping slightly, she turned to face the dragon to answer. It was only polite, after all. "Yeah," she replied to the first question. "I thought I'd seen a lot of things before, but this marketplace alone has a lot more... Things... Than I ever imagined." His next sentence hit her like a zap of lightning. Light immediately straightened at his words, nodding quickly. "Yes! Michelle! She levitates stuff and uses lime green psychic power. Boss—I mean, a friend who I call Boss—was trying to ask her out, but about a month or so ago he came back telling us that she had disappeared overnight, and from there weird things started happening all over!" she took a breath and continued. "Not just in Arad either, but also in Empyrean and Pandemonium, but stuff like that is so normal for Pandemonium that I didn't really think anything of it until I tried to visit and found out half of Behemoth got swallowed up in this interdimensional rift, then when we got back to Empyrean—Ah!" Rao zipped in front of her, and Light coughed. "Sorry, I'm rambling." She stood up from the barrel and extended a hand to the bright dragon—Qaksh, didn't Twilight call him?—even though she wasn't sure how he would shake it, being much bigger than she was. "I'm Light."