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Want: LOW Gen Prize Dragons tinsel and shimmerscale as well as low gen golds, low gen silvers, neglecteds, CB Daydreams, and even some of the last few releases. I also have low gen golds and silvers I can breed for swaps for different bloodlines or for prize dragons.Have CB female holly, will breed her upon request, but you may have to go on a waiting list. Yes my son won a prize dragon. He however does not have it. PM me with questions.IF you have a caveborn prize you do not want and want to make a 12 year old happy please PM me.I do accept IOUs http://dragcave.net/user/WarriorPriestClick on the eggs :D :D

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    My son has won a prize dragon for 2013 holiday raffle. He DID NOT get his dragon due to some issue with the system not registering that he made his choice. Check here for updates and thank you. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

    2nd Gen requests from Holly:
    speakingtomato- gold
    iPepsi- silver
    soulchaser- silver

    DarkEternity- ??P??

    Owed to me:
    Erica8798-1 ND dragons

    Wish list:
    low gen Shimmerscales
    CB Pyralspite dragons all colors I do not have any.

    more to come