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  1. I need my Multiscale Dragonite. It's Marvel Scale as Dratini/Dragonair, but it'll change. Multiscale reduces damage by half at full HP.
  2. I've heard you may just be able to lower it's level while still registering it as a Level 50 encountered at the Castle, so i'm not exactly sure.
  3. I tried to hack one. It didn't go through. I was hoping it would, though there may be ways around it. :/
  4. You just post how famous the user above you is on the forums. Example: Person 1: No one above me. Person 2: You're pretty famous on the forums. There is nobody above me.
  5. Well, I beat it a while ago and already beat the easy Battle Subway. Come on you stupid GTS..
  6. They're being dropped alright. Saw 2/missed 2.
  7. They're still dropping? Time to hunt.
  8. 1st page! Thanks for letting us know about this. This seems like it could be useful when there's a lot of common eggs in the Cave/AP.
  9. Ok, and 1st post on 2nd page, teriffic. >.> Hopefully it fixes the lag.
  10. 321123

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I saw a "Sunrise" new release egg and missed it, again. >.>
  11. 321123

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    "Nebula" Yes "Flame" No "Speckled Green" No "New Sun" No I saw one of the "New Sun" eggs and missed it...
  12. I get a this page cannot be displayed...
  13. Do you know what this is? Finally!!!!
  14. When you get banned your scroll gets "burned". What if you are not permabanned? Your scroll magically becomes unburned? Right?
  15. What does a cheese dragon eat? Itself? Right?
  16. Your scroll would freeze if you had 6 ICE dragons.
  17. What happens when a Neglected gets neglected???? Red dino:This egg is much warmer and looks like it does not belong (Something like that) 3 red dino eggs, then what?
  18. Final form at level 1300-----> Can someone PM me about how to get a omni mite? I can't get the "let kindness lead the way" thing
  19. Chicken!!! For dino:the red one. I missed a red dino in the cave!
  20. I would like a backround also.