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    ND Tracker - 2:4
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    Current scroll goal is four breeding pairs of each species. Working on a hybrid spreadsheet as well that will be added later.

    Current CB Scroll Goals/Stats Spreadsheet last updated: 5/13/2016

    I will soon start taking breeding requests. Dragons on my scroll with a roman numeral suffix are CB or 2G hybrids. Dragons of the same species with the same roman numeral suffix are established breeding pairs. Dragons with "U" suffix will not be bred, and dragons without the surname "Alastair" are lineage project dragons from other players that I intend to continue at some point. Feel free to PM me with any questions or requests!

    IOUs From:
    Ginji123: Mistletoe x Alt Sweetling - Status: FULFILLED

    IOUs To:
    Ginji123: Silver x Silver Lunar Herald - FULFILLED
    Shopfront: Silver x Silver - FULFILLED
    rrattts: 30/30 Storm/Imp - FULFILLED
    Tears in Rain: Pairs of Carmine/Cassare/Duotone/Fever/Glaucus - FULFILLED
    Predatorfan4ever: 4/4 2G Xenos - FULFILLED
    RottenFish: [Silver x Silver Lunar Herald - COMPLETE] [Silver x Purple Nebula - PENDING] (last bred 7/16/16 : no eggs produced)
    Lesh4537 - 2G Silver x Rosebud / 2G Chrono x Rosebud(C) / 3G Gold x Radiant Angel / Summer Seasonal pair (C1) / Spessartine pair (C1): PENDING (last bred 7/16/2016: no eggs produced)

    Special Eternal Thanks: