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  1. ... important note, make sure to add the ingredients in the right order =n= turns out order matters
  2. Hey y'all! I was hoping we could start up a thread to swap recipes that we discover on for the cooking event! Below is what I have so far -- I'll try to update as I find more things and as people make new recipes known! Baking recipes! Prep recipes!
  3. Last call! happy halloween, everyone XDDD
  4. round 400 and still going strong!!!
  5. @Hylian Dragon they so are though??? a magma line backed by a line of whites is lowkey the immovable object
  6. tbh it looks like leaving that first row open and having some ranged fighters in the back (thunders or soulpeace) plus a magma-reliant front line makes all the difference
  7. Alright, new strategy! i'm scooting my frontlines back enough that the zombies have room to build up and trigger the soulpeaces
  8. alright, i finally reached level 50, so let's DO THIS edit: lasted until round 156!
  9. Alright, new test! Mission: fill the board with vampires Edit: got to round 110
  10. I think they appear randomly whenever you have an Ice, Magma, or Thunder dragon on the board! I'm running a quick test on Vamp movement atm -- i'll let you know how it goes Edit: okay, things i've learned so far. It looks like the vampires can only move from side to side -- but they can also *attack* to the side.
  11. Yeah, the zombies Absolutely target the shallow water dragons
  12. As far as I'm aware, they don't have a cooldown -- and they don't just attack when zombies are nearby. They'll actually move to go after zombies.
  13. Still going strong! This is the longest I've lasted, and it was originally supposed to be a throwaway XDDD i think i've underestimated how much a full line of whites does for your defenders' survivability edit: round 113 and we've lost the defender on the far left! probably gonna start seeing breakdown
  14. Ah, thank you sorry, I misunderstood. That's really interesting -- thank you for running that experiment! It makes sense that the shallow waters are automatic targets
  15. Sorry, i phrased that really poorly, that's my bad XDD how many goldfish games (each of 12-24 rounds) did it take you to reach level 50?
  16. yeah, I'm noticing a pattern where defence models that survive just fine and do great for the first 100 rounds get blown out of the water after the damage gets increased at round 100 -- my last lineup posted died at round 104, which I figure means it started to fail pretty much exactly at round 100 Edit: testing that theory with this lineup!
  17. Darth, how many rounds of goldfish did it take you to reach level 50?
  18. hey Fly-By-Night, since you're at at least level 50 -- what's your dragon capacity at that level??
  19. @Crystals, you're at least at level 50 -- what's your board/dragon capacity at that point?