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    Using this to list some of what I'm looking for; categories aren't in any particular order.
    Such a list is updated as needed, so it tends to change fairly often. Seems to be pretty small at this point, though...

    Tinsels from lines I already have (square brackets contains the lowest gen):
    Gold (4/5): Gold Epica (Epic)[3rd], Apollo (s5gF)[4th], Living In Sin (iWin) [5th], Alexandria Aurelix (Lexy)
    Silver (5/10): Erno (ERNA)[3rd], Penk (Penk)[4th], (Abby)[5th], Inextrica (DMHP), Patxaran (UaDI)
    Bronze (11/15): Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing (A76J)[3rd], Darkrose (1337)[4th], Tanoth the Dragon King (Wish)[4th], Alcoholic (Vein)[4th], Cayvyn (Ryko)[5th], Bronze Ivy (Rnbw)[5th], Hypnotizing (wish)[5th], Antihypertensive (Aht6), (****), San Victorus (NCjU), Galletian Victory (Wyms)

    Top Priority:
    CB Gold (One can hope?)
    2nd gen Prize dragons (Yeah...)

    High Priority:
    CB Silver

    Priority Varies:
    Any dragon with a unique / notable code
    Any dragon with a nice / unique lineage

    Unrealistic and/or Impossible Until Later:
    2nd Gen of any Artist-Unique alt

    A more complete wishlist can be found here: