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  1. Just logged on and noticed the Valentine's day tree. The little dragon haz epicness :3
  2. I can flip my eyelids inside out. It's pretty gross so I stopped doing it a while back. I'll occasionally do it when someone really ticks me off. There like, "Blah blah blah.." and then I do it and their heads explode. It's a pretty neat talent.
  3. There's no dragon with my username but as for my real name, there's a vine dragon with my names as it's code.
  4. Not surprised it didn't win after realizing most people would have thought of a gold theme considering the ornaments.
  5. I saw a tree yesterday so I assume they're still dropping today.
  6. A gold that was gifited to me. I used to have a really old, glitchy computer that made getting rares impossible.
  7. It was a failed bite. I was like "WTF OMG ONOZ WHY'D IT DIE!!!". It was a sad day for my dc life.
  8. Being stuck in the window seat on an airplane with the stinkiest person imaginable sitting next to you chowing on his food which then spills on your lap. This has happened to me... twice.
  9. They're still dropping? I'm really surprised they haven't stopped yet. Maybe they'll be dropping forever now? Who knows... (Well TJ does I guess :3 )
  10. It's excellent! Thank you very much! *Is very happy
  11. "Kill my family and toss them in with me!" Wonder how my family would react to that? |D
  12. I WANT AN AVATAR!! Username: Shadow Flare Subjects: Shadowy flame things and black dragon. Color: Purple, black and a little bit of red Text, if any: Shadow Flare Code word: Cheese Thank you!
  13. I've never really like tea. It's odd considering everyone else in my family drinks it all the time.
  14. Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see what the new dragons released are going to look like.
  15. The Magma dragon because of the molten magma look it has to it. It's very aesthetically pleasing though the other trios are good looking to.
  16. Thank goodness, a cure for my madness. It's always a pain in the rear to have to reopen all the windows. This is a great solution.
  17. Though I no longer play Pokemon I have always and will still love it. For a few years I was even the top player in my state for the handheld game. Digimon was always way to confusing for me with all their weird multiple "digivilutions". As for the television series and card games Pokemon was always far superior to digimon in almost every way.
  18. I stopped using earthquake because I learned to be patient I rarely see any eggs hatch from earthquakes. Most die or are unaffected and rarely the ones that hatch but run away. I haven't used this BSA since two months after it came out.
  19. Are leetle trees now just going to be dropping forever now?
  20. I walked up to go relieve myself when I saw a couple in their teens walk out of the restroom together... O_o
  21. My first day on DC I got a gold and not realizing it's rarity released it to get a guardian egg...
  22. Username: Shadow Flare Pokemons to use: Charizard and Salamence Base pokemon: Houndoom What do you want me to do with them?: Splice Versions of sprites: HG & SS Thanks!