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  1. Sorry, you were not selected as one of the winners in the January 2018 raffle. Don’t forget to enter this month’s raffle! Right, what else was I expecting lol!
  2. Why are they still torturing us I thought this was over!
  3. So where, exactly are all these people who need lineaged olives? AP is down to 5 days, incubate away lol!
  4. Has to be better than the wall someone bred where all the parents were named "CB" something or other, that was kind of sad, some of those eggs were actually nice, but the names for sure turn me off!
  5. On the upside, mass breeding like that will slow down the AP and get things closer to incuhatchable when the olives finally go! But seriously who is picking up all these eggs?
  6. a 3rd gen prize is barely worth a cb uncommon hatchling these days
  7. Eh, its all fluctuates as you know, its a function on how hard something is to catch mixed with how much people want a certain thing, the only things that have truly held their value over time are neglected (only because its work to make them) cb metals and surprisingly coppers Really I just keep an eye on all the trades going on and take it from there and I seem to do okay! I also cave hunt so see whats going on there for the most part. At the end of the day if your trades are not getting responses that is probably a clue as to something having changed value in "today's" market And I just have to get this out, how the heck is a golden wyvern a cb metal lol!
  8. Here is the thing about trades, if the person with the cb silver really wanted the cb aeon, then for them it was a good deal, you never know they could have had a dozen cb silvers and no Aeon Having said that trade value is relative to what people are seeking at the time, although cb trios for example come under rare trades, most players already have theirs, they are really only rare in the fact that they are seldom seen in the cave It really all has to do with how prevalent, easy to catch things are in the cave as of course that is where all cbs come from! Tons of people seem to cave hunt in the alpine, making cb almadines appear more often then say the sapperstine in the coast, where the eggs move really slowly. I also have to disagree with a prizekin being worth a cb silver, I mean its a breeding fail after all, whereas a cb silver is fairly hard to catch, again people may really want that prize kin enough, what do I know I am going to put blusangs in the same place as trios, sure they are hard to find, but who is really still collecting them but perhaps new players? I really do not think there is a guide, or if there could actually be one as things fluctuate, what is valuable to one person may not be to another, having said that here is how I see things currently Neglected cb gold cb silver coppers dinos, (I actually see a ton of these in the jungle tbh and who really needs more than 1 of each color, yet people seem to collect them, meh) Same with cheese and paper, unless you are a collector, a couple is fine xenos, depending on biome, astrapi seem more common than say chrono or gaia aeons, these are actually easier to get in the forest than the alpine, yet you may stare at the cave for hours before seeing one zyus, depending on color again some biomes move more than others gemshards (hatchlings are worth more because you know the color at that point) fire gems pyrsalite (no clue how to spell that, but I have found these actually pretty easy to get both in the cave and from trades, I do not see them as rare at all and they often sit in the cave for some time before being taken) One should never feel they are making a lopsided trade, I mean why would you offer more than you think something is worth? If they offer it, I figure they want what I have more than they wanted what they are offering and vice versa My 2 cents for what its worth, ones man's treasure is another man's junk and all that! If you follow the trade threads and see what people are after for a time, you can judge for yourself
  9. oops, too late I did a mass red bred to the AP like yesterday! I bred a lot of nice 2nd gen hybrids, pnks, magis and such too! Checked my log I autoed 358 eggs on the 31st.
  10. People try a lot of different dragons to breed with them If you are breeding with a common dragon, like say a pink or a swallow tail, you are just going to get more of the common egg, same as any other breeding Not to mention it seems we see very few of them on the forum so hard to tell what is really gong on, I imagine the ratio of failures is pretty much the same as cb metals giving you commons
  11. I personally see the gaia as more rare, I mean really its all up to what people need, but at this point it may be a stretch
  12. Back when we could only have 2, I froze a gendered hatchling so I could have 1 of each gender. Now that we can have 3 I would prefer to have an ungendered hatchling, so if I release my frozen hatchling will I be able to summon another? Thanks!
  13. Trading them for cb metals at least give others a chance and I certainly do not expect people to just gift them away, its all this 2nd gen prize swapping that gets to me. I have been away for a long time so not sure when even gen prizes became a thing, it was un doable before as there were just not enough 1st gen prizes to support it. Again, I do not blame the prize owners for this, it was just an observation as to the state of affairs. This raffle has been going on since May if I am not mistaken? At 60 prizes per month, that's 480 new prizes in circulation, now that I think about it, where the heck are they all lol! Anyway at least this month I have seen a few long time players win, which makes me happy, nothing like seeing someone with 200 dragons having multiple cb prizes to discourage one!
  14. LOL maybe they will get bored of only collecting prizes! I think the part that disturbs me the most is many have multiple 1st gens. Yes, I read the post where TJ said disallowing winners from entering for a period only slightly raised the chances, ya know in a year of raffles that would be 720 less people in the mix. Even a 6 month waiting period would help increase the chances a bit and spread them around more!
  15. LOL, sure, sure, methinks its lonely in all that ice!
  16. Must be pretty boring over there if you are always here xD!
  17. On a happier note, nice to see a couple of long time members winning this month!! Congrats!
  18. Same, I think last time I actually won anything i was 4 years old!