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  1. It looks like the draghatch.tk domain expired. I had troubles with them in the past and they suspended it a few times. I didn't expect to keep it forever. That's why I changed the primary address to dc.evinext.com a couple of years back.
  2. Version 8.1.0 Released Brought back fast viewing mode. New stats.php page displays long-term statistics.
  3. I'd like to share my thoughts on the discussion thus far. Implementing the login feature did take a bit of work, but I wouldn't say it was more difficult to implement than any other feature of the site. I would like to see more hatcheries use the login feature but that may be unrealistic for a while. Even if it was made mandatory it would take a while for everyone to consistently implement. Also, as others have mentioned, it wouldn't completely eliminate view abuse. I think the best solution, for now, would be TJ's suggestion of preventing dragons from hidden scrolls being added to sites.
  4. Oh wow, I think I fixed it! It seems like the file permissions got messed up for some reason. Everyone, see if you can add your dragons now.
  5. That's strange. I wasn't made aware of this issue until someone emailed me about it. (I don't think the notification feature of the forum is working.) I promise I will try to look into it, but due to my busy schedule I might not have it fixed until Mid-October. Until then, you will have to use other hatcheries. I still don't know why my site is the one that breaks down so often, but I'm really sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for your continued support, everyone!
  6. Thank you. The mobile version is still kind of weird as it's hard to cram that much info into such a small area. In any case I wasn't sure how popular it would be since Dragon Cave itself doesn't have a responsive layout yet, though I'm sure it inevitably will. The "total" count is only updated every 12 minutes, which slightly optimizes the site. The actual number shown may be different because of dragons added/removed since that update. So you don't need to worry about it; it's close enough. ---------- Also, since the feature where the added/removed dragons are displayed after updating is so popular I will try to add it again to the next release.
  7. I had to rewrite all of the scripts for this new update for safety and site stability. Unfortunately, the new structure doesn't really allow the page to "know" which dragons were updated. I might re-implement it in the future, but right now I don't have the energy to tackle it. Once again, I'm sorry.
  8. Version 8.0.0 Released The time has come to release DH. Hopefully this will solve some of the internal errors and downtime which forced me to release this. (Unfortunately, I don't have the time to make a dark theme now.) More bugs are sure to arise, so please let me know here on the forum. Thanks.
  9. I am really looking forward to the release of DragHatch 8 (and I think it will fix a lot of the downtime the site experiences). But there are still some problems I have to fix, so it still might be a while. Thank you all for your patience.
  10. Yes, the site is down. Thank you for making me aware because it has been a terrible week for me. The host suspended my account for now because they thought the site was using too much processing. I will get it sorted out, eventually. Thank you for your patience.
  11. 8.0.0 BETA 2 is released I made this update to address some of the most common issues. The background was darkened slightly. The width was narrowed a bit more. Your dragon images will show up next to the checkboxes. As for other skins, that will still take some time. If you still can't take the brightness, I don't know what else to say other than lowering your monitor's brightness. Myself and so many others I know work with white screens all day and never have a problem.
  12. I just now fixed the dead dragon problem (I think). Also, I will work on making a darker skin. The new site uses a script to detect when the images are loaded to refresh the viewer. It's possible that you have a firewall or something that blocks it. Try to load the page again. If you get the same error, go to this link and tell me what happens. https://unpkg.com/imagesloaded@4/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js Thank you for the suggestion. I will eventually put the image column back to the right side of the table. Also, the table has been narrowed on widescreen view. ----- I really am quite surprised by how many people think it's too bright. The default skin of this forum has an all white background, and so many other sites too, like Google. But I will try to accommodate. Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far!
  13. The low time viewer displays ALL of its eggs and hatchlings (unless there are more than 500). It refreshes every 3 minutes. As for the "total" count, it is taken from the database count every 10 minutes. So the number shown might be slightly different than that.
  14. Yeah, it's fixed now. Of course as soon as opened it to the public, another bug surfaced. *sigh* You can add and remove dragons as long as your scroll is not secure. I cannot access Dragon Cave's login feature on the beta branch.
  15. 8.0.0 BETA Released http://dc.evinext.com/beta This is a completely new, mobile-friendly DragHatch. Social media buttons removed due to lack of use. New, responsive front-end built on Bootstrap. A viewer is disabled by minimizing its window. There is no more popup nursery viewer. Theme selection removed. This might return in the future, but no promises. Back-end cleaned up, restructured, and optimized. Number of views given is displayed in each window's header. Note that the security system does not work properly because I only have one API key. Please test this if you can and report all comments, suggestions, and bug reports here.
  16. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am working on a huge new update (DH 8). This new DragHatch will be mobile friendly and conformant to the latest web standards. I will update you with more information when I have it.
  17. Thank you! That seems to have worked.
  18. Technical problems never just go away, do they? I sent a PM to TJ to see if he knows what's going on. In the meantime I upgraded the site to 7.4.0. There weren't a whole lot of changes. Also I realized I didn't announce the site's 7th anniversary a few weeks ago. I can't believe it's been that long...
  19. It seems to be working now. I guess I couldn't expect this problem to completely fix itself, but at least it seems less frequent than before.
  20. I think it sounds better than "ER", which makes it sound like most of the eggs/hatchlings there are emergencies. They aren't. ----- Anyway, I added a new a new theme called Christmas 2016. It is set as the default this December. Thank you for continuing to use DragHatch! Hopefully the site will hold up to the holiday traffic this season.
  21. I know the site has been out a lot lately. This is a very difficult problem and I am still working on trying to fix it but it will take some time. Thank you for your patience, and again, I am sorry about this.
  22. I just can't figure it out! At this point I'm willing to share the code with an expert for debugging. It's better than closing the site. If anyone wants to give it a try please PM me. I would prefer someone who already has a successful site.
  23. My host has sent me a memo. DragHatch will be down for about 30 minutes sometime on May 27th for server maintenance. So if the site doesn't load up, don't freak out. Sorry for yet another inconvenience.
  24. No, it isn't shared with anyone. --- And as for the errors I'm trying to look into it again. If I can't fix it, I hope I won't have to close the site. Edit: It seems that something is causing MySQL to crash and the host restarts it after some time. This is puzzling.
  25. I'm not sure about that. That's on DC's side. If you want to access DragHatch securely I think my host offers it but I don't have it implemented because it's not needed since no sensitive information is transferred. Also, sorry about the errors. I can't look at them right now because I'm at work.