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  1. SunFish

    Trading Hub Feedback

    I have the same problem like Naraku. Especially while wanting a gender or colour swap... it's always lost in the hub after some mins
  2. SunFish

    Acts of Random Kindness

    Oh wow! I feel really honoured thanks again to whomever nominated me!
  3. SunFish

    How lazy can you be?

    I installed the Teamviewer App on my smartphone to get access to my PC or Notebook while lying on my bed
  4. SunFish

    Acts of Random Kindness

    Wow I am shocked and overwhelmed! Thanks to whoever nominated me
  5. SunFish

    ANSWERED:Connecting issues

    Hey! I can't connect to the forum and the cave via Wi-Fi but it works just fine with 4g. There are more user with this problem and it seems to be a regional thingy. At the moment there are people with Problems from: Germany, Finnland, Rocky Mountains (US), West Coast Canada... Sorry for messy writing, my smartphone wants to correct everything to german
  6. SunFish

    ANSWERED:Connecting issues

    It's back for me~ (Germany)
  7. SunFish

    2018-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

    I love the new dragon, especially the pose and the colours
  8. SunFish

    Dark Lumina breeding theories

    Dark Lumina Catch January 17, 2018, 02:51 pm cave time. Biome: Desert.
  9. SunFish

    Description comments

    I think he or she meant "were" instead of "we are". First line: should be: ...parents were both Sixt line: should be: ...people were enraged I hope this helps :3
  10. SunFish

    2010-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    I'm free :3 If someone needs help, just PM me!
  11. SunFish

    2010-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    No zombie for me <.< ... well... but I have four eggs 8v yay and now... I'm willing to help :3 just PM me