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  1. I caught two CBS holly dragons, and one has vanished off my scroll! I didn't trade it, and I have screen grabs of the code, and the dragon is alive but not owned by me anymore?? Scroll name : sequiro
  2. Just a note, the green/blue aren't reliable in terms of biomes. I got one green from forest, one from jungle, then thinking coast would be blue, I went and got one from there. Yes it was blue.. then the other three from coast were green! So now I have 5 green and 1 blue, if anyone needs to trade.
  3. The game screen is just black on my phone, so I guess I can't play this year.
  4. Mine too! I hit enter to finish the line and BAM day complete and I have no clue what I picked because it's over.
  5. Got the deer and returned them to town, but it asked me what do you want to do with them, didn't give me an option, and then left them in the middle of the town! Day is marked as complete, and I've been told that was the naughty option, and I can't reset it. :/
  6. I keep looking for a release of a rainbow colored dragon today...
  7. Oh man, I kept thinking I wasn't nabbing any! Can't abandon any since they're cave caught and they have the 5 hour cool down, but I won't grab any more. I also got the invalid item error, but a reload and redo on the items fixed it for me.
  8. Not Shine, shine. Lower case. There's already an adult Shine. Whoops. Thank you!
  9. If you'd add /shine to that list, please? No gender yet but she'd better be a she!!
  10. Both myself and the owner of /Shine are peeved that I can't change my code, actually. I wish codes weren't case sensitive, I never even knew how to check codes before asking for one, and that was the first thing that popped into my head!
  11. She's hatched, and was immediately named: http://dragcave.net/lineage/shine
  12. And honestly, if it were a personal mistake, we'd have less people reporting that it happened to them, I think. Like I said, I asked twice before to change my saved prefs and once after the eggs were issued to change my code. I think the whole thing was just a bit glitchy this year.
  13. I was also told that, but there's history of other codes being changed. Both the owner of /Shine and myself with /shine wish I could get mine changed. I asked three times (twice before the eggs went out and once after). I'd even take a random code instead, though I wish I could get /Stump since it's still available.
  14. I suggested groot for a bronze, nice to see someone used it!!
  15. Dang. I begged, but TJ says he can't change /shine to /Stump. I'm sorry to the owner of /Shine for the confusion, I didn't know!
  16. Didn't know there was a /Shine when I named it, wish I could change the code now to Stump, but oh well: http://dragcave.net/lineage/shine
  17. What's the probability of the blue opals, does anyone know? That's what I think I'd like to go with a silver shimmer.
  18. I had no clue you could choose a code or how to check the ones already in use. I chose, then discovered my choice has already been in use. Dangit. I now know what I'd replace it with, but I'm not sure I'll be allowed to do so.
  19. No, there is never a list of all winners because some will choose not to go public about it. You may check http://dragcave.net/holidays14/raffle to see if you've won.
  20. I don't get it.. they look just like all the other shimmers and tinsels?