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  1. Does anyone need a CB Female Nebula that colored Red for a Santa gift? I grabbed it for a Secret Santa to gift and the giftee already got one. She grows up in 30+ hours so send me a message. I live in PDT so Cave -3 hours.
  2. Agree Yb looks to be an alt.
  3. Will that cycle at the rate of the cave? I’m looking forward to haveing it in my signature. I was going to try adding my grab of a dark lumina to the speard sheet, but for whatever reason my tablet (iPad mini) will not access the page. grabbed a dark lumina, Eewkr, from the Forest at 00:11, 07 Jan 2018. Thanks Alectrona, I was feeling lucky and now have a new Dreamy lady on my scroll.
  4. Okay, I can’t get rhe spreadsheet to open for me, so here’s my newest. Lumina Catch January 3, 2018, 18:10 cave time.
  5. Okay, here’s another one. Bred two dark lumina at 17:16 cave time on 1 January 2018, egg is lumina (light).
  6. I have no clue about the moon cycles but I bred two Luminas today, 31 December 2017, at 14:05 Cave time and got a Dark Lumina egg. Also bred an Enraged Aegis with a Dark lumina at 10:55 and also got a Dark Lumina.
  7. I sent him a PM, just in case. I didn’t look to see if there was an email address. ETA: Last visited 17 Dec, so maybe not.
  8. We broke Drag Hatch? Great *sarcasm* it’s my main hatching site.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to rotate furniture on an iPhone? My internet is out and I can't use the macbook. 😫
  10. Yeah! What Jazeki said. This is day six.
  11. Obviously it's a TARDIS disguised as Post Ofice.
  12. I have found that the freezing/glitches seem to occur most at the top of the hour (i.e. XX:00). Some issues occasionally at the 5 minute marks. I wonder if this has anything to do with the high volume of usage when eggs are released. DC turnover (12:00am EST) is the worst for the story and mini games with everyone trying to complete their story first thing. I have noticed that things are easing as we get farther into the game. Also make sure to exit editing before leaving the game. Just my observations over the past few days. I am currently plaing on an iPad running iOS 10.2 in case that helps someone else and have almost no gaming experience. I would also like to thank LaHaine for the wonderful notes and screen shot maps. Edited for typos. ;D
  13. Toys Thalassa Christmas chair Cat Rug (large)
  14. Well for those of you using an iPad, the click to reset does work. Just tried it on my Pro. Can anyone tell me how many "quests" need to be accomplished on day 1? I've done the package, sledding, cats and H&S. Wil the game let me know?
  15. Casting off earthly bonds (chains) and ascending to heaven? What with Easter and all.
  16. Can I get a PM on how to post my lineage. I'll be hatching my 4g in a couple of days and I'm somewhat computer challenged.
  17. DragonWolf256

    Glomp Gifting

    DragonWolf256 ----->umbreon_rock: 2G Nebula from Valentine Accepted
  18. I had to use my laptop and save changes. Then logged in on the iPad and it's worked fine. It seems you have to "jump start" the mobile device. You only have to click on the item (or touchon the pad) and it appears in the center of the cave. Then drag to where you want it and drop.
  19. Once you save it on a regular computer the game seems to unlock on the iPad. I was having the same problem.
  20. So, is there some trick to playing on an iPad? Nothing will move into the cave.
  21. Kiyoura -I haven't been able to manage a 2G Holly either. Some day I'll find someone that is willing to trade for what I can offer. *fingers crossed*
  22. To the Winners: Congratulations To Everyone Else: Best of Luck in the redraw. I'm pretty sure I have no chance. I've been here seven (almost eight) years and haven't managed a CB Prize or even a 2G Prize. Just not a very luck Wolf. Looking forward to the new Valentine dragon.
  23. I'm sure this is not the way TJ wanted to spend a Friday night. Maybe I'll turn in early (West Coast here). I have a lot of errands to run in the morning.