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  1. so excited an looking foward to this ^^
  2. yay new dragons so excited , thank you so much
  3. omg so beautiful, thank you so much ❤️
  4. omg so many new gifts HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  5. omg so excited thank you so much
  6. YAY Happy Easter ^^
  7. I'm food, hope it taste well ><
  8. Happy Valentines Day to all ^^
  9. i'm so sad that the color of the new ones are all the same from the different biomes.. it sounds so difficult to influence them.. I never made a trade
  10. wow new eggies before valentine ^^ thank you so much
  11. thank you so much Merry Christmas
  12. yay thank you so much for new Halloween eggs ❤️ Happy Halloween to all ^^
  13. omg so many different ...
  14. the new one are so beautiful ❤️
  15. omg so many eggs HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dragon Cave
  16. I have only found 35.. sorry that's over now ... love them all ^^
  17. starting now.. hope I will find some^^ thanks for the lovely event
  18. Yay, lovely, thank you so much ❤️