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  1. Ikr? I had such a better chance without the biomes.
  2. I'm not really liking the biomes. Is there just two eggs per biome per drop? Makes it almost impossible to get anything.
  3. 2/7 new eggs. This is slow going. I missed the hourly drop by like 9 minutes, too. >:|
  4. Nope, because when they're zombified they get auto-frozen. :c
  5. Haha, thanks for the answers everyone. <3 I got no hatchie zombies but one female and one male adult. I wanted hatchie zombies more. :s
  6. Are they in all biomes? /just got here
  7. Man, I can't stay up till midnight for the drop tonight because it's a Monday and I have two tests and then trick or treating. At least I have to wake up early for school. (never thought I'd be saying that. )
  8. If you have 40 items then you have no more things to find. My guess is it'll stay till November 1st. @Doylj: I was really entertained by this. Something a lot more fun than just timing and clicking sprites, but still collecting. A nice little story that's easily completable in five days.
  9. I read on here that it was called a dog and now I can't unsee it as a dog.
  10. I have 38/40. Where do I find the other two. D:
  11. Same. I'm about ready to fall asleep and it's not even 10.
  12. If you mean during breeding, 4 is the max for a multiclutch. Edit: lol you probably mean scroll limits. If you have no trophy, 4 is the max eggs you can have at once.
  13. Oh gosh I'm glad you said that. I need to influence!
  14. Halloween dragons have no limit. :3 @MindsEye: But I have school tomorrow and I have to wake up at 6. But finding out the surprise activity is so tempting.
  15. I'm debating on staying up to see what it is or just going to bed. I can't decide. >_>
  16. Leetle trees are still in their spooky forms. o: @lord_blade: Try the IRC. People will offer free Pumpkins and Marrows there. :3
  17. Try 3 males, 3 females, and a frozen of each gender + ungendered. Thank god I started early.
  18. If you're not already there, try checking out the IRC. There's lots of free Marrows and Pumpkins in #dctrades, and I'm sure there's some Halloween lottos in #dragonlotto. x3
  19. That popup downtime was weird. Glad it's over now though.
  20. Holiday x holiday is the same as rare x rare. Holidays are considered rares.