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I'm happy to breed and gift most anything off my scroll. See profile for info. IOU's considered from established players.

Biggest Dream Wishlist: 2G Holly from M GoN x CB F Holly (Need 2, unrelated) and 2G Anagallis from M CB Holly x F Anagallis.

All needed as mates for three very lonely dragons. 2G of any of the last 3 Hybrid releases. 2G from any Spriter alts (Some 3Gs as well). Neglected. Please see profile for complete wishlist.


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    IOUs Owed To Me: None

    Gifting Guidelines:

    I am more then happy to try and breed an egg for you as a gift. My scroll is clearly labeled, and in most cases I am willing to breed a pair of your choice outside of my proven breeding pairs.

    The only exceptions to my gifting policy would be Metals and Hollies. They're just too picky about breeding.

    I'm also happy to breed BSA gift packs for those low on BSA dragons.

    PM me with what you'd like. :)

    Biggest wishes right now:

    Neglected (Hey, if I'm going to wish, why not wish big, right? :) )

    2G AoCreation from F GoN x CB M Holly
    2G Holly from F GoN x M Holly
    Unrelated mate for her: http://dragcave.net/lineage/BLTkI

    2G Holly from M GoN x Holly

    2G Anagallis from M CB Holly x F Anagallis

    2-3g SS Shimmers. Huge fan of the Silvers and Golds. Prefer non-holiday lineages.
    2g from Spriter Alts (Pretty much an auto on all trades)
    2g Holly iou


    Other things I'd love:

    Most Wanted:
    CB Silver
    CB Gold

    Bred eggs/hatchies:

    2g Soulpeace, from CB (raffle prize) Soulpeace.
    2G PB Alt Black hatchies
    2G PB Alt Undines

    Lower priority, but also open to:

    2G Aria from Sweetling x Aria (2)
    2G Aria from Alt Sweetling x Aria (2)
    Xenos - Thalassas, Gaias, and Chronos
    2G Hybrids - Carinas, Dusk Pygmy, Risensong Dragon, Setsong Dragon

    Lowest priority, but also looking for:

    CB Electrics
    CB Coastal Waverunners
    CB Crimson Flare Pygmies (2 Females)
    CB Dark Myst Pygmies (4)
    CB Misfit Pygmies (3 Females)
    CB Sunsong Amphipteres (6)
    CB Vines
    CB Flamingos (3)
    CB Blacks
    CB Duotone (2)
    CB Plated Colossus (F Hatchie)
    CB Antarean (3)
    CB Morphodrake (2 Females)
    CB Tarantula Hawk Drake
    CB Magma (4)
    CB Chrono- Female hatchie
    CB Thunder (2)

    2G Whites from M White x F Daydream
    2G Whites from M Daydream x F Soulpeace
    2G SW. M Gold x F SW
    2G Thunder. M Thunder x F 09 Val.
    2G PB Ice.
    2G Ice- M Ice x F Red.
    2G Ice- M Flamingo x F Ice.
    2G Pinks from Pink x Alt Sweetlings (2)
    2G Pink from 09 Val x Alt Sweetling (2)

    3GE PB Magma.
    3GE PB Ice.
    3GE Magma with a M Marrow in 1st Gen. Like this:
    3GE Almandine from 09 Vals x Almandines (Unrelated to: https://dragcave.net/lineage/C4Xe2)
    3GE Balloon from F ShadowWalker x M Balloon. Unrelated to her: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rFJUA

    Low gen unique lineages (Especially a low Gen Booo relation)

    Things I don't collect:
    Sprites from unnamed lineages
    Messy, huge or inbred lineages
    Tinsels 3G+