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  1. My girl refused one of my Alt Sweetlings, but my boy bred an avatar with a Tsunami! It's fogged for safety, but I uploaded a screenshot of the lineage below.
  2. Holy carp, they got changed back! It must've happened in the last four hours, because I was specifically looking at some of the new ones before dinner. I'm still very much in favor of the unboxed idea, though. I think that'd really open up a lot of interesting lineage possibilities and it'd showcase the gorgeous sprites in all their glory.
  3. I'm more than happy to try using full sprites (probably shrunk down?) instead of any style of cropping.
  4. Agreed! I'm not at all a fan of cropping out more of the dragons' bodies. Lineages are meant to be seen... the more zoomed-in the thumbnails are, the more chopped-up everything looks and the less of the beautiful sprites we can enjoy.
  5. Aaand off to the hunt! Thanks, TJ.
  6. Thank you for the advance notice, TJ.
  7. I love the colors, especially the blue one. Thanks, TJ!
  8. I'm going to reserve judgement until April 2nd, but I wouldn't be surprised if this actually were a legitimate feature.
  9. Technically speaking, in the U.S. it's grammatically correct to place periods and commas inside quotation marks. In the U.K. and Canada, the rules of grammar are more logical and place these marks outside the quotes. (source) TL;DR... Depending on where you're from, either version is correct.
  10. Just wondering, can we get confirmation from a mod or TJ that this is correct? (I believe it is, but it'd be nice to know for certain.)
  11. Yay, I'm very glad the limits will be lifted! And thank you so much for giving us all this info in advance, TJ! <3
  12. True, if all you're looking at are the releases themselves. People are often scrambling to find mates for their holiday dragons in the few weeks before and after the holiday itself, as well as setting up trades for this year or next, making lineage plans, etc. Of course, no one HAS to do those things right then, but then again no one HAS to hunt a new release right when it comes out, and yet that's a huge part of many people's experiences. Plus, having the months before and after holidays off would probably be very good for TJ, considering he's working on events for weeks beforehand, and probably wants a breather afterward.
  13. Remember, the reason it's the Sunday after the first Saturday in the first place was because of confusion due to time zone displacement about what counts as the first Sunday. So honestly, I think the best idea for a release schedule is "The Sunday after the first Saturday of the month from April to September." That leaves October, December, and February with holiday releases, and November, January, and March empty for users to finish recovering from the preceding holiday. Considering how much time and energy TJ and the artists put into the holiday releases, I imagine they'd find it more convenient to have the months following holidays off too. (I can only speculate that TJ's real life plus the time he's putting into DC holiday events are why the November release was so late and why we haven't seen or heard anything about a possible January release yet.)
  14. That would be my second choice... I adore that sprite.
  15. Yay, I'm glad to hear that! (That's what I would've picked if I'd won HM. )
  16. If you select a CB Soulpeace or other hybrid, I'm sure many of us would be more than happy to trade you Hollies next Christmas for a common egg or two from your beauty. (I know I would!)
  17. That's actually a very fair way of doing it. Thanks for letting us know!
  18. Same here. It was nice not wondering, at least.
  19. I'd love to see this! One of the things I miss most about non-holiday multi-clutches was the mixture of breeds you could get. Plus, this would be very helpful for those of us trying to make checkers and such.
  20. Oh my God, so much support for this! I got overwhelmed with the tree decorating, so I finally opted to leave my tree blank and re-do it properly when I had the time. Only, editing was never enabled. I've been kicking myself ever since. With regard to the snow forts, I personally like the idea of unlimited snow, because it'd be cool to just mess around at that point. However, I can also support the idea of locking users in with the amount of snow they had when the event ended, as that seems fair and less like cheating. If that idea is used, though, I'd really love to see deleted items refund the full amount rather than half. Please, TJ, let us play with our old holiday mini-games! You and the spriters put a lot of work into making them, and this would let us use and appreciate that effort a lot more. ^^
  21. I don't support this. I feel like people made decisions within the game rules at the time, and just because those rules have now changed doesn't mean we should make them retroactive. Yeah, it might've sucked that you froze a holiday you now wish you hadn't, but at least you were playing back then and got that holiday in the first place. That's the trade-off. Plus, what about those of us who released CB holidays so we could keep a bred one instead? Should we get our CBs back?
  22. I support this whole-heartedly. I understand the reasons behind the change from dead dragons automatically losing their names to not. But honestly, I think making tombstones in lineages clickable and taking us to the dead dragon's view page as a result is a much better fix, and that's already the case. As such, I see no reason dead dragons shouldn't be renamed/unnamed/names automatically wiped again.