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Happy to (re)breed for free. IOU friendly.


CB male gold Tinsel. See profile for details

Prizekin list - open [unlimited]

Prize list - open [1/3]


Wishlist. For holiday mates: Valentine's, Halloween, and Christmas. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Breeding request rules for my male gold Tinsel:

    I breed for myself at any point.

    Prizekins are free and unlimited.

    Prizes have three eggslots - two per person. For what I want in exchange, see signature.

    Eggs will be held for 24 hours.

    Either or both lists will sometimes be temporarily closed even when all eggslots are free. Please don't PM asking when they'll be open.

    Prizekin list:

    1) Pyrope - Aqub

    2) Astaarus - MinMin

    Holiday prizekin:

    No-one waiting.

    Prize list:

    1) From Frill - Seahorse