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  1. oh damn. I legit got so excited because I thought I was going to go to my scroll and all my dragons would have turned into dinos for the day. v_v
  2. Going by the WOTs in the past pages, and no new sprite on the first page, I'm going to assume the sprites haven't been done yet, or at least not put up. I don't understand why this is turning into such a huge debate. There are going to be some people that want you to change it, and some not to. As an artist myself, I say go for it. Over time, you can only get better. There's one thing about DC that I noticed: voting takes forever. Debating takes forever. It seems, very infrequently, that two sides will come to a conclusion. The only way to get things done is to take the reins and get going... even if it means displeasing some people. Because, as others have said, there will be griping no matter what.
  3. Gradient

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    I think I love you for the Homestuck reference.
  4. I don't mind if Ascension was a time-based thing, but I wish there were a little... more? As far as obtaining it went. It wouldn't necessarily have to be luck based but, idk, I just wish it was more than... o hay, you've been playing on DC for howevermany months, yaaaay! nao click and enjoy new dragonz.
  5. DarkNymfa, I would suggest contrast on the purple areas. Also-- those areas will produce shadows on themselves, so the areas highest up will be a bit brighter than those lower on the dragon.
  6. I also wouldn't mind being able to replicate the pinecones. :3
  7. I'm not sure if this will be seen, but could I request that the tinsel/lights be a layer under the tree toppers, rather than above it?
  8. If anyone was still wondering about Pumpkin x Pumpkin being possible, it is. About an hour ago, I bred this egg along with two others in that clutch.
  9. I burst into a fit of giggles like you don't even know. Also, hm. Once when I was younger, I had a dream I was on my playset, and there was this huge whale, and I was trying to harpoon it, or something...? Kind of strange, since I'm pretty sure I never really saw too much of the alleged whale hunting. I've also had one, or maybe a few, games where you could do something I always thought would be neat; a full-out 3D game where you could play any wild animal you want. Man, I always got so upset when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. |D Man, dreams are pretty cool. I used to type 'em down on the computer, but I don't do that much anymore. Oh... but I did have this one dream that was a war between vampires and humans, I think? And. These humans all shot this one cute/hot vampire boy, and I caught him and told them to back off, and they listened because apparently I was like a captain or something, and I dragged him off into this elevator and got to the top, and I figured that place was safe so I left him there (I... I don't even know) and then I jumped down from about 30 feet up, landed swiftly on my feet and continued fighting. >:3! I'mma go reread the dreams I had, kthnxbai.
  10. Sorry, but that one looks awkward to me. I know it's not supposed to be, but...
  11. Purple, Skywing, Magi, and Guardian. :3
  12. Balloon Dragon - I'm a Balloon Daydream Dragon - Fuzzi A Green Dragon - This Dragon is a LIE Another Green Dragon - This Dragon is a lie too Water Dragon - Deymx of Org XIII <-- FAIL. I didn't even notice this one for the longest time until my friend brought it up. Male Pink Dragon - Not Flaming A White Dragon - White Dragon Mage Another White Dragon - Pretty White Dragon
  13. Although there is a huge debate about whether this is appropriate or not, I must say... I approve of this one so much.