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  1. Female Pitfire hatchie! Gone
  2. Got a pair of each. The singing hatchie is adorable Hatch green egg!
  3. Finally on time for a new release 😮 Managed to snag one of each.
  4. Congrats to the winners! No win here
  5. I keep forgetting about preparing zombie fodder but out of my three attempts, one turned - I'm now done with the pygmy wyverns
  6. New release, yay Got one of each, the hatchies are cute!
  7. Finally, FINALLY, I was able to catch my first new Xeno egg! That was so hard, I missed the initial release and the hunt's gotten extremely intense. And it's even the forest variant, which is definitely my favourite of the lot, now that they have all grown up. Thanks for the release and good luck to everyone hunting!
  8. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB male Sapo hatchie, about to grow up!! Gone
  9. 1 out of 8 attempts, but turns out the hatchie had gendered in the meantime while I needed a S1 hatchling.... *sigh* At least I got to use the Expunge BSA for the first time.
  10. I'm having a blast hunting for the new breeds! I wish we had big releases like this every time. Can't pick a favourite, some of them are just gorgeous! Love the pygmies though, I'm always excited when we get new breeds for the sub-types.
  11. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Free for all female Bauta hatchie, please no killing.
  12. I'm playing less and less at the moment, somehow the game isn't as appealing right now. I play for mostly completing the pokedex and I have almost achieved it, only missing a couple of regionals and some of truly rare pokemon of Gen 5, so there's hardly anything left for me to do right now. Shiny hunting isn't that appealing to me so I'm just going to take it easy and wait for the next wave (haha, more like droplet) of new Gen 5 pokemon. Also, I didn't finish the Kanto research challenge because I didn't know you'd get a special research if you completed all four of the challenges so I'm a bit bummed about that as well. Also, @Nectaris I completely feel you, not going to join twitter to vote for a CD pokemon. I'd rather do the research task voting again.
  13. Managed to get one of each new breed! Now I'm egg-locked Happy birthday Dragon Cave and thank you for all those wonderful years together!
  14. Two absolutely stunning dragons, thank you for their release!
  15. Good to see another new release! Managed to snag one of each, now off to hunting for a second volcano egg for the incubate.
  16. I got a shiny Illumise and two shiny Feebas, and during CD I got four shiny Abra during the first hour so then I stopped playing. And my buddy kept bringing me gifts with 51 pokeballs so now I have enough of those for throwing them en masse at that stupid Landorus.
  17. So no other shinies for me in the last event, but yesterday I had to go out and on my way home I caught a wild Axew! This thing is so adorable when your buddy. And the first pokemon that spawned for me today was Illumise so I've finally got that regional dex entry as well. @Kaini PoGO uses data from Open Street Maps, maybe you could check whether your place is marked as residential area? I don't know, though, how long it takes for the map in PoGO to update.
  18. Hello everyone, been gone for a while Congrats everyone on their shinies and hundos! @Idril that's some craze luck you've got there! I haven't been playing much since I'm stuck inside and quickly running out of resources (anyone want to trade healing items for pokeballs?) But I was able to get a shiny Marill from the battle league event, so I've got at least something.
  19. Is that Skitty x Wailord? (pokemon reference)
  20. Bit late to the party, but I was to get all the eggs at least. Happy belated Easter everyone! Difficult to pick a favourite this year, love the Calcifer egg (if that's the right reference), the bells bag from AC, the cactus, the one with the spring flower growing out of it, but I liked the green one that is next to last in the bottom row the most, so simple yet so pretty
  21. I love these better sprites, they are so funny Amongst my favourites are the Vines, Magmas, Moonstones and Morphodrakes, I wish I could keep them.
  22. Wow, these dragons look amazing! Thanks again for the release!
  23. Missed the initial release but already managed to catch one of each. Thank you for the release!
  24. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This new dragon is absolutely stunning, love those colours! The event is fun as well, finally got to re-decorate my failed wreath. Thank you TJ, spriters and everyone involved!
  25. Love the colours on the Aranoas and the Sandwaste is such a cool, brute-ish dragon, we need more of those! I welcome every single release of new dragons, no matter the time or amount. The more the better