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  1. Taking: nothing Leaving: Avatar of something Hatchie Gone!
  2. Maybe later! I'm currently working on a mate for him. Though I'm a bit stuck with the 3rd Gen Black. Maybe Skywing x Tri-Horn is easier to breed. ]
  3. Ooh, that's really pretty irercha! <3 The colours go really well together. Good luck with the future breedings. I need more Skywings~~~
  4. I was wondering if anyone is doing a Neotropical x female ShadowWalker project? I've this little male Hatchling I'd like to trade for an unrelated egg.
  5. @velvet_paw: Oh, I really like the HeartseekerxBBW and the BBW line with ShadowWalker and Heartseeker base. *_* I have to do that too!
  6. @ytak: I like the NhioxArsani but mostly because I like the Nhios.... Arsanis are just so shrimp-ish and pink ^^; I hope that the Valentine limit is lifted I wanna hoard some Heartseekers. :3 I kinda really like them with Royal Blue. I'd like to do something with my Sweetlings too and maybe hunt for some AltSweetling offsprings. :3 Also if anyone would like to have something from CB Rosebuds or Arsanis just poke me I'll happily breed them for others. They're too pink for my liking to keep.
  7. @Nooey: Sure thing, I should have a mate for the SnowAngel till then too. Congrats on the Tan Ridgie! They are pretty frustrating sometimes. >_<'' I've a line like that too. I have ShadowWalker replacements for the odd female and male but so far no luck with breeding the right 4th Gen. >_< Also did I show off this little line made of metal fails? Actually I just saw that there is a MoonstonexRoyalBlue lineage project but I guess this one doesn't qualify, right?
  8. @nooey: It's great to be back again. I'm not sure if you're looking for an exact match but I could breed you a White like this soon. I've her just need to breed a mate. @Tales: Thank you^^ I could try for a PB Ice or another Sunsong for you.
  9. Awww... thank you everyone! I forgot to mention that if anyone would like to have an egg from those Neb lines just poke me via PM and I'll happily breed them. As usual there are so many pretty lineages here and I've got so many things I want to do too... and so little space... *sigh*
  10. Ewww... I finally managed to get some order into my dragons again someone just needs to sort them where they belong and while I procrastinated and stuff I jumped on the bandwagon of lets gets frustrated of Nebulas. Though surprisingly they weren't that frustrating.... so I did a thing and to keep the annoyance low I did another. I kinda like how it turned out... unfortunatly I don't have more Nebulas... though maybe I'll go hunting for them sometime... later... It's been a while since I was here last time... so I'm not that up to date with everything... but Coppers are the new big hit?
  11. And another egg :3 New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: Souly Team of Breeder: Sky Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/EGYb2 Transferring or Keeping: Transferring to Fiona BlueFire
  12. Wehee, and the fun as begun! Yesh! Transfer Form Sender: Fiona BlueFire Team of Sender: Orange Receiver: Souly Team of Receiver: Sky Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/pyj9Z
  13. @lilysally: Unfortunatly part of my lineage is already in yours and I don't have Marrow 3rd Gens myself but I could try for an unrelated 3rd Gen if this would help? @velvet_paw: I PMed you! I've tried to zombify my Soulpeace but the little thing avoided the blade. >_> Maybe I should have tried killing her before today. *sigh*
  14. Urgh... I'm totally late to the party... >_<'' Is there a chance that someone still has an unbreed male CB Marrow or two? I'm kinda in need of two 2nd Gen Marrows from female BBW because I fail at planing. Unrelated to him. I've a 2nd Gen Cavern Lurker from AltVal and loads of other CB Halloweens and stuff I can breed in return. It would be totally awesome if someone could help me out. Thanks in advance! Thank you everyone! I got those two. You are amazing.
  15. Wohoo... now.. it's been a while since I was here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still around and checking my PMs. ^^; I've PMed Mishii of Team Sky to see if she's still around. I've PMed Catstaff too but I saw that she's still posting here. So yeah! Spyro still hasn't answer the PM I sent him half a year ago. ^^;
  16. I've caught a bloodmoon.... the code isn't a word but mirrored.. not sure how to call it... palindrome maybe? http://dragcave.net/lineage/qd8bp I also caught Nick the Yulebuck a long, long time ago...
  17. Aww, thank you everyone! It's always great to see some of my Souls here. <3 I'm happy that my lineages inspire... I've this Dorsal pattern in big too. Look! Though Ridgewings or Suns would surely look pretty too.
  18. Congrats Aquamyrine! I've to say that the Silver x Coppers looks really great in higher Gens. 2nd Gens look kinda ok.. but this... really stunning... Somehow I got plenty of 2nd Gen Ice from Golds but because of a lack of checker mates I bred this and I really like the look of it.
  19. I've an egg for you. I'll send you a PM now!
  20. @wolfwindmoon: Congrats on the finished line and good luck with the Neb x Ridgewing line! Maybe we can trade lineages some day? @Nervenklinik: Like dragonpuck already wrote... it's law... but usually talking about it helps... a lot. Dragons work like that... they should start doing the right thing soonishly without guarantee though @dragonpuck: Congrats on the CrimsonxStone! I really like the contrast of those too.
  21. Gifting: 2nd Gen Flamingo from female Silver influenced female (lineage) 3rd Gen Sunsong from stairstep Gold Tinsel influenced male (lineage) Claim my Sunsong hatchling! Claim my Flamingo hatchling!
  22. I personally believe that they are around but the only problem is that all the other uncommons only drop in one biome while Coppers drop in all. So it's all about right time, right place, luck, patience, good reflexes and a fast internet connection. >_> Oh, and time... you need a lot of time. So, seeing that I lack all of the above I gave up on hunting them. *shrugs* Anyway, seeing that I don't have any Shimmers either and I'm not panicking about it. I'm pretty relaxed regarding the lack of CB Coppers and the three green ones I managed to get on the first day pretty much fit in with the rest of my CB Metals. Though, it would have been mighty nice to have a more common Metallic... they aren't that badly looking and go well with Silvers... Also, is it just me or has the value of regular Golds and Silvers dropped considerable? @Wiz and dragonpuck: I've one like this too. Then the Ice refused two mates in a row and then this on first try when I only need a BBW. >_> I'm not that up to date I guess... but when I'm breeding two Soulpeaces together is there a chance of getting a Daydream or White out of them? o.O And a little weheee on my part... pretty little thing... Maybe I'll built him a mate. :3
  23. Gifting: 2nd Gen alt Nebula Hatchling from male White x blue Nebula. (lineage) If you would like to take her in just PM me and I'll get you a teleport.. Gone to a good home!
  24. Thanks Dimar and congrats on the Shiny! See... talking writing about it always helps. Thanks Varekis XP I just realized that I can breed a matching male Black x female Gold soonishly. So I should be all set with a mate for the checker. I've a couple of 7th Gens PB Red, PB Bluna and something with Whites. But I only have all 2nd Gens for the last one on my scroll. s0r0k4 I could try for a 3rd Gen from this pair but I'm not sure how soon they'll make an egg. It took me ages to get the Shiny out of them and it's the only egg so far! >_<' Thank you for your offer! That would be totally awesome. <3
  25. @s0r0k4: Congrats on the pretty Shinies!! Seems like we've a lot of related lineages 'cause this one just grew up on my scroll. @frostine18: Congrats too! I really like those Marrow and ShadowWalker lineages! <3 --- I've just finished one of the more old school Black x Gold lines. Though maybe someone could breed me a matching mate for it? Then I could happily retire my pretty messy Gold x Black line. *w00t for influence* Also, I'm looking for a mate for this one. Maybe not a 3rd Gen male Silver x Sunsong but a 2nd Gen Sunsong from male Silver? I could surely squeeze a matching mate out of my Silver then. Of course I'd be more then happy to breed something in return for the eggs!