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  1. I am loving we get 3 days to collect them this year. Being a new mom makes it hard to collect as feverishly as I'd like to
  2. The eggs look awesome! And I am loving this planting thing!!! ^__^ Thanks to TJ and EVERYONE involved in making this event!!!
  3. REINDEER DRAGONS! *dances around excitedly* And they are GORGEOUS!!!
  4. OMG, these eggs are beautiful! The hatchlings are gorgeous too! Very excited to see what these little ones look like
  5. The egg is so adorable! A nice BIG Thank You to TJ, Spriters and Mods. Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!
  6. Happy Halloween to you too, Z!
  7. D'oh. I mis-clicked on a Pygmy before the drop began So I have 6 new eggs and 1 Pygmy, oh well. I'll abandon it in the morning and grab another Halloween before the day ends. lol
  8. That's supposed to happen. That's how you know you found the end of the Maze
  9. LOL! Hopefully it's worth the put-down
  10. I wonder what this year's dragon will look like About 20 minutes until we see the new eggs at least!
  11. One more hour until the drop begins, YAY!! So excited
  12. http://dc.makegames.de/tool.html it's at the bottom, there is a small drop down that lets you pick which style you like for your signature. Hope that helped!
  13. Today's Fortune is "Bring an Umbrella" lol
  14. I don't think I even have half the treats from the first year, heh. Maybe half from the second. AND ALL FROM THIS ONE! lol for now.
  15. I got all 45 treats!!! YAY! I feel so accomplished. At least until they start handing out more
  16. Try clicking on the card. Sometimes that forces it to load.
  17. 44 out of 45, YAY! First time ever to collect all the treats The next 10+ minutes are going to be sooooo long. LOL
  18. Usually there isn't sadly. Unless you find a way to save them.
  19. I'm at 42 Treats, yay!!! 3 more to go until I reach the cap! This will be a first for me LOL!!!
  20. I wonder if they're going to do something with that feature ... cause it seems pointless to take us to a page of our candies for no reason o_o;;
  21. Hmmm. That is very strange indeed
  22. Yeah, you actually have to click on the blank piece of paper to see your fortune, it doesn't jut show up automatically. Or at least it didn't for me. I clicked it, and got my fortune.