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  1. Managed to grab one of each type plus some spares
  2. So glad I saw the news post on the facebook site at lunch this morning otherwise I would have missed it. Drop started at 3 am Sunday night for me and I normally do not check the cave until after I get home from work during the week.
  3. This new time puts it at 4am for me. I won't be getting up early for the drop. The change of time should not be a big issue as long as we continue to get the 24 hour drops.
  4. Yes there is a thread going. Send a Flower
  5. Boom! Got one of each breed already Now to breed mine for the AP
  6. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: teeeej
  7. Just managed to snatch two of these lovelies. Thats enough for now, gotta save room for the rest
  8. Just managed to grab a second red one.
  9. New eggys yay! Just managed to grab 5 of them from the hourly drop!
  10. Just caught myself a CB gold, CB Blusang and a paper in one go
  11. Thankyou to Erica8798 for the Blue Dino! Sorry I took so long to reply I have been away on holidays. Just managed to snatch something for my giftee and waiting for cooldown.
  12. None for me, but I am still hunting for them.
  13. Finally caught myself three of the moonlight ones. Now all I need is some of the gold ones.
  14. Can't seem to catch any of the new eggs. But just summoned my first Guardian of nature.
  15. Would have been nice if I hadn't completely missed the event and Halloween drop this year (Soo blaming my first trip to Europe). Ohh well there is always next year.
  16. Just managed to grab three of each colour!
  17. Just got on and saw this release and cave is down for me.
  18. Managed to get 4 of the 5 in one drop.
  19. Hmm well its only 5 pm for me. Might check back laters to see if the cave is working.