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  1. Name exclusivity can also be a barrier keeping newbies away, as not everyone would be super jazzed about having to come up with multi word names instead of just being able to use one word names. Inactive scroll owners can and do come back, no matter how long they’ve been away no one deserves to have to come back and have to rename all or some of their dragons, especially if some or all of the names were special to them. And just because a name was special to them doesn’t mean it’s not special to someone else. No one can claim they have a right to a name and not let other people use it. And naming dragons can be linked to a person’s play style. If I want to name all my dragons Bob or Billy or whatever, and I will if this goes through, that is NO ONE’s business but my own, as it is my scroll and you nor anyone else can tell me how to name my dragons. In terms of the /n/ functionality, you can use bookmarks to keep up with dragons, or you can use a spreadsheet, or a word file. And if you want to be the first person to use a name, you can ask for the feature. Otherwise… /shrug
  2. If it’s a long lineage you can just scroll over the oldest of certain branches to see if there are any repeating codes, and you can write them down if you need to. And an indicator that a name has been used or not would be, imo, a fine compromise. It wouldn’t matter to me, as long as I don’t have to worry about making a unique name.
  3. I think egg freezing should count towards limits, it makes sense, since hatchlings count, and in the instance of summoning, if you summon three times, regardless of what you do with the resulting egg, you’ve summoned three times and you’re out of chances. /shrug.
  4. I’m past due on lunch so I can’t read too far back, but why should frozen eggs show up in progeny? If possible, removing an egg from a progeny list would be fine, as an egg is a bit different than something like a hatchling. I’m also still really for this, I would love to collect the eggs of all dragon breeds.
  5. Imo the easiest solution would be for people to just create a spreadsheet with dragon names and codes for dragons they need to keep up with, or just a very organized series of bookmarks. Might be tedious, but I don’t see a reason to keep something that only benefits a smallish group of people when removing it can benefit a great group of people. /shrug
  6. I actually believe egg decriptions should be in the encyclopedia anyway, especially since it's so hard to remember which ones are which.
  7. Yeah, like that. There is a worry that it can be abused, but currently descriptions can be abused already, and I know people will auto click on certain words, so I don’t see it being more of a problem than it already is, and a positive that can come of it is that people learn breed descriptions because it’ll tell you the breed underneath.
  8. I do find it hard to egg hunt currently with the inability to remember descriptions for a good number of dragons, but I don’t think I agree with showing the actual egg image. Would it be fair to just say what the egg is underneath the description?
  9. I'd just like to point out, as someone who doesn't often trade, that the fact the "rules" only pop up once you have chosen to start a trade and can't be viewed beforehand is really weird?? I thought they were supposed to be upfront and obvious, so it took me awhile to find the little blurb about what's acceptable because I didn't know where to look, because I was under the impression they'd be somewhere where I'd be able to see them. I managed to completely overlook them. I really think moving the blurb to the main page, or having a listed rules page that's linked from the main page would really work and help, as where they are now, they're easily overlooked/ignored.
  10. As someone who doesn’t often use the trade hub, I would have no idea that that is the list of rules. Rules should be a clear, visible, understandable list of what is expected worded in a way that even the most daft person can understand what is and is not ok. If I broke a rule that I couldn’t discern from that list, I would not understand what I did wrong.
  11. Too long and people might forget. And the latest update was still hostile enough to be locked in two days. While I doubt the actual update thread would ever be posted and immediately locked, I don’t see sprite update discussions calming down anytime soon. Having at least the notice thread be immediately locked would be nice.
  12. I could support this if the thread was indeed locked immediately. Also, I feel only major changes should be given notice, like the reds or seasonals, but minor ones probably aren’t as necessary.
  13. I agree with you, @CellyBean. I also would like to mention, as it came to mind reading your post, No user is so entitled to the art on the site that they can make demands of the artists. And this suggestion feels like a form of entitlement, demanding artists not update older sprites, when updates are necessary in some instances.
  14. I don't think an idea like this would fly very well. I also don't find the gallery analogy a fitting one. It is not a personal gallery here that you are creating. You are gathering images on an image collecting site, a site that can update it's ui, the breeds available by adding or removing said breeds, or can add or subtract the available features depending on what will improve the site. And, additionally, it can change or update the images on site if the site creator feels that it will improve the site overall. Not all sprite updates are the result of an artist presenting an updated sprite to TJ. Some updates are started by TJ himself, if I remember this correctly. And in the instances that it is a sprite artist, and especially if they're updating their own work, I feel they should be allowed that, as they volunteer and donate their work, they deserve some say over whether it gets updated or not. They still have the rights to their own art.
  15. I remember a discussion on this topic, and one reason special characters aren’t allowed is because they eat up the character limit, or something similar to this, I believe.
  16. I support either making them stay corporeal the whole week regardless of being bred, or making them releasable regardless of what form they’re in, or both!
  17. With the mention of descriptions, I love the idea of having a frozen egg as a way to remember descriptions! I support. Edit: and if the frozen egg showed ALL biomes the dragon can come from. With 250+ breeds it’s hard to remember how to obtain them all!
  18. @Stormcaller After thinking about it, I could also certainly say that names made with name exclusivity are uncreative and just grasping at straws to make something unique and passable. But it is NO ONE’S place to judge others based on standards that vary person to person. To place your personal ideals about what is and is not creative on others is, again, harmful. It is perfectly fine for people to come up with the same name because ideas cannot be copyrighted.
  19. It is NOT uncreative to be unable to create names under name exclusivity. Not everyone can think under pressure! That can be a very harmful way of thinking.
  20. @Stormcaller I believe Tini means that while name exclusivity can make people more creative, other people stuggle and feel limited with what they can do, which is why the creativity argument is weak. And just because you have a farm based lineage doesn't mean someone else can't. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. If I wanted to make my own, it'd be fine. There'd be nothing wrong with it. Would I use the same names? Maybe, probably. Would I use them the same way? Probably not. You might think ABCDE makes sense, but maybe BCADE or ABEFJ makes better sense to me. And maybe I've never seen your scroll, maybe I have no idea someone else had the same idea. That's ok. It happens.
  21. That still does not work for everyone. And what constitutes a good name varies person to person. You might have been able to trade for a name, but not everyone can find a name they’re willing to trade for, or can come up with something valuable enough to trade for a name they want. And with name exclusivity removed, I’m sure we’ll see lots of new interesting lineages, not everyone would make the same thing with the same names laid out in the same way.
  22. Not everyone can trade for a name, and no one has any right to a dragon name at all. Nabbing a name now might push you to be creative, but that doesn’t work for everyone. And it feels like it implies that coming up with something that is already taken is uncreative, which is untrue. Just because someone has thought of a name already doesn’t mean someone else is uncreative for coming up with the same name.
  23. @dragongrrl Why is name exclusivity and name ownership so important that you would prevent not only others, but yourself from having names you might desire because someone else beat you to it?
  24. Tbh I feel like ADP has been nice and civil and has clearly been trying really hard to make an acceptable compromise. Thanks. But I still think going all or nothing would be the best and easiest outcome, simply because the pros that have been stated I feel heavily outweigh the cons, which honestly read to me as minor issues of inconvenience. Except for the users whose enjoyment of the game involves name exclusivity.