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  1. There is a bug in the tree decoration code that prevents if from working in desktop versions of Firefox without touch screen. However, there is a workaround for Firefox users until that bug is fixed: you have to force Firefox to enable touch events even when there is no touch screen. See the message that I posted above half an hour ago.
  2. The following error is reported in the Firefox console when trying to drag a decoration: ReferenceError: TouchEvent is not defined Unfortunately, the Javascript code that uses TouchEvent incorrectly has been minimized/obfuscated so it is not easy to fix it. But the bug is related to the fact that the new code for the tree decoration game expects touch events to be generated even in desktop browsers without a touch screen. I hope that this bug will be fixed soon, because it would be a pity to be forced to switch to a different browser (with weaker privacy protections) in order to play that game. Update: there seems to be a workaround for Firefox users, if you are willing to change some internal settings: Type "about:config" in the address bar. You will see a warning about the risks of damaging your browser if you edit the wrong settings. Click the button to proceed. In the new search bar that appears, start typing "touch_" and you should soon see the following setting in the list: "dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled". The default value of "dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled" should be "2" (auto-detect). Click on the small pen button to edit this and change the value to "1" (always enable touch events even if there is no touch screen). Press Enter to accept the new value. Now you can go back to the tree decoration game and it should be possible to drag items around. 😊 Later, you can go back to the advanced settings in "about:config" and reset "dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled" to its default value by clicking on its reset button (back arrow).
  3. Eggs would be in even higher demand. To complete each recipe exactly once, the minimum number of ingredients required is: 2 x Poultry 3 x Grain 5 x Mushrooms 6 x Nuts 6 x Cocoa Beans 7 x Herbs 7 x Yeast 8 x Meat 10 x Spices 10 x Water 11 x Ice 12 x Vegetables 19 x Milk 20 x Fruit 23 x Flour 30 x Sugar 38 x Eggs (As it is a minor spoiler, I made the text above white on white. Please select the text to make it readable.) If you also want to keep at least one result from each recipe instead of using some of these results in other recipes, then you need even more ingredients. Here is the minimum number of ingredients that you will need to fill your inventory with exactly one result from each recipe: 3 x Poultry 3 x Grain 8 x Cocoa Beans 8 x Mushrooms 8 x Nuts 9 x Yeast 10 x Meat 11 x Herbs 14 x Ice 14 x Spices 15 x Vegetables 17 x Water 25 x Fruit 25 x Milk 34 x Flour 48 x Sugar 55 x Eggs (Again, select the white text to make it readable.)
  4. Yes but you have to be patient. There are 17 basic ingredients that can drop at random, plus 73 different recipes that can appear if you have not discovered them yet. They appear only once, so you should not worry too much about that. If you discover new recipes on your own, you can increase your chances of getting fresh ingredients instead of recipes.
  5. There is no point in refreshing constantly. There is only a short time window (5 to 20 seconds) every five minutes during which you can see the eggs. Outside of that time window, refreshing the page is just a waste of time because there will be no new eggs until the next multiple of 5 minutes. My strategy is to wait until 1 second before the 5 minutes mark, then refresh a few times and grab whatever pops up.
  6. From time to time, the GoN does this:
  7. These dragons look very nice. Not surprisingly, they would fit well with previous Halloween dragons. I noticed that they have names now. This is also a nice touch. And now we can start a debate about whether it is appropriate for the male to be called something and for the female to be called "girl something". I expect some interesting comments about gender equality and so on... Flame on! 😈
  8. Privacy does exist if you are careful about it. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. then Discord is probably the least of your worries. Feel free to use Discord as much as you want because you have already given up on your privacy and you are happy with that. On the other hand, if you do not use the so-called social networks and if you do not have a smartphone or if (like me) you use the Duck Duck Go Privacy Browser on your smartphone and you have blocked or replaced most default applications by better and safer alternatives, then you are probably someone who cares about privacy. If you belong to that group of people, then you should think twice before using Discord because they might eventually sell their assets (including your personal data) to a company that will use your profile to do things that you are not comfortable with.
  9. Obviously, the Discord logo is a combination of Mickey Mouse pants with a game controller and the Reddit logo... 😉
  10. I meant heavier in terms of memory usage, installed size and battery life. However, I admit that what I am using is definitely in the power-user territory. I am not using any IRC client on the phone itself. Instead, I keep irssi running on my own server (online 24/7) and when I get an important notification I connect to it via a web browser for quick reading or via ssh to have all irssi features (Juicessh on the phone connecting to screen+irssi on my server). The only thing that I need to install on my phone is IrssiNotifier, a lightweight open-source application that receives push notifications from the irssi client running on my server. At 2.2 MB, IrssiNotifier is much lighter than the 50+ MB (growing with usage) for the Discord app, it does not require any special permissions and does not try to link my account with anything else. Three or four years ago I also played a bit with web push notifications from irssi but the web worker was not as battery-friendly as I was hoping for. Before that, I had irssi sending me notifications via SMS. That had the advantage that no applications were needed on the phone (perfect for the battery life!) but the SMS gateway that I was using shut down a few years ago and I never bothered switching to a different SMS gateway because IrssiNotifier started to offer more features at that time. IrssiNotifier+ (5$) can even fetch the context of the messages so that I do not have to switch to another app to read them. So... Discord on the mobile phone is much heavier (and more intrusive) than IrssiNotifier but my setup is far from what most users would be comfortable with. What works fine for me would not work for many Dragon Cave players. If there was a perfect and free alternative to Discord, then Discord would probably not exist (or would not survive for long) so I guess that Discord is the best option if you want something like Discord. 😉 If you accept a less direct type of interaction, then there is Mattermost that allows you to host your own server but it focuses more on threaded discussions than quick chat messages. There is also Mastodon but it is closer to Twitter than Discord, so again this is not the same type of interaction. For more interactive discussions including voice and video chat, there is Riot and Matrix but although they are excellent for desktop usage, they are not battery-friendly for mobile usage. They are easy to set up and they have bridges for IRC and even Discord. But if it is important to have a solution that has a low battery usage for mobile users, then I would not recommend them for the moment (they are trying to improve the battery usage, though). If the majority of Dragon Cave players prefer convenience over privacy, then Discord is the best option. As I said, I am probably in a tiny minority that prefers privacy and does not mind using old-school technology like IRC. 😇
  11. I waited a bit before writing this because I haven't read many dissenting opinions here, but I am really sad to see an open platform like IRC being replaced by a proprietary platform like Discord. ðŸ˜Ē I know that IRC is old, but it is very lightweight and I could keep my IRC client running for months and connected to dozens of IRC servers without any issues. Discord in the browser takes a lot of RAM and this is not something that I could easily run 24/7 on a tiny Raspberry Pi or similar low-power devices. Discord in a mobile phone is also heavier than the IRC client and in addition it collects a lot of information about me. IRC is open, free and decentralized, allowing anybody to run their own IRC server. The Discord model is very different, with closed-source servers operated by a private company with commercial interests. Among other things, I am concerned about the privacy aspects: although their privacy policy states "The Company is not in the business of selling your information," it also says: "In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, dissolution or similar event, your information may be part of the transferred assets." As they explain in their privacy policy, they record everything that goes through their servers and aggregate it with other sources (this may also include your contacts from social networks if you use Facebook or Twitter). Even if the current owners of Discord have no evil intent, they are in the business to make money and they may eventually sell everything to a company with very low moral standards. Or their servers could be hacked at any time, and who knows that will happen to the data that was collected about all Discord users? When I play online games, I like to remain anonymous or to use a different identity for each game. IRC allows me to choose a different name on each server that I join and my IRC client (irssi) allows me to have all channels open simultaneously with different identities. But Discord's registration system makes this very difficult. Using something like Firefox Multi-Account Containers to run several Discord apps in parallel with separate identities is not an option because each tab consumes too much memory (besides, due to the centralized model of Discord, it would be trivial for the company to link all these different identities to each other). I am probably in a tiny minority here, but I am sad to see IRC go.
  12. Well, there is a way to increase your chances: prevent everybody else from entering. ðŸĪŠ
  13. I would not do it either. I would not trade my CB holiday dragons or my dozens of CB metallic dragons (gold, silver, copper) in exchange for a badge. But... What if that badge was the next step after the Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum trophies, increasing your egg limit permanently? 😈 What if you could eliminate half of life in the Universe your scroll so that the other half would thrive?
  14. What if these dragons have a BSA (maybe together with another dragon that we do not have yet for symbolizing the gauntlet) and that BSA permanently removes half of the dragons from your scroll in exchange for a rare achievement badge? Would you do it? Would you risk losing some prize dragons, GoN, or CB holiday dragons if this is the only way to obtain a rare "snap" or "gauntlet" badge? The dragons would not be killed (because tombstones look bad in lineages) but they could be released from your scroll and roam freely in the wilderness. Oh, and no time travel shenanigans would save them.
  15. Phew! I just got 2 additional eggs from the volcano so that I have 4 dragons of each new breed. Now I have to wait for the first ones to become adults. And of course, wait for a Gauntlet Dragon... 😉
  16. Now that we have these nice Infinity Dragons, will the next release include a Gauntlet Dragon that has a scary BSA (only available if you have at least one adult of each Infinity Dragon)?
  17. My story is very similar. I joined a few days later (Feb 6). I caught one Valentine on my own but I owe the second one to a kind player who gifted it to me.
  18. You do not have the worst luck, but you are missing the right timing. Eggs appear only for a few seconds (5-10) every five minutes. If your clock is correctly synchronized, try refreshing any of the biomes just after the minutes turn to a multiple of 5.
  19. Unfortunately for you, the banner works as a separator: it only appears if you also have eggs from previous years.
  20. Thanks for the clarification, Fiona! As a quick exercise, I just spent an hour creating a small APNG animation with GIMP, but then I had to export the individual frames as static PNG files and assemble them with apngasm (https://github.com/apngasm/apngasm) because GIMP cannot export the animation. Here is the result: You should see a semi-transparent bouncing egg. The shadow and semi-transparency should work over any background color. If the egg does not move, then this means that your browser supports PNG images but cannot animate them. Note that this animation was done in a quick and dirty way: I just took a standard egg image (gray storm egg), added a red layer on top with the layer mode "Color erase" (which turns the gray into semi-transparent blue), then I duplicated and moved that layer several times to create the animation. The squishy effect was done by removing two rows of pixels from each frame. The result has some flaws, but I did not want to spend too much time on it. If I am not too lazy, maybe I will think about submitting an entry for the Festival of Eggs next year. 😉 Edit: side-by-side comparison of animated PNG (8 K, smooth transparency) and the same animation converted to GIF (14 K, only "all or nothing" transparency):
  21. Small correction: APNG's do work fine here. They are supported in all major browsers: Firefox (since 2008), Safari (since 2014), Chrome (since 2017), Opera (since 2017), even on mobile devices running Android or iOS. The only exception is IE/Edge that displays them as static images (the partial transparency works, but it will not be animated). The next version of Edge based on the Chrome engine will hopefully animate them correctly. Unfortunately, there will still be a problem with GIMP because the support for APNG was never implemented correctly: there was a plug-in for APNG but it has not been maintained since 2010 (only a single minor update in 2013 to make it compatible with the now obsolete GIMP 2.8), and the current GIMP version 2.10.x has a different way of saving PNG images that is incompatible with that plug-in. Currently, GIMP can save static PNG images or animated GIF images but cannot save animated PNG's. You can use GIMP to create an animation with shadows and partial transparency, but the only way to save correctly it is to export each individual layer of the animation as a separate PNG file (not animated) and then use an external tool such as apngasm to assemble all static images into an animation.
  22. Animated PNG files (APNG for short) are PNG files so I hope that they will be accepted. Old software that does not support the optional PNG chunks for animations will display them as static images, so this ensures 100% compatibility for viewing the first frame of the animation. Contrary to GIF files that only support binary transparency in animations, APNG provides full alpha transparency. This is the only way to have semi-transparent animated eggs: semi-transparent static eggs can be done with non-animated PNG files, animated but solid eggs can be done with GIF, and the combination of semi-transparency and animation can only be done with APNG. Most major browsers support APNG and have supported it for several years: it is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and all browsers on mobile phones. The only exceptions are Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer that will display them as static PNG files (they will not be animated, but will be displayed anyway). Considering that the next version of Edge based on the Chromium engine should also support APNG, this will soon leave only the old and unsupported IE as the only browser that displays the APNG files without animating them,
  23. Sigh! I had accumulated enough stone to redesign my castle and replace the outer walls with golden fountains (the most expensive item in the game)... but I forgot to make the changes before falling asleep. It took me a while to get more than 2000 stone but in the end I only used half of that for the temporary layout and I did not rebuild the whole fort according to what I had in mind. Oh well...
  24. I found several ways to scroll: If you have a mouse with a wheel, using the wheel is probably the easiest way to scroll. The up and down arrow keys also work, even if they also scroll the browser window. Try the key "W" for up and "S" for down (using the traditional WASD keys). These should not interfere with the browser window. Hopefully one of these combinations works for you.
  25. It should work as long as you attack enough to fill your XP bar and gain another level or make it wrap around if you are at level 50. Once your XP bar is full, you should see the presents if you edit your fort.