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  1. Quoting cause this is similar to my own reason for sorting. I actually got the idea from looking at other people's scrolls and eventually developed my own order. I also didn't like the 'rainbow sort' option, although that may be because I had my own order before it came out and was already used it to.
  2. I support this idea 100% more than I did when I first read it in 2010, so that's like 200% support! But really, I think it would be quite useful . One thing I do not look forward to when I get new dragons is having to sort them afterwards. With 1k dragons, it's too much scrolling when I custom sort!
  3. 51! I gotta hurry up >.<
  4. Well time to do some reading <_________<
  5. I actually like yours more than my mess http://dragcave.net/valentines13/%5E-%5E (oops wrong link at first)
  6. Almost done with mine ! my house I'm deciding on what to do with the ^ border of the right side of the roof. The exposed gingerbread bothers me a little bit . I may also add a bit more color somewhere
  7. It's working for me on Firefox
  8. I saw quite a few the first night when I happened to be on (I should really keep up with updates and not rely on luck ). Didn't manage to grab any though just like the years before
  9. Me too . Actually, I also released my Snow Angels. After a lot of digging through eggs I managed to find some nice lineages I think.
  10. Yeah... I had planned on having at least 50 of each item but after getting through half the red star recipes, I realized how much clicking that would take . Mostly how much dough it would take
  11. My holiday cooking page is all messed up now . I tried clearing my cache, hard refreshing, logging in + out, and other browsers. Is it just me?
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=...QWNhNzJZZVB3Rnc
  13. icecube


    Yarolds ftw ^^. Almost like a game in itself trying to balance clicks. I used to use both Yarolds and Hydra but I like Yarolds better... plus Hydra deleted my account for inactivity I think
  14. I luckily got to use all 5 kill slots this Halloween (4 cleared up just today O_O!). 2 successes! I also had 2 revivals, strange.
  15. I had forgotten about preparing for Zombies this year since I just came back a month ago. But as luck would have it, the 4 dead eggs on my scroll (from having fun with Earthquake earlier) disappeared today! So I decided to try my luck with some adults since I already have 1 zombie hatchie: 2 successful revives 3 disintegrations 2 zombie adults! Many misses
  16. I was about to say I think you're missing the moon and map, but it looks like you found them before I finished my post!
  17. Eek more ToTs. Guess I better step it up. I've been going slow this year/
  18. Yes thank you. Unfortunately I found/remember I clicked "leave the scale" the very first time I went to the stall. Now it seems I am stuck without it
  19. I went without logging in for over a year now all my names are lost. I should have just popped in and out every once in a while.
  20. Yes I've tried the dragon craft's stall many times but it doesn't give me anything new . EDIT: I made my sister do hers and I remember now... I clicked "leave the scale and explore another stall" to see what would happen. After that it never gave me an option to take the scale! Am I stuck without one?
  21. I am still missing the 'dragon scales'. I've went through all the stalls and shops again.
  22. Thanks. I gave the Dragon Crafts stall a try again but it wasn't it .
  23. Hm what is that 6th item in the first row. I am missing that somehow
  24. icecube

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Craaaaaaaaaaaap! I was planning on taking a break from Dragcave for the rest of the summer to work on other things but D:!!