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  1. No, there's some person with like a shiny suicune and like four or five other shiny legends, I can't remember what all they have or their username now.
  2. I think he means the eggs he doesn't want. If you right click eggs they'll be removed.
  3. Cyndaquil was my Hatching Insanity egg, so I won't be doing that one. I signed up for Abra first. I had a shiny Abra, but accidentally released it, so I'd like another.
  4. Here in the US, it's starting to become a thing that the mother gets presents. Not just like at a baby shower of stuff for the baby, but presents just for giving birth. They're starting to call them push presents. I like the one with cookies better.
  5. >birth presents for visitors? Is this a thing now? I might actually go visit people in the hospital after they have their sprogs if I get a present that isn't all the other women saying something along the lines of "OMG SO CUTE WHY DON'T YOU HAVE 20 OF THEM YET? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WANT KIDS?! GET AWAY FROM THE BABY BEFORE YOU EAT IT, HITLER!" *ahem*
  6. There's the hatchery. http://projectnyoka.com/hatchery/
  7. I have an extra cyndaquil egg, if you want to just go ahead and list whatever's the same rarity that you have extras, I'll let you know. I'm missing quite a lot so shouldn't be too hard. I know we're both azurites so no worries on it being one I can't get myself.
  8. Sparrows are pretty uniformly shades of brown and rust, maybe with some black, white, a bit of orange or yellow here and there. And none of them have long forked tails like Taillow does. /bird nerd
  9. Actually, Taillows and Swellows are basically just Barn Swallows pokefied.
  10. They look just like the pokemon they hatch into. And some are bred, so you can check the lineages. I wish I could remember what it was like to not know what eggs would be, lol.
  11. I got pokechests, haha. Oh well, good for the scavenger hunt later.
  12. I have some I can probably still send out, I got kind of lazy, let me check. Yep, sent you one.
  13. I never would have figured out the Normandy egg without their descriptions.
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiga Boreal forest.
  15. I really need to step up if I want to finish this hunt. *siiiiiigh* At least I have lots of prize points to buy vouchers if I lose.
  16. You don't have enough. You need 24, 12, 8, or 6 of the same trinkets of rarities 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  17. Use start for the menu. And actually this is different from 3G, this is better than 3G, that was just kind of a rushed port, and this is more polished, so I don't care about not getting 3G in the US. What all weapons is everyone using? I'm going with DS. I did SnS in Tri, but I never was very good at blocking, I preferred just dashing in to attack and evading out, which is more DS style.
  18. It's in the left hand info box...
  19. You have to go into the pharmacy in the shops, buy the Neotony shot, then you can freeze them under their actions.
  20. Then you didn't read the thread very well.
  21. No where, that's just what you need for the skygift. Find something you have more of than that and you'll be able to send a sky gift. Edit: yes.