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  1. What I've noticed most is that I can access the dropdown if I go to the home page of the cave directly, however, as soon as I navigate away and go to a biome or any other clickable location, it stops working. If I go to the cave, and then go to the forest.. hitting back disables the menu again for me.
  2. I also can not access the drop down menu on my phone (Samsung 10+). I haven't tried on my other android at all so I'm not sure if it is being affected or not.
  3. Right now, my daughter is facing the most difficult thing she has ever had to face in her life, and I cant be there to support her, and I cant do anything to help resolve the issue. Her cat is gonna die. What started off as potentially being a flea allergy or infected scratches from the other cat has blown up into the cat being covered in sores and lesions, her refusing to eat or drink, and spending all her time either sleeping, or staring at the wall. This all happened really, really quickly (within the last two weeks shes gone from tiny irritated bumps to being completely covered in tumors and oozing wounds) My daughter knows that there is a good chance she will have to make the decision to put her cat down. She also knows that I'm trying everything I can to get her cat to the vet to try to help her. She knows her dad is trying to find a way to make it work, but hes not listening to any of the options for how to pay for the vet visit I've offered him. I really don't know what to do here...
  4. Things like that can hit really fast. My (ex) husband had that happen to him a few years ago, and almost died a couple of times, due to how bad his infection got. The bag takes a bit of getting used to, but it absolutely helped. He got the bag removed at the 6 month mark, and has done fairly well. While dad is on bowel rest, make sure to work closely with the docs to find out what flares his flavor of diverticulitis up, and try to avoid those things. Hes gonna be sore, and the tape they use to hold things closed will likely cause itchy rashes, but try to keep him up and walking as much as he can handle.
  5. Im having a super difficult time with this whole leaving my husband and kids... thing. I've got a really good job lined up, and a place to go, but basically no support outside of one person. Almost everyone else is telling me that im selfish and am abandoning my kids by not taking them with me when I go. Yesterday, everything I own was loaded into my car. I was told it was "in the way" and wasnt given a choice on the matter. I wasn't moving out for two weeks... but all of a sudden everything I own is at a different house, cant be unpacked because there isnt any furniture, and I wont have money to remedy that for a couple weeks. As I wasn't planning to be moved for another two weeks, I have this whole awkward situation where I have to go to the new place, to pack... to come home. Or... Do i just finish moving my computer and stuff now.. and call the moving process done? I dont know. I wasnt ready yet. The kids only just found out a little over a day ago, and I told them two weeks.. but my stuff is gone. *stresses*
  6. My friend code is 5518 2585 7374 I pretty much play from home, or as passenger in the car. I'll be doing a bit of traveling over the next few months, so hopefully I find some interesting things to share.
  7. At this point, I feel like it would completely fair for this thread to go ahead and be closed, as the main part of what this thread had tried to do has been accomplished, and the fluffs we had discussed would be far, far better off happening in a separate thread (the potion part, and the idea of raising x breed to gain extra shards are the two biggest ones I can think of). While I l would love to see those discussions eventually, I will not be able to maintain threads for those discussions. I've asked for this thread to be closed, and assume it can always be reopened if needed. Thank you everyone who helped out with making this happen! -Thu
  8. The sheet they gave you is because they want to clear as much surface area as they can, in order to be able to douse it with as much spray as possible. Do what you can to check everything for bugs before packing, to help them be able to get them more effectively. They wont be able to get them all, but if you can keep vigilant after they come next, and dust the place before you unpack it certainly will help keep them down to more managable amounts (or you'll get whats left on your own). I doubt they suggested it, but consider taking the outlet covers off and stuff too, so their sprays can get in them. They can hide in every crack, nook and cranny, so you'll wanna make sure you check the place over really well for things that could be sealed up better before unpacking. You'll get them handled fully, eventually.. but they are a rough, rough beast to get rid of.
  9. So, I finally made the big step I was dreading, and informed my husband I am moving out, and want a divorce. The hardest part will be not living with the kids anymore, but I'll be close enough by to see them every day.
  10. You dont necessarily have to get rid of all of your things, but you do have to be super vigilant. If you have your own dryer: run everything that can handle heat safely through it on the highest heat setting,for at least an hour before bagging. invest in a steam cleaner (they can be as cheap as 25 bucks) and use it on the beds, couches and everything you can, going slow and letting the heat penetrate deep. If you have a porch/balcony, take things that cant go in the dryer easily, shove them in a black bag, seal tightly and leave in the sun, or better yet, a car parked in full sun to "cook" as long as possible. Boos and papers are major hidey holes, so those, you either are going to need to go page by page making sure they are clear, and if you arent 100% sure they arent hiding any, either toss, or try freezing. Store socks, panties and such in ziploc baggies after pulling them from th dryer, so theres no chance of reinfestation. Spray any bugs you see with alcohol (be very careful about fire risks...). Pull all beds and furniture a few inches from the wall, you can place the legs in small bowls filled with oil (the more places you can eliminate contact between walls/floor and furniture the better as they dont jump or fly). Try to eliminate as much clutter as you can. DE powder, food grade dusted everywhere is helpful (wear a mask while using it, and give it a few hours to let it settle, but its safe to leave everywhere, and cuts their shells and dehydrates them). Get into the habit of trying to spend a few hours at least once a week going room to room checking every hiding spot and location you have seen them, and cleaning them out by hand, or with heat/alcohol/raid spray followed by a good vaccuming. Unfortunately, the more stuff you have, the more likely things will survive the spraying. If the complex isnt treating the surrounding apartments all at the same time, chances are you're gonna keep getting them.Heat is the most effective way for getting them all dead in one go, but its stupidly expensive and complexes like to do the cheapest available route. DE powder is fairly cheap, and proved highly effective for us on our infestation. I bought a 3lb container 5 years ago, and have over half of it left despite having dusted the house weekly for a few months. I use it on the pets for flea control too, and in the yard/ around the house for ant and spider control.
  11. Hmm.. something like /user/name/wishlist could work in theory. It would need to be bound by the rules that are normally applied in the cases where we have been able to write messages, and the ability to report inappropriate/rule breaking messages would need to exist. If a trade is too complicated to be able to fit it into the current box, then an option to link /that/ page (a simple "click here for more information" linky) would keep it clear and concise without messing up current set up. It wouldnt be scroll to scroll communication, as its not really that different from linking to your christmas tree or something silly.
  12. While it could be interesting to see a user generated report, for now, the right course of action IS to alert a mod. Even this lowly chat mod can handle the reports, if i receive them.
  13. It hints in the OP that he did kind of follow the "time based" price structure from traders canyon (as in it takes a week of points to get the "cheapest" eggs and about 6 months to get the more expensive ones), a higher weekly cap, would also raise the cost of things. There is probably wiggle room for the pricing structures, but before changes can be made, I sort of feel like data needs to be collected to see how things play out. I am hoping that prices will sort of drop on the more expensive items over time but it makes sense that they would be higher than we are comfy with... as the point of the market isnt to make things "easier" than hunting the cave so much as making them "obtainable". In regards to the caps themselves: as a more casual player, I'm only at 68% of my cap, despite breeding, some ap hunting and cave hunting. People who enjoy ap hunting, and mass breeding will absolutely have the advantage when it comes to how quickly the caps can be hit, but I think its set at a reasonable, fair amount of effort needed to hit the cap on a week to week basis. The only improvement I would like to see is that using certain BSAs help contribute to the cap (if they aren't already. I've been slacking on my own testing here...), specifically the ones that contribute to the health and care of said dragons. Incubate, ward and influence all require/apply direct care for the babies and therefore help contribute to them growing properly. They require a conscious decision on the scroll owners part to ensure the best outcomes for their babies, and therefore should count towards the active care, even if its capped out to only 10 shards or so a week being earned from that specific activity.
  14. Perhaps, the reason prizes arent available at this time, is to give the shop a chance to be tested on a larger scale and see how it affects things before we add in the insanity of those harder to place rares. It makes sense to me that biome specific, and "not currently in cave" breeds wouldn't be there from the beginning. On the upside, we seem to have new potential for those biome specific pairings, despite them (specifically) not being available in the market. If it works like we hoped in the shop thread, these new "market" biome eggs will hopefully work like the old "cave" biome eggs, and open the door for new checker and other lineage potentials. Personally, I am content to wait and give it a few months, see how it works out. Overall though, I am pleased to see that the time based pricing structures and fluctuating prices are a thing. While yes, some things seem to be really over priced right now, chances are that after awhile, we will see those shift more towards more "reasonable" prices as the cave tries to balance itself out with the market. I expect there to be some annoying hitches while the kinks and (potential) bugs are worked out. The "Things not in the cave are not currently available in the market" comment from the OP gives me hope that eventually, the prizes and other dragons might squeak their way in.
  15. This happened near the end of the day, I got the call 5 minutes before the boy got home. Im guessing they didnt do reports right away because the boys needed to get on their busses, and the adult figures wanted to get home for break. The information I have right now is that: Both boys were throwing bags, but my boy admitted to being the only one that threw *THAT* bag. I found out what was going on 30 minutes after school had let out, 5 minutes before he got home. I was told it was a "Samsung tablet" but not which one. The phone call was rushed, I didn't get to ask questions really beyond "was the other boy throwing bags too?" I only have my sons side of the story (he openly admitted he tossed that bag over a chair, and that it hit the floor, but he didnt hear anything breaking, and was unaware there was a tablet in there) They will do a full report when they return from spring break. April 2. ______________________________________________________________ I've shoved this on the back burner of things I can worry about right now. My moms brother died suddenly, and shes having an all out psychotic breakdown over a bunch of things that were said, but refuses to go seek professional help. Since she knows I have mental health issues and that I have been doing the counseling thing off and on for years, she thinks I am the best person to lean on... Between what I have happening at home, her and her issues, and several other people who refuse to take "I am not a professional and do NOT want to be the one you lean on for this" seriously, I'm tanking. I'll be ok, I always am, but right now, im too overwhelmed and shutting down on multiple fronts. Running away for the weekend to go camping and recenter.
  16. Im holding off on issuing a punishment until I know the cost of the damages. He knows hes in trouble, but I explained that until I know exactly what im dealing with, hes not going to be grounded or anything else. I hate not being able to handle this right now, but I dont want to put him through being grounded and having to work off the money until I know how much the damage actually costs. In this house, we issue whatever punishments fit the incident as quickly as possible... but we cant do that. For now, while hes not entirely off the hook, hes not exactly grounded,has extra chores to do (and will be picking up one of my smaller side jobs for a few days that he is able to handle). I feel bad that I have to leave him in anxiety mode (what ifs are hard on him) but there really isnt anything I can specifically do right now. At the very least he will be working off $50 towards whatever happens ahead of time.
  17. Having a complete meltdown over something incredibly stupid my son did, and dont have enough information to really figure out the appropriate punishment. I'm really worried that this is going to cause us an insane amount of issues... Him and another boy were being stupid teens at school, tossing each others backpacks out of reach. He tossed a kids bag over a chair, and when it hit the floor, it shattered the screen of a "samsung tablet". Principal called me to tell me he had broken a tablet, but that they arent taking official statements until after break (april 2). She told me that we will be expected to replace the kids tablet after the statement is taken. Now: On one hand, yes, he absolutely should be responsible for paying for the cost of REPAIRING it, but not an all out replacement. Second: She couldnt tell me what kind of tablet (theres a BIG difference between an older refurbished one, and a brand new one still being paid for on a payment plan), wouldnt tell me if it was simply a cracked screen or straight up destroyed. If the kids family didnt bother insuring it, its going to cost a lot more. How the heck do I punish him when I dont even know how bad the damage actually is? I have no way to contact the parents to get more information, and I don't really ever have to punish my kids. I'm leaning towards not punishing until I know exactly what we are dealing with... hes guilt tripping himself pretty badly, and both of us are dealing with some pretty severe anxiety over it. If the school is handling this.. and I can't pay.. does he get expelled? Why is this even a school issue? The kids parents should be the ones I'm dealing with, not a 3 minute phone call from some person at the school... we're giving this kid a week to come up with a story that puts every bit of the blame on my son (while yes, he did throw the bag, and it was discovered that the screen was cracked.. how can we be sure that it wasnt cracked before the throw?) I mean.. kids are going to do stupid things.. its what they are designed to do. But right now im freaking out because I dont have enough information to figure out how to deal with this properly. Mom says to wait. Wait until we know exactly what we are dealing with, before deciding the punishment... but at the same time, I really need the information so I can plan ahead for budgeting. Every bit of savings I have was meant to go toward the divorce, and moving out asap. Now, I feel like i might end up trapped here for another month at the bare minimum
  18. I have a few tattoos, but don't share all of them. Both pics are from when they were rather fresh. I have three more slated to happen over the course of this year. My tiger was picked out by the kids when they were 2 and 4, it was the back up plan when the original idea couldnt work.Toby insisted it had to have blue eyes like his sister. Ten years later, the white ink in it still shows up! The racoon... isnt actually what I paid for, but im pretty thrilled with it, since it has been a pretty decent conversation starter (people who have never seen a raccoon tend to see a bird, or group of birds and it cracks me up every time). I also have this silly little weird chipmunk...skunk thing.. but that got destroyed by having babies and I havent cared to cover it up yet. My next tattoo will be fairly simple: little red riding hood walking through simplistic trees in the shape of a wolf on my forearm. I'm going to get lady sunset and sir foggbutt on my shoulder/back. My left calf will be getting a tree of life sleeve, based off the tree down in Orlando Disney (i want something where the more you look, the more you see, and the artist has been having fun with these ideas).
  19. RE: Co worker: Tell him flat out that his actions make you uncomfortable and lay out clear boundaries (bringing up these topics and trying to touch me are off limits) and if he continues, report him to the higher ups or proceed as needed (police or whatever) Re: Grandma: Some things I have picked up over the years though that seem to help the family members that are hurting more, is to talk about some of the happier stories while cooking their signature recipes, or engaging in something that was important to them. My grandma Dorthey, when she was alive, was a sign painter. She made windchimes, custom christmas decorations, her own soaps and lotions. She taught me how to make various medications from her garden. She died right after Christmas my freshman year (99), and the following spring, I raided my grandfathers garden for some of her favorite plants (only took enough to start my own, his garden was unaffected). I have her ficus, and some of her roses (her plant was over 100 years old, brought over by her great grandparents. She called them 7 brothers. They are these cute little roses that bloom in groups similar to the way grapes do). Its a tiny little bush but it fits her personality so well. Thorny little thing, not much to look at, but strong limbs, survivor. Every time I go to trim it back or do any maintenance on it, I remember the days of sitting on her front porch, her lighting one smoke off the other, while drinking down cup after cup of coffee.When we would look out over the yard, we would see the bushes they planted along the property lines, and giggle about the year the honey bees had swarmed, and decided they liked her bushes. That lady walked up to the main part of the swarm with a freaking broom, knocked them into a box and told them they could live in the backyard with the apple tree, but not in her bushes! That woman was 4'9 maybe 120lbs soaking wet, but was fearless. She had a rough life growing up, raised my dad on her own, while my grandfather was out roaming the streets and coming home drunk. She wasn't the nicest woman, on the surface, but she was a good person. Everyone handles grief differently. I deal with mine by sharing stories, cooking the foods people looked forward to every holiday season, and remembering the chats we had in private when the men-folk werent around. Some people need to let themselves cry, be angry and just embrace the negative emotions for awhile. If your grandma had a favorite book, commit to reading it a few times, and absorb every word. If grandma gardened, put some of your favorite plants from her garden in a container on the porch. If grandma baked, learn some of her favorite recipes, and pull them out on the days you are thinking about her the most. My grandma's signs are all over this part of the state, outside of campgrounds, across from Fort Wayne, in the banners that get hung up in Wyandotte during the art festivals, and on most of the B&W trucks that are on the road (she hand painted their logos on their trucks). I still feel that tinge of sadness when I see her work, when I remember the things that were unique to her, but it has gotten easier with time. I hope you're able to figure out a way to work through your grief.
  20. We have a similar issue with Rubik's Cubes in this house. We all really enjoy playing with them, but we all have a certain point where they go from fun, to frustrating.There came a point where my husband was obsessing over why he couldnt proceed past a certain point, and so went to find guides and tutorials that explained how to solve them. He learned his way of going about it was completely wrong, found the most basic patterns needed to solve them and practiced those patterns over and over again, until muscle memory kicked in and he could solve them. Have you considered studying the patterns that occur in chess? I'm sure there are books and tutorials and such, that teach how a computer, or competitor might look at what is on the board and proceed. I'm a casual chess player, but I love memorizing patterns whenever possible.
  21. Thuban

    Flight Rising

    I recently hatched this absolutely adorable fae that I am having a really difficult time trying to decide what to do with. On one hand, I know she can be auctioned off and a friend offered to do so... on the other, her colors are gorgeous on every gene/breed I have tried her with... She works with most of my little breeding projects, but I need to gene other things up. Thoughts? Sunset/saffron/caramel
  22. A friend of mine always wanted to be a teacher. He had a lot of hurdles to get through,and was forced down a different path, but that passion for teaching never left him. He eventually got tired of the path he went down, like you, he chose the tolerable second best. At 42, he decided he was no longer willing to settle for second best, he wanted to do what he loved, what he was passionate in. He went back to school, struggled tons (he is currently bouncing between 4 jobs) had set backs in his classes, but a week or so ago, he passed the exams needed to allow him to be a teacher, at 50 years old. His friends that cared about him, and knew what teaching meant to him, pushed him to do it, to face his fears and just do it. It might not be feasible at this time for you, but there are ways to bring the music back into your life. Can you fit an extra class here and there in to work towards your goal, even if it is a much slower path for you? Have you checked sites like fb and meet up for groups that just get together? Have you considered putting up flyers or something to gauge interest in putting a group together? Even if religion isn't your thing, churches might be a good place to go to find other people to sing with. Most that I have been to have a flyer board of sorts for advertising different events and groups (my daughter is currently highly religious, and I go with her to check out new ones, despite my own beliefs). If the past couple of years have taught me anything, its been to make a point to chase the things you are passionate about. Its always scary to go against the grain and choose the harder path, but if it is what you are truly passionate about, and what you feel you are meant to do, you'll find a way to make it happen, even if it has to sit on the back burner for awhile. Do what you need to do for now, make plans to find ways to work towards what you want to do. Your path will eventually swing back that direction, even if it feels like you are heading nowhere fast.
  23. That is something I have always enjoyed about this game, and something I worked really hard to keep in place when the idea to do this thread came up. Can you expand on how this suggestion violates that view for you? It may actually lead to some changes if there are loopholes in the logic we havent considered... There is no real money, pay to win aspect. There is no chance of grinding to give some players a higher advantage over others, and to get a cb gold would take 6 months of playing the way people already do to achieve. The point caps for a week can be achieved in a day, in as little as twenty minutes of normal, day to day play if that is all you are focusing on. Potions arent a part of this, they are listed as a potential expansion point in response to Tj specifically asking for potential expansion points. Everything in the first post outside of the questions I added a few days ago is a direct response to things he specifically asked for in a bare bones summary. Potential expansion points are NOT part of the core idea, just there as a "directions we can go with this later" point of reference. I think I'll go toss a disclaimer on that part though, so thank you. Edit: Ok, so I've changed some things in the initial breakdown to give a bit more context to the idea and what we are trying to accomplish. I don't care for having the giant chart in there, but it helped to explain how we were going about earning the points. Are there any other changes needed that you guys see? And about the questions: I had hoped to be able to manipulate them into some kind of a form or spreadsheet to get them into an easy to follow format, but I fail at that kind of organization. If someone wants to organize that data, please do. If not, I'll just toss a note on there for where the responses can be found.
  24. Rant about marriage issues and home life crashing: Quick history would be that we have been together since late 03, married since 06. In that time we have had some pretty huge hurdles to work through including him almost dying a couple years ago, due to ignoring his health issues. Even after nearly dying, hes still refusing to see docs, for his physical and mental health issues. When his version of depression started kicking in, he cut himself off from everyone, including me. April of last year, I finally had enough. I told him point blank that unless he started seeking help for his mental and physical health issues, AND started being honest with me about what it was setting him off, then I wouldnt be able to stay here anymore. I told him I would give him his space, to figure out how he wanted to proceed, and that when he was ready, when he figured out his plan for getting things under control, we would talk. That talk still has not happened, hes evaded every attempt to bring it up. So now I find myself at my wits end. He made no efforts towards those simple requests. I have been giving him lists of doctors to call, mental health services,I've encouraged his friends and family to talk to him, and even the kids have gone to him on their own to ask why hes been so different. Hes pushed most of his friends away, never leaves the house to do anything that isnt work or kid related, doesnt talk to anyone, has no hobbies outside of his computer screen. I know i need to follow through on what I told him last April, but Im not in a place where I can just up and leave. Every bit of income I make has gone straight into paying down the debts, and bills to make the eventual divorce easier. I have friends who would let me crash on their couches, but it isn't ideal. I have the option to go back to my moms, but that risks my mental stability drastically. On my end, I know that divorce means moving away from my children and risking him tanking even further. I have scouted out a place I can afford, that is only a ten minute walk from here, but it would literally only be big enough for me. There is no way I could fit the kids in there too but since its close, I would still see them every single day. I know i need to leave, but there are plenty of reasons not to as well...Right now, im just feeling super irritated and unsure of how to proceed.
  25. Does anyone else want a copy of the full fluff that was removed to play with? If so, toss me a pm (please tell me if you want the straight copy or the pretty nested version as the nested one is more difficult to edit...). I'll be busy the next couple of days (three shifts, fixing a car and working on cutting a tree down) but im around for a few more hours tonight.