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  1. So how many items are there to collect? I think I've done 6 days worth and i have the axe, reindeer treats and a pocket watch in my backpack. Also the present in my house. Anything else anyone found?
  2. Yes!! New release, got my eggs. Thx TJ and spriters. Eidt: just saw the Black capped egg.
  3. After 2 refusals and one white egg, I got a new egg on the fourth pairing. woo!
  4. Saw a Holly in the AP when I logged into DC. Wasn't fast enough.
  5. I haven't seen any drops, the Abandoned is still full. Will check it out later hope to get some new eggs.
  6. yay, happy bday DC. Thx for the eggs.
  7. Yay, done. fun eggs this year. Thanks guys
  8. Oh, I completely forgot about this. Now I need free time to collect. Ugh work next 2 days.
  9. I don't know if anyone caught this but in the Swallowtail dragons description aerial is mispelled as arial. Gorgeous dragon btw.
  10. Yeah, reason is because there is 8075 of us who didn't win.
  11. Sounds like fun. Can't wait to try my hand. Thank TJ
  12. Awesome, can't wait to get started.
  13. I got some all with interesting codes. Arrow, Glitch, and Note are the words they share a likeness with.
  14. A daydream hatchie, and a Water Walker Adult both turned. I lost a frill adult, also was able to revive about five dragons that failed the attempt.
  15. I wonder how many there are this time. Thanks TJ
  16. Ah 25 eggs upgrades. Wow I was one away this morning.
  17. Yeah my basket hasn't changed since I got my 5th egg.
  18. 21, cool that's 5 hours from first egg.
  19. Ah hit 20, so I'll have plenty of time to finish getting the other 18.
  20. Yes just got the Swan making 15, so far. I'll wait another 30 mins. then bed.
  21. Dragonking

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I like the dimorphisms of the Electrics and Sun dragons. Need mawr new egg drops. Thanks TJ