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  1. It doesn't look like this thread is all that active but I wanted to share a lineage project I've been working on since 2013. Currently 23 generations, all inbred from the original pair. Undecided about whether I'll keep it going or not. Kiss From A Rose - Grey X Pink lineage.
  2. so excited! Thanks TJ! edited to add: woohoo, first post!
  3. You're welcome I mass bred the dragons in this lineage a few days ago, glad people like the eggs!
  4. I would love a one-time exception to the rule that freezing is permanent, to allow those of us who froze a cb holiday (expecting that we would never be able to have additional adults or hatchlings) to un-freeze them. However, other than that one specific instance I don't support making freezing non-permanent.
  5. I'm quite pleased with how mine has turned out my fort!
  6. Woohoo and they're purple! Thanks TJ!
  7. I find the insert-breed-here walls mildly annoying, mostly because those aren't the breeds I hoard. If someone mass-bred seawyrm pygmies to the AP, I would be ALL OVER THAT because I collect those. So, meh. It's mildly annoying for a couple hours during which I do other things.
  8. You're welcome. Anybody who wants one of these, please feel free to ask! To stay on topic, a couple of my recent finds: shiny! pretty EG black another pretty black thuwed tinsel thank you to the breeders!
  9. woohoo, I love when my babies show up here!
  10. Please add me I, anemone, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  11. I have had this happen, it was a few years ago and right after vampires got their BSA. I bit a new vampire egg, someone PMed me asking for it and I said no, and then oddly enough my scroll got viewbombed religiously for a few months. It was really annoying and looking back I should have given that person's name to TJ or one of the mods, because I am sure it was my "punishment" for not giving away the egg. But whatever, they lost interest eventually.
  12. I understand and respect not wanting holiday mates if you can't continue the line. I'm lucky that I've been here for almost 5 years and have cbs of most of the holidays (except hollies, mine are lineaged, and rosebuds because for some reason I randomly forgot to catch eggs that year ) but I know that probably most users have not been here as long and may not have that same luxury of cb holidays. That said, I do find it a little annoying because personally I think that some of the breeding schemes with holidays are the absolute prettiest. I would give just about anything for a gold shimm
  13. Name : Rainbow Fish Breed : Shimmer Mate/s : Hellfire Fail to produce : shimmer. Refused his first mate. Has given me 2 hellfires with his second mate but NO shimmers! Progeny : gimme some shimmer!
  14. caught 2 clean, 3rd gen hollies this past Christmas - and they're siblings! I don't know that I will top that.
  15. This Swallowtail is one of the best lineages I've found in a while.
  16. That is one of mine I am waiting on a pink to continue the lineage
  17. I want an option to send cave blockers immediately to the wilderness upon grabbing them from the ap or cave. Right in there with "kill" and "abandon". Just an option for"send to wilderness" where they will grow up and be happy - and not block the cave.
  18. The white is from my dragons! I am so glad you like it!
  19. Me too It is so discouraging. I've been playing for almost 5 years and still have no cb gold and only 2 cb silvers (one of which I caught years ago!). It's really depressing, especially when I see other people who have dozens. Y U No like me, CB Golds?! My pity party is over now. Sorry.
  20. This egg is very reflective, almost metallic looking. http://dragcave.net/teleport/5f760ab603c7a...acaf618c854fa3d Please send me a flower or two in return
  21. A nerdy albino valentine for someone (8EG PB with fun naming scheme) Lineage here http://dragcave.net/teleport/74ac1e6e151d5...a97b6ea9b8e98a2