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  1. Was convinced I had room for an egg, bred the exact egg I needed and it auto'd. [insert image of woman biting laptop here]
  2. Incuhatchable 2G PB Ice egg. Free to a good home! Enjoy the ice ice baby.
  3. I'd never seen a fully intact neglected egg before! This is awesome.
  4. Acebi! An AP find. Not only is it a name code, but it's also two real words together. πŸ–€πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™
  5. WHAT'S HAPPENING That's another lineage project complete! Sick!
  6. No one else has really been posting here so I've just been updating my last post... Hope that's fine. πŸ˜…
  7. A couple of feature suggestions which could potentially make DragHatch even better... A note that says "the next egg could hatch in <time>" / "the next hatchling could grow in <time>". Creature sorting. It would be useful to be able to sort eggs and hatchlings by breed, by code or by how long they have left!
  8. Not entirely on topic, but that's an absolutely gorgeous checker! πŸ’š
  9. In 20 hours or so I'll have a gold trophy!
  10. 4000ish overall views. My accidental turn became yellow in the late 4020s at 4 days left as a hatchling.
  11. Any breeding result at all (multiclutch, single egg, no egg, no interest, refusal) will etherealize a Celestial Dragon, afaik. Now a question for the thread... Are Balloon Dragons considered uncommon / rare nowadays?
  12. I finished my first lineage project ever, The Fallen Kings’ Tragedy! I decided to have fun with the names of the dragons that I own and wrote a little story. My plan now is to keep breeding the 2G pair and scatter the eggs, so that other people can write their own endings if they want.
  13. 0x08

    Z Project

    This here is a 2G pseudo-PB Z'Alcedine that will gender male. Please offer an AP dummy for him. I decided to keep him, actually. He's cute.
  14. A bunch of orange babies! 🧑 Wasn't even trying to follow a theme here. I have a Kingcrowne too but she's lower in the list.
  15. Would anyone be up for an incuhatch? No influence needed, just a quick hatch.
  16. A question about upside down Mints: is it a caveborn-exclusive variant, or can bred Mints born on April 1st also be upside down?
  17. The only event I've ever participated in was Halloween this year. I haven't yet had a taste of December and February chaos. With that said... This proposal sounds reasonable enough. The 2 CB limit is still there, but applied a little differently. I see the pros. Tentative support from me.
  18. I tried just now on iOS Home Screen / unmodified Safari. No autofill.