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  1. It will always look like a regular mint when viewing it from anywhere but the dragons personal page! So click on your own egg, and if it's wider at the top than it is on the bottom, then you got a Fool's Mint! :3 For example this is the Fool's Mint I just got! It looks normal here, but if you click on it you'll see that it's upside down! Lol, nevermind. Apparently some of you think it's fun to try to get other peoples dragons killed by adding them all to click sites without permission. People really out here taking time out of their day just in an attempt to
  2. The eggs are wider at the base and thinner at the top so the flipped egg is thinner at the bottom and wider on top! And yes, when it hatches it will always be upside down all the way through to adulthood!
  3. My first April Fool's here and I... didn't get eaten!?! 🤯 I'm so excited to have a Fool's Mint, but I'm also sorry for everyone in the comments who have gotten eaten year after year!! 💀
  4. I have a Female Dark Lumina dragon with 3 days and 9 hours left, but currently has 11,703 overall views, 1,324 unique views, and 4 clicks, and it has not grown up yet? I have other Dark (and Light) Lumina dragons with half as many views and clicks that grew up fine. What’s wrong?
  5. Uhhhh, what just happened? Fifteen minutes ago there was no more than 10 people viewing a single location and now there's at least 80 in every single one?? Is there a new release that... idk hasn't loaded for me? Lol, what is going on?! Edit: Wait, what the heck, just as suddenly as it started, they've all disappeared!?!?! Now the highest amount is only 13??? This is my first time noticing something like this; is it common for there to be a sudden and random flooding of people?
  6. Are the stories/endings available to do until the end of the event? Like if I don't do any of Day 3's stories, can I still do them on Day 4? Is there any actual downside to doing that?
  7. I got Perception when I used more Scale than Hourglass! Just he opposite amounts used for Precog! 😊
  8. YAY! This is my first Valentine's here! I'm very excited to get all the lovely dragons!! ♥
  9. @water-spirit Ahhh, I just saw the Deku you sent me!! Thank you so much!!! I love his determined little face, I just wanna squish it!!! 😂 @Moriaty Oh my goodness, is that Vileplume still available!?! 🤩
  10. @Awdz Bodkins Ooo, I would love one of your pretty Glystere Wyrms if you still some! @Laura-Borealis Could I grab on of those Finn's? 😁
  11. Why are the mana crystal colors changing? And why is (lghts) a baby again, and sick!?! 😧
  12. @water-spirit Oh my goodness, you don’t by any chance have any more Bakugou’s do you? ;u;
  13. @Moonlightelf Awww, thank you so much! He's an adorable Cup o' Noodle! @Daypaw Yay! Thank you!!
  14. @Daypaw If you have any more of those awesome nautilus left, I'd love one!! @Tamahaganae Oh my goodness, you're kitties are so cute!! I love them all, but my favorite are the black ones! Black cats deserve some more love! ♥ @Moriaty The Hufflepuff in me really wants that House cookie! 😜
  15. @Moonlightelf The green snek is very cute!! ♥
  16. @InvaderAlexis Ahhh, I was so surprised to see that I got a UA cookie, I thought it might have been pure coincidence! I'm glad you thought to send it to me! It's definitely my favorite cookie so far!!! 🥰 Thank you!!
  17. All these beautiful reference cookies are making me feel so sad. I honestly don't understand how y'all can get so detailed! To think I was proud of my BNHA reference before I saw this thread... Lol, I'm over here in MS Paint while everyone else is making Photoshop masterpieces!
  18. Alright, just double checked, and the fourth door is definitely the one from Frozen (thanks guys!) which means so far we have (From left to right, and top to bottom) Door 1: ? Door 2: Sherlock Holmes (221B Baker St) Door 3: Harry Potter (Platform 9 3/4) Door 4: Frozen (Elsa's Bedroom) Door 5: ? Door 6: Doctor Who (Tardis) Door 7: ? Door 8: Monster's Inc. (Boo's Door) Door 9: Lord of the Rings (Mines of Moria) Does anyone know Doors 1, 5, and 7?
  19. I couldn't find anyone else talking about this but I love the door references on the advent calendar! However I don't recognize all of them, so I wanted to ask if anyone recognizes the ones I don't! (Edited picture to have all doors unopened) Of the 9 total, I only know 5! Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Monsters Inc., and Lord of the Rings! What are the other 4?? Update: (From left to right, and top to bottom) Door 1: ? Door 2: Sherlock Holmes (221B Baker St) Door 3: Harry Potter (Platform 9 3/4) Door 4: Frozen (Elsa's Bed
  20. It's actually been several hours. I first noticed today when I was at work and signed in on my phone, I finally made a post about it when I got home, signed in on my computer and it still wasn't changed. Oh, I just had another hatchling grow up and that seemed to fix it.🤷‍♀️
  21. I had three hatchlings grow-up today, which means I now have 201 Grown Dragons, and my stats say that, but I still only have the Bronze trophy? I tried to grab a Luminox Wyvern egg that I found in the forest before I realized it hadn't updated and got the "overburdened" message and I'm rather upset that I missed it because of this!
  22. I really like having my eggs/hatchlings at the top in order of when they're next going to hatch/mature so I've been sticking with Growth, but I really like the look of the Color (Rainbow) option, even if a lot of them seem to be sorted in weird places like why is my Pseudo-Wyvern Drake in the middle of all the pinks that boy is brown as heck! Anyway, I've seen a lot of people go by Breed Name, but I don't feel like I have enough dragons, nor do I know the breeds well enough to use that one. And the Custom Sorts... seem like a lot of work. So yeah, how do you sort your scroll?