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  1. Awww yeah, that would be easy to notice on a black cat! I haven't noticed any on my orange tabby, but that's a little harder to notice on that color It stands out on black! I'd call it salt and pepper too lol Sounds all over the place for your hours! I hope you get your three-day off requests approved! I'd be bitter too if I didn't get at least some of them. And same here, I like to stay up late and then sleep in. I can't do that once I start my adult job though...I'll have to be to work by about 7 ugh cause it's a school Giiirlllll I feel that! I feel that frustration! My hair is dirty blonde and is really thick and gets wavy and curly and frizzy and sticks out in odd places and it hates the humidity and I have little baby hairs that I sometimes pull out of my head because they annoy me so much and ughhhhh. It seems petty but it's really bothersome! I hate having it hot on my neck too. I just recently a couple of months ago got my hair cut to above my shoulders by my friends and it's a total bi hair cut (which I am) and my friends did it and I found out I love my hair at a shorter length! Especially with how thick it is! Anyways,..... I WANT A HAIRCUT REALLY BAD 😧 😢 lmao rant over. I just related to that post hardcore Thanks for your concern! My mom did take him to a vet, and that was what got him on the new diet in the first place, but we'll definitely keep an eye on him. The vet is aware. And I was away at college when this all started. But we'll definitely take him to a vet again if we feel like it gets worse or something is wrong! (And he's always been a beggar, I think we accidentally conditioned him to beg). But thank you! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edit: I think I have compulsive NEED TO REPLY TO EVERY SINGLE QUOTE syndrome
  2. Aww omg that's so cute! And haha Mr. C doesn't act his age either, he's playful and young and doesn't look 15 at all! The only inclination was that he started losing weight at one point so now mom feeds him a wet food every day to help him keep on wait, and he starts begging like 4 hours before his scheduled feeding time He's very vocal My childhood dog Brie, a black and white basset hound, is also hanging at the Rainbow Bridge ❤️ Maybe she'll meet him and he'll squawk lol Oh no! No more vacation. Was it too short or are you satisfied? Hopefully work isn't too bad. And lol I don't blame you. I am not a morning person. The more I can sleep in, the better. Probably cause I stay up as late as I do....oops
  3. Lol I have two cats. Sophia (fluffy dark tabby) is fuzzbucket, floofball, fuzzbutt, roli poli (she sleeps on her back and just rolls around when you play with her lmao), chunky floof, etc. Mr. Caramelle (Mr. C; tall lanky tabby, 14lbs ) is Mew Mews, Mr. Purr Motors, beggar, weirdo, tuna breath, handsome boy, brat He's 15 years old and I can't believe it because we got him when he was one! And I'm sorry about your cat, Max. My condolences. May he rest in peace in kitty heaven. ___________________________________________________________________________ And to everyone else who I have not said hello to yet or met, hello! How are your evenings? What's been going on?
  4. Thanks, WaterScorpion! Cool username! Every day feels like a weekend to me now. Oof I need a routine again! I'm just waiting for my teaching job to start and to find out about when meetings are Thank you! I love it too! And lmao!!!! That's adorable ❤️ cats are spoofs. I have two cats. My long haired one I call fuzzbucket cause she's just a chonky floof Her actual name is Sophia Thank you!!!! *sees brownies* OMG I've been having such a big brownie craving lately om nom nom nom nom Thank you for the brownies! To everyone else: Hello! My posting compulsion was interrupted by exhaustion. I've been moving stuff out of my apartment and I drove 4 hours yesterday ugh. I crashed at 8pm, I feel old
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new to DC. You all seem like a nice bunch, pleasure to meet you! How is everyone? I'm not sure if I'm a compulsive poster, but I'm definitely a compulsive RPer. I'm a compulsive something lol. Anyways, good evening!
  6. Hi! I think I only have a few questions for anyone willing to mentor me (regarding raising dragons). I should pick it up fast. I am familiar with virtual pets sites/clickables, but I have a few questions about things that may be specific to DC. I am central standard time but am up at strange hours sometimes so someone with EST or something is fine too. Nice to meet you all!
  7. Hello! New Eggs: Hatchlings: Updated 06/11/2020 @9:30pm Thanks for the clicks!