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If I am not active on forums, please send me a message on discord!!!

I WILL breed on request / I can make NDs for trades

  Looking for video game related codes (games OR game development related!) Check my profile for a list of my most-sought after codes!




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    I'm a game design student who just remembered this game exists. I love video games, music, and that gif of the dancing roach from twitter you know the one
    I don't always check the forums, so please try to message me on discord!! <3

    List of codes that I would consider, in no uncertain terms, epic (Will make neglecteds / breed stuff from my scroll):

    - Nintendo-specific codes [ NTNDO / NTDO(), Mario / Peach / Luigi / Koopa/etc., nSix4/N64(other two letters can be whatever), NGC(same), SM64, Goomb, Chain/Chomp, Shine / Sprite, Bianco / Hills, Ricco / Harbr, Isle / Dlfno, Mamma / Mia, FLUDD, Codes related to other classic nintendo games, etc.]

    -Other game-related codes [Xbox, PlyStn, 1v1Me, Glitch, WWarp, WClip, OutOf / Bound, Crepr / AwMan, if it could be related to games in some way, im here for it]

    -3d Modeling / Game development /codes [Unity, blinn, Phong, Lmbrt, UtahT, Alpha, Beta, Input, Difus, Vertx, Mesh, UVMap, Mips, MoCap, Ctmul / Clark, Ray / Casts, Texel, Voxel, Raster, Vector ]

    -Computer related codes [MsPnt, MIDI, Freeze, Crash, AppDt, Rming, CmdLn, WASD, Save, Load, Delet, Ctrl, etc.]
    -Misc. Codes [EPCOT (!!), Vapor, pretty much anything disney theme park related tbh.]